How To Set Yourself Up To Work From Home More Comfortably

There’s no denying that working from home enables people with more flexibility and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are currently working from home. There are those who enjoy remote working and love the freedom it gives them while there are others who miss the structure of work days in the office. Whether you're new to working from home or just looking to level up there are some things you can do to improve your work from home setup so that you stay productive and maintain balance.

Use a Spare Room In Your Home as Your Office
The problem with working in a room also used for other purposes and shared with the rest of your household is that there might just be too many distractions that keep you from getting work done and it may be almost impossible to concentrate if you have young kids at home. Ideally you should try to work from an unused room in your home such as a guest bedroom if that is an option. Being able to do this provides the benefits of increased concentration as well as being able to set you your workspace as you require. And you will be able to  comfortably make and receive business calls or video chats as needed. Not everyone has a spare room they can work out of. If this is you, try to set up a dedicated workspace in a low traffic area away from the rest of your home.

Set Up an Ergonomic Workstation
If your workstation is the the kitchen table or a corner of your sofa, you can do better. You should have a properly set up ergonomic work space where you can comfortably work for several hours a day unimpeded. You should have a desk large enough to accommodate your laptop or computer monitor and other equipment like your keyboard and mouse. It should also have space for other items like work documents or whatever else you may need to do your job. Then you’ll need an ergonomic chair that encourages you to maintain good and comfortable seating posture so that you don't slump and end up with neck and back pain. Make sure the chair you want to buy is fully adjustable and supportive. You may also consider investing in a lumbar pillow or footrest for optimal comfort. These are relatively inexpensive and can make a world of difference for some people experiencing poor posture from their seating position.

Add Some Greenery
A simple way to add a little joy and personality to your workspace is by adding a little greenery. Even adding a few plants has been shown to reduce stress and restore your ability to concentrate. Indoor houseplants also enhance your work environment because they can help purify the air and benefit your mental health and wellbeing. You can add as little or as much greenery in your home office space as you want. All you need to do is remember to water your plants regularly and ensure they get plenty of natural light each day.

Play Some Music
Working remotely offers the unique opportunity be able to play music whenever you feel like it. The right music can help you get into a zone, lift your mood or provide a dose of afternoon energy. Set up some playlists with songs that motivate or calm you. Play your tunes on your home stereo or stream them over a bluetooth speaker from your smartphone or computer.You can then enjoy listening to your favorite music and feel more inspired and productive as your work.

Working remotely comes with unique perks and can be a great situation if you have the right setup. 

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Emmylou said...

Such a relevant post for sure, chingu! And having an ergonomic space makes such a big deal for sure. I just realized I do need a footrest though....:) And it would be awesome to have a dedicated office, eh? We do have a small house with limited space so this is a no-go right now, but someday....:D
Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

Jackie Harrison said...

This is great tips to help be more productive like the plant suggestion.

Pilar said...

These are great tips for working at home. Adding a plant is a great idea! Have a great weekend Rowena!