Best Quick Fixes For Taking Natural Beauty To The Next Level

Suzy Vogue, Bae Suzy

Unlocking an increased level of beauty can be such a boost that can improve almost every aspect of your life. However there’s no greater frustration than making a conscious effort to upgrade your appearance only to see very slow progress. The right quick fixes can serve as a catalyst for immediate and long-term success. Here are six of the best ways to create noticeable improvements quickly.

1. Treat your teeth
A winning smile is the most highly sought feature for both men and women. Teeth cleaning services will leave you with a white and brighter smile.  This will give you more reason to unleash your pearly whites. Given that it’s the first thing that anyone ever notices about you, the impact on your mindset as well as your appearance will be huge. The fact that this step also protects your long-term oral health is a benefit as well.

2. Buy new clothes
Is fashion technically beauty? Probably not but it does factor into your overall appearance. Finding new outfits that suit your body shape, personality, and general style can work wonders. You need to remember to dress for your body, not the body you want or think you have and proper fit is crucial to achieve this. Clothes that fit will help you cast a more confident figure. In turn this can accentuate your natural beauty and image. Investing in quality over quantity and opting for the classics rather than chasing trends will help you appear more polished.

3. Hydrate your skin
Healthy and glowing skin is commonly attributed to beauty. So keeping your skin properly hydrated is a great way to boost your look within a matter of days. The axis-y method is a particularly effective choice. But there are plenty of other ways, including increased water consumption, switching to hydrating products, shorter showers and using cooler water. Keep an eye on your skin to monitor your progress.

4. Get a haircut
A new haircut can highlight the shape your face by providing emphasis to your facial features. It is one of the most obvious updates that will be immediately noticed by others as well as yourself. This is especially true if you also choose a new color or go for a completely different style. Following a trend or finding a unique style is entirely your choice. You can feel like a new person from the moment you leave the salon.

5. Paint your nails
Hands play a central role in human interactions and body language. Therefore keeping your nails in good shape can be a wise move. Whether it’s simple French tips, a vivid hue or nail art, the visual appeal can work wonders. You can do your own nails or treat yourself to a professional manicure depending on your mood. And a pedicure is a perfect supplement to manicure that is indulgent and enhances your look.

6. Choose new eye makeup
If you have fallen into a routine of using the same eyeliner and eye shadow every day, you are not alone. Consider that eyeliner can change the shape of your eyes while eye shadow can express different vibes so you may want to change it up and experiment. Along with your mouth, your eyes are central to every interaction you engage. A greater understanding of this impact can help you play up your features accordingly. When combined with some of these other steps, your beauty will reach new levels.

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Photo: Vogue Korea


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