What Are Some Of The Best Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands?

Eco-Friendly Makeup
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If you're looking for a simple sustainable change to make to your beauty routine that can benefit you as well as the planet, you might consider switching to eco-friendly makeup. There are a number of reasons to choose eco-friendly makeup products instead of conventional brands. Eco-friendly companies use organic ingredients to formulate products without additives, reducing plastic and carbon emissions. They also usually come in packages that will break down or be able to be recycled to reduce the amount of waste produced.

INIKA is a makeup brand founded in Australia, but it is now well-known around the world. INIKA was established in 2006 with an aim to produce makeup that was 100% natural but didn’t sacrifice any of the quality of conventional makeup. They certainly succeeded in this regard. INIKA prides itself on using 100% natural products, and 70% of the ingredients are organic which is not bad at all if you want a makeup product free from artificial additives. Take the INIKA certified organic perfection concealer; for example, it is completely natural and includes pigments for extra glow.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime is a popular vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand that invites creativity and self-expression. This brand is colorful and vibrant; you only have to visit the website to see some of the energy they bring to the makeup market. What’s more, they are ethical all around. Nowadays, there is no reason for makeup brands to use ingredients tested on animals when there are perfectly good cruelty-free alternatives available. Lime Crime is one such alternative. Their vegan and cruelty-free products are certified by PETA, so you can be confident no animals were harmed for your looks.
Eco Tools
If you’re looking for a reliable makeup brand to provide all your necessary makeup and beauty tools that doesn’t cost the earth, check out Eco Tools. Eco Tools doesn’t have the same sense of fun and vibrancy as Lime Crime. Instead, it has a pragmatic and down-to-earth vibe that is appealing in a different way. As the name suggests, Eco Tools are environmentally responsible. This brand is 100% vegan, 100% cruelty-free, and uses biodegradable paper, and recycled materials. Eco Tools is comprehensive when it comes to the environment, so you can have full confidence in your foundation and tools.
Bare Minerals
A favorite vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand of many is Bare Minerals. Established in 1995, Bare Minerals is dedicated to clean and cruelty-free makeup products. As with INIKA, Bare Minerals products are made with 100% natural ingredients but they also offer innovative and desirable products.Not only does mineral makeup provide eco-friendly makeup, it develops products that are also good for the skin without any additives or chemicals. For this reason, Bare Minerals has become a world-renowned makeup brand with an unrivaled cult status that keeps you ethical and beautiful at the same time.
Cover FX
Cover FX is one makeup brand that is worth a look if you believe that looking beautiful shouldn't harm animals or the environment. If you share these beliefs, you'll be happy to know that Cover FX uses the power of nature including ingredients like green tea and algae to improve the quality of your skin and your glow. Cover FX offers a full range of products to choose from including cleansers, moisturizers, and booster drops that will care for your skin and perfect your look. For facial makeup, you can find primer, foundation, blush, and much more. When you shop Cover FX, you can enjoy an excellent range of high-quality products.

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