How To Quickly Declutter Your Makeup Stash

Declutter Your Makeup Stash, How To Organize Your Makeup Stash

Those of you who are regular readers here know that I can't abide by clutter and it's something I'm engaged in a regular battle with since I live in a one bedroom Manhattan apartment. One way I keep clutter in check is by keeping a relatively streamlined collection of makeup all of which is stored in a two clear acrylic organizers. I actually use this one and this one.  This works for me since I have absolutely no aspirations to be a hoarder and it keeps everything organized and in one place. So while this works for me, I realize it may not be the case for everyone but regularly decluttering your makeup stash is something that everyone can benefit from so here are some tips on what I like to do. 

Get Rid Of Anything That Has Expired
I get that when you spend a good deal of money on a particular product, you want to use it up but if it's past it's prime, you're not doing yourself any favors by still trying to use it. From the moment any makeup product is exposed to air, it’s also exposed to bacteria. This bacteria will grow and continue to grow over time. Keep in mind that just because you don't see, doesn't mean it's not there. Makeup can become contaminated with microorganisms if the preservatives lose their effectiveness. And makeup itself will break down especially if kept for years even unopened and because of that it won't work as well or the color may be off. Worse yet, besides being unsanitary, expired makeup can cause a litany of skin issues including breakouts, dermatitis, inflammation and/or infections. For example, old mascara can harbor bacteria that can lead to lash loss and other damage. Here is a handy guide to makeup expiration dates that you may want to keep in mind.

If You Don’t Love It, You Don’t Need It
Marie Kondo''s KonMari method utilizes a "spark joy" philosophy that can/should apply to your beauty products as well. Focus on quality over quantity and get rid of those products and you don't love or don't use. You shouldn't stress about getting rid of things even if you've barely used them because if you really loved them, they would be in regular rotation. If you have duplicate items and similar shades within a product category, consider editing down by product performance. The point is to end up with items that have a value and purpose rather than a big pile of products that you barely touch.

Keep Track Of What You Have
They key to a well curated and consequently well organized beauty stash is knowing exactly what you have. This awareness will keep you from overbuying as well as cut down on the amount of expired and unused products. The best way to do this is to lay out your makeup and sort it by category so you’re able to take inventory of what and how much you have of each product type. When you have a better handle on what you own, you will save money and better practice sustainability since you'll be more likely to use up your products instead of mindlessly purchasing new items when you don't need them. 

Streamline Your Routine
Being in tune with your makeup products goes a long way to help understanding what looks good on you. Having a roster of tried and true products helps to streamline your routine and get ready faster and maybe get in some more sleep.  This is also helpful when it comes to shopping and preventing dreaded decision fatigue when you're getting ready in the morning. 

Have A Place For Everything
This is a tried and true rule for cutting down on clutter and having a well organized home. Whether you choose to use a drawer, a tray or a cabinet, they key is to have a dedicated space that serves as a permanent home for all of your makeup products. You want your storage to make sense in your space and also be easily accessible with everything visible. Being able to see and freely access everything will help you to remember to use them. Categorize your products and designate a space for each of them. Once everything has a home, it should be virtually effortless for you to maintain organization going forward since you can return each item to where you found it.

Realize That There Is No Purpose To Stockpiling
Stockpiling makeup doesn't make sense because of the limited shelf life of some products. Sure it's fine if you want to keep an extra one or two of a product that you really love and can't live without but let's be real, no one needs 50 lipsticks or blushes given how long they take to finish and you only have one face. Another downside besides being wasteful and unsustainable is having to use up your stockpile before you can try new products while a bonus is all the space that is freed up. Because living better with less is real!


Doctor Anne said...

I have reduced my makeup collection a lot over the last years, and continue decluttering every few weeks.
Lipsticks are my weakness, I still have way too many of them, but other than that I only keep what I like and use regularly.

Emmylou said...

Great tips as always, chingu:) As a fellow KonMari fan, totally agree about only keeping stuff that really sparks joy. My own makeup collection has been pretty pared down over the years, but I must admit that my pro makeup kit (which I still keep even though I don't freelance anymore esp. since last year) is still something I have to tackle. It's just so hard coz so many of the items are so expensive and have sentimental value...sigh...

Pilar said...

I love this post Rowena! I'm currently in the process of declutter my makeup again. I try to this every few months. I have a good bit of makeup, but I don't stockpile it. Very true, makeup does expire and using old makeup can cause skin irritation.

ALLIE NYC said...

I HATE clutter, it makes me nervous and yes one should try to streamline their makeup/beauty routine. I do try to do this. I have a whole bag of old makeup I don't know what to do with which also makes me nervous. Wish me luck lol!

Allie of

paola lauretano said...

My make-up collection needs a decluttering asap!
Thanks for sharing your tips, hun!
Kisses, Paola.


My Instagram

Ivana Split said...

These are great tips for decluttering our make up collection. Those organizers are a great idea as well. Having as little make up as possible is what helps me to stay organized and avoid clutter. I don't wear make up on every day basis so I don't really need a lot of it. Getting rid of old make up and keeping track of expire date is so important for the health of our skin. I sometimes use old make up for art project and if I don't have an art project I can involve it in, then I just toss it away. I think many don't realize how many expired products they might be using or how bad they can be for the skin. I'm typically pretty good with this- but again for me it helps to have only a few products, that way I can remember when I bought something. I will typically have only two lip pencils and lipsticks at one time, one mascara, one foundation and so on. There are people who enjoy make up more, that are better at it and are more creative than me but again there is a certain limit for everyone, nobody can use one hundred lipsticks, mascaras or whatever- there would be no time to use them before they expire. There really is no point in stocking on make up. Even if someone uses make up professionally or is a make up artist, there is a limit. Make up artist will obviously have a lot of products but that's another matter and they probably already have a good system they can use to keep track of it all.

Omaye said...

I don't think people realise that makeup expires. I see large inventories of makeup, which can be an obsession by the way (I used to have this) and not realise that most of the makeup there is expired. You're literally hanging on to expire product. It's weird that people don't realises this. I will admit, I have a soft spot of complexion products like cc creams and foundation and I am a bit of a lip gloss fanatic, but I have my limits. These things expire!

Sara said...

I'm so agree with your tips Rowena. Have a beautiful monday!

R's Rue said...

Great advice.

Jackie Harrison said...

Since this pandemic started I got rid of so much makeup and kept the minimalist focus since I'm not in public as much and zoom only twice a week for work. I safe so much money on makeup and spent more on skincare and other stuff.

paola lauretano said...

Happy new month, Rowena, have a lovely February!
Kisses, Paola.


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Lovely said...

Just in time. I'm trying to organize my beauty products. Thanks for these tips!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Streamlining the routine is definitely what I do with my makeup. I have a few items that are my go-tos and just focus on those. I do need a new makeup case, though. Love the organized look.

Ann-Marie said...

I'm trying to organize my beauty products and space. Thanks for these tips!

Ann-Marie |

Hena Tayeb said...

Great tips. I don't own a lot of make up but it's good to keep everything organized.

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Very good tips Rowena, I have not bought makeup for a long time, I am getting by with what I have, I keep them in a toiletry bag and now I try to buy only if I need to renew, it does not make sense to waste money on thousands of lipsticks or enamels, I like those organizers transparent because they help to make visible and quickly find what is needed.Kisses.