Creative Ways To Make Money Online This Year

This year finds many of us looking forward to being able to leave the the pandemic behind once and for all and finally get back to our real lives. A lot of people struggled with finances in 2020, with a good number losing their jobs or being furloughed on a percentage of their wages. Now in 2021 people are finding new opportunities to make money through digital platforms. Here are just a few of the ways you can do that to bolster your finances.

Try podcasting
While YouTube was the most popular online trend in the 2010's, this decade has seen the largest rise of creators on Podcasting platforms. A podcast is similar to a radio show and consists of recorded audio that can then be listened to by people at their convenience such as while they work, do their household chores or commute. Podcasts can be focused on any subject such as sports, true crime, film and tv, and even current events. If you have a passion and you have someone to talk about it with, you can start a podcast and create content every week or every month for your audience. If you become successful as a podcaster you might even be able to sell merchandise online and make a career out of it.

Create a skillshare class
Skillshare is an online learning community. Online courses have become so popular in recent years and in 2020 many people took the opportunity to take some online courses to improve their skills and gain professional qualifications from home. If you have a skill such as art, cooking, or even web development,  you can create and record your own classes and share them with the world. Charge what you think you deserve for your course and this will earn you passive income every time someone decides to take your course.

Start a blog
Another way to make money online is to create your own brand and start a blog. Blogging can be about any subject from lifestyle to food to finance; and as you create content and build your brand with the help of experts like Joey Armstrong you’ll gain brand deals and you’ll also be able to bring advertisements onto your website to gain revenue. Blogging can be fun and you get to share whatever you like online, and this coupled with making money makes it an ideal situation.

Share your art
If you are an artist with nowhere to put your content, you can start an Instagram dedicated to your work. Instagram as well as Facebook are great for building an audience for your artwork and you can soon start to sell pieces or even offer to carry out commissions for people all over the world. Art can be rewarding as a side hustle because not only will you make money but you also get to spend more time doing what you love.

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