How To Be A Fashion Icon

Song Hye Kyo Michaa, Michaa

If you like clothes and are interested in fashion, becoming a fashion icon might be something that will interest you too. Fashion icons set standards for style while they also have an individual sense of style that is distinct and inspirational. Having a knowledge of fashion is important but fashion icons shape and influence culture as well so it's important to be stay up to date on current events, have some sense of history while develop a personal viewpoint that will help you set you apart. Becoming a fashion icon means educating yourself and developing your sense of style but you should also consider these factors for success.

Love Yourself
Before you can be a fashion icon and inspire others to appreciate what you wear and want to emulate your your style, you must first love yourself.  You should believe in yourself, otherwise you'll never be at ease with people asking what you're wearing and how you're wearing it. You need confidence in order to lead others, whether that's in terms of fashion or anything else. Take a step back and examine yourself and your life with a critical and objective eye. Assess what is holding you back that can be changed or improved upon that will help you appreciate yourself more and be more confident. Focus on actionable methods you can implement to get yourself into a place where you are completely comfortable in your skin.

Don't Restrict Yourself
It's only natural that there will be some types of clothing and fashion styles that you favor over others and want to wear more. However if you want to be a genuine fashion icon, you should open to experimentation and not restrict yourself to just one style or one brand. Taking fashion risks is part of being a style icon.  It can help you to develop creatively and get you noticed. The purpose of becoming a fashion icon is to showcase different types of clothing concepts that are available to inspire people. If you restrict yourself to just one or two styles, you might end up limiting your sense of style in a way that is neither interesting or inspirational. Shop at a wide variety of stores and don't be afraid to mix it up.

Know What Works Best For You
Just as it's crucial to experiment with various styles and offer your followers a variety of ideas, you should also know what works for you. For example, if you love silk scarves, try to incorporate them into your look as much as possible to create a signature style. Understanding this means that whatever type of clothing and accessories you choose, you're keeping in mind that it t will work for your body type, height and lifestyle. It's pointless to be a fashion icon if you don't look good while doing it. You want to be an example to others, not someone who others look and wonder if this person got dressed in the dark because your clothing doesn't fit you properly or the style doesn't suit you at all. You should always wear your clothes, not have them wear you.

Be Different
Part of the pleasure of being a fashion icon and one of the reasons why someone would aspire to become one, is that you can be completely unique. In fact, a sense of originality is required in order to distinguish yourself and be recognized and noticed. This means developing your own individual sense of style that is recognizable. Always think ahead to set yourself apart. Study emerging styles, and work them into your wardrobe, even if no one else is. Be a trendsetter but also maintain a sense of timelessness. Don't ever be afraid to stand out and do your own thing since this is what distinguishes a fashion icon. If you don't like this idea, it's better to follow other fashion icons rather than be a leader yourself since you won't be comfortable.

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Everyone has their own individual style makes it fun than seeing same as others.

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