8 Gifts For The Aspiring Gentleman

Is there a dapper, aspiring gentleman in your life? If so, check out this rundown of some cool gifts that he is sure to love.

Designer Gym Bag
Most gym bags are purely utilitarian, designed to transport smelly shoes and workout wear for a few years before eventually being discarded. However, you can elevate the gym adventures of the aspiring young gentleman in your life by gifting him a designer duffle that combines form with function. It will become an impressive accessory that he will use with confidence.

High-Quality Home-Delivered Grooming Supplies
While most men are gravitating toward low-cost toiletries subscriptions, the aspiring gentleman understands the value of appearance. For that reason, he takes care of his skin, refuses to go out in the sun without his trusty SPF 30 and always wears the finest cologne. If the man in your life sounds like this, consider gifting him a premium home-delivered grooming subscription. All the items he needs will appear on his doorstep every month.

Cigar Set
In the past, gentlemen smoked cigars, and according to Cigars International, they still do. Today there is a greater variety of flavors and brands to keep things interesting. And many also come with literature for novices to learn how to become true aficionados.

Bluetooth Tracking Tags
Bluetooth tracking tags are one of those little essentials you don’t realize you need until you start using them. They are essentially small beepers that attach to all the things that you’re most likely to lose, like your keys, phone, or wallet. They can be lifesavers for people. All they need to do is register them as Bluetooth devices on their phones, and then they can track them whenever they need to.

Men also enjoy surrounding themselves with luxury aromas and quality scents. They want their homes to smell good, particularly when entertaining guests.  Scented soy candles make an ideal gift for this reason.  Typically masculine scents like musks, ambers, sandalwood, frankincense, woods, espresso are ones that he would probably enjoy. Many popular mens fragrances are also offered in candle form nowadays.

Improve His Wardrobe
Conventional black and white socks are so boring. Aspiring gentlemen often want their socks to exude flair and originality. This is why gifting the man in your life some stylish new socks with an unusual pattern or vibrant colors is a good idea. It's a simple change that could go a long way to adding some pop and fun to his look.

Healthy Ready Made Meals
The aspiring gentleman often doesn’t always have a great deal of time on his hands. He’s rushing between work, hobbies, and his social life. Cooking is often a luxury for some people. Instead of forcing him to rely on junk food and highly processed ready made meals, get him some healthy alternatives. This way, he can get all the nourishment he needs without having to invest a lot of time in it. Freeze-dried food and artisan meals are possible options.

A new pair of Bluetooth headphones can be a great investment for the gentleman in your life. This simple upgrade to traditional headphone usually comes with better sound quality and convenience for on the go. And he can work up a sweat in the gym without wires getting in the way.

This is a contributed post.
Photo: Elle China


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