How To Create An Online Photography Portfolio

Cosmopolitan Korea, How To Create An Online Photography Portfolio

Photography is a fun pastime for millions of people and for a number of of those individuals, it can even become a career. Photography is a creative way of making memories and the photos that people take can often get interpreted in many ways. If you’re passionate about photography, you capture the world around you through your lens and most likely you want to share those images. You may wish to do so purely for personal reasons or you might want to offer your services to others. In any case, it can be a good idea to create an online portfolio that showcases the best of your work and your artistic and creative talents.

Tailor Your Portfolio to Your Audience
You will likely take photographs of certain themes. For example, you might specialize in taking motion shots of high-speed vehicles at racing tracks or people playing sports where a lot of running happens.You may also take photographs that encompass other themes like nature or macro photography. When you create your online photography portfolio, you will need to think about who is your target audience and how you’d like to tailor your images to them. You should categorize your photographs by photography type so visitors can easily view and access the different types of photography you specialize. For instance, you may have one category for travel photos and another for portraits.

Create a Portfolio Website
Of course you should have a permanent online home showcasing your best works where you have ultimate control. This give you the advantage of being able to make create the ideal layout for your images  rather than conforming to whatever format gets offered by a third party. You can create a photography portfolio yourself or you could entrust a service like WebX360 to build a portfolio website on your behalf. Irrespective of who makes your site, you need to ensure that the content is always  up to date.

Use Photo-Sharing Platforms
Having a portfolio website is always a good idea but you should also consider uploading some of your best work to photo-sharing platforms because this can be a good way to attract more people to view your photography. Whether you’re taking photos as a pastime or for professional purposes, regularly uploading new content to platforms like Instagram and Flickr is an excellent way to grow your audience.

Use the Best Editing Software
Some photographers will tell you that it makes sense to upload your work online without altering it. However, there will be plenty of times where you need to make minor adjustments to enhance the images you’ve captured with your camera. Software like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop are class leading tools that are also affordable to use especially if you’re a hobbyist photographer.

Creating a photography portfolio is actually a pretty straightforward process. It helps to be aware of the steps that are worth investing your time in to achieve the proper results.

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