How To Create The Perfect Business Look For The Office

How do you dress for the office? A bit of chic? A basic suit? Maybe you’re always a little confused about how you should dress for work, even when it's a casual Friday. When it comes to putting together an appropriate business look, you actually have some  latitude to be creative. After all working in an office all day long doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Here are some tips that’ll help you to dress to impress, no matter your body type or confidence level.

A Splash of Color
The office might not be the place for you to wear the rainbow but that doesn’t mean you have to look boring either. You don’t have to dress in dark colors, that while slimming, just help you to fade into the background. Instead you can add a few splashes of color to your look, in a variety of ways, that’ll help you to stand out and show a bit of personality.

Color is a big part of creating an individual look. While choosing neutral blacks, whites and greys is always a safe option, it may also be boring and monotonous. It’s no fun and you can certainly be more creative. Choose a dramatic pair of heels or boots in a color that stands out from anything else you’re wearing. Similarly consider wearing a colored tie or a decorative scarf to help bring more depth and interest around your neckline and face. Making use of accessories like this opens up a whole new world of fashion choices to play with. Accessories have so many possibilities when it comes to office style so if you don’t have any colorful shoes or accessories or a statement making bag, it might be time to hit the shops and invest in some playful pieces.

Go Light on the Makeup
In the work world, it’s often expected that women (primarily) adhere to a policy of wearing makeup that maintains a professional appearance. You don’t really have to do this when your skin looks good, as it  doesn’t matter as much what you put on top, if anything at all. You just have to commit to an effective skincare routine that works for your skin type.

You’re going to need about 5 - 6 products. You'll want to invest a cleanser, a toner, an exfoliator, a moisturizer, a serum and sun protection. The toner can be optional and the exfoliator is to be used just a few times a week. Sun protection is a must for every day. If you are a big makeup lover, a nude makeup look will never go amiss. Putting together a natural look will help accentuate your features, allowing your beauty to shine through as well as give you that glow that makes you look awake and ready to get on with things. For a lot of young working professionals, even just a dab of concealer and a bit of eyeliner does wonders for framing the face and dramatically altering their appearance.

Have Some Basics in Your Wardrobe
You should make sure that you have some core basics in your wardrobe that you can easily rely on to quickly and effortlessly put together work appropriate looks. With well though out work staples, it really doesn't matter how you mix and match, you’ll always have an office ready outfit that’s ready to go. 

So, get your hands on a suit; one with both a blazer and a pair of trousers, in a color or pattern you like. Then make sure you’ve got a couple of professional blouses, as well as a pencil skirt or pleated skirt and an array of tights as well. These components will act as the base of your professional wardrobe.

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Lovely said...

Today, business attire is more confusing than ever before, and striking the perfect balance of professionalism and style can be tricky. These are cool tips! Thanks for sharing!

Sakuranko said...

Oh thanks for share your tips with us darling

Ivana Split said...

I agree that it is good to go light on make up and that skin care is more important.

Jackie Harrison said...

Soon I will be going back to the office so this post was very helpful. Thanks.