I'd Wear That

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Pants tucked into knee-high boots is not a new trend but more of a tried and true styling trick that is classic and fashion forward at the same time. The stylish outfit above is evidence of just how chic and refreshingly modern it can be. Major points for the vivid, textured statement coat as well. And the best part, is that this look is easily recreated. While there is some latitude to your styling options, the trick is to opt for high waisted trousers with a slightly tapered silhouette that is a little roomy in the thigh and slimmer in the calf. They should be paired with boots that are sleek yet a little roomy but not skintight so that the pants create an ever so slight billow effect over the top of them.


ALLIE NYC said...

Yes great advice with the trousers for sure. What a great look, I just LOVE that coat!

Allie of

Emmylou said...

Ooooo...I'd wear this too, chingu! :D Such an awesome outfit for sure. Man...when we get out of the lockdown (if ever that happens), Imma gonna go all out even just to go to the mall!
Hope you're having an awesome day so far:) XOXO

Sakuranko said...

Oh so interesting style

Mrs. L said...

I love the look, very chic!

The Exclusive Beauty Diary said...

I would also wear that outfit. Colors are so neutral and whole outfit look very comfy and stylish. I like it.

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Lovely said...

This is such a stunning look! Love the pink coat and the boots!

Jackie Harrison said...

This is a chic stylish look to rock in New York.

Omaye said...

Love that coat and those boots! Amazing!

Ivana Split said...

What a fabulous outfit!