How To Give Yourself A Tune Up

Lee Do Hyun Dazed

Our bodies are kind of like our cars in the way they keep going even as we keep beating them up and every now and again they need a rest. In that rest, we should also give our bodies a bit of a tune up. Tune ups don't necessarily entail going to the doctor or having your yearly physical. Tune ups are more in line with checking under the hood just to make sure that everything is working properly and in tip top shape. From medical tests to checking in with yourself, here are some ways you can give yourself a tune up.

Get Your Hearing Checked
Our ears take on a lot in the world today. Cell phones ringing, music blaring, traffic on the street, and people just talking and talking all take their toll on our ability to hear. When you get yourself all tuned up, ask your doctor about your hearing. Their advice on hearing tests may be that you should get one depending on your line of work, your age, or simply because you asked for it. Many people leave their hearing up to chance but untreated hearing loss can potentially detract from one's quality of life and has been linked to other health concerns. And aside from the sense of hearing, our ears are also responsible for signaling our brain on balance so it's important to make sure they're in good working shape.

Check Your Skin
Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it plays a vital role in protecting us from the harshness of the elements of the world. Because the surface area of our skin is so large it needs to be taken care of and maintained properly. The next time you visit your doctor for a check up, have him/her check your skin thoroughly. A medical professional can examine our bodies thoroughly and check moles, freckles, marks and growths to ensure they are not anything more than they appear. We should also be routinely examining our skin at home just to monitor any changes and sudden growths. Areas exposed to sun regularly are the most likely to develop moles or freckles and you should make that these aren't suspicious. Doctors can analyze the shape, size, border, color, and other characteristics to diagnose an underlying medical condition. Early detection is key.

Pay Attention to Your Diet
Even the most highly disciplined can unknowingly stray off of a healthy diet and start eating more or eating unhealthy foods that we should stay away from which may cause stomach or digestion issues. This is especially common around the holidays when we tend to indulge in our favorite foods as we celebrate with family and friends. Take a moment to understand what you are eating and check in with your stomach. If your digestion feels off, it is most likely because you are not eating as well as you could be. Fine tune your diet and your food choices and your gut should be feeling back to normal soon.

Check-In On Your Mental Health
Every now and again we should be taking a moment to sit down and check in on our mental health. Life can get hectic and it can wear us down emotionally leading to stress, anxiety or even depression if we're not paying attention. When this happens it’s time to rest, reset and take care of yourself. Find a quiet space where you can be alone and listen to your thoughts. Focus on self care like eating right, exercise, and sleep. And take the time to do activities that bring you joy. If you're still not feeling like yourself after all of this, it may mean that your condition is more serious and you may need to seek out a mental health professional for additional support.

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