A Christmas Tree Guide For Beginners

Christmas Tree

Decorating your home can be one of the highlights of the festive holiday season and a beautifully decorated tree can be the focal point of any space. Having a real Christmas tree can be a marvelous holiday tradition but the first purchase and set up can also be a challenge particularly if the process is totally new to you. It's not not as simple not as picking out the prettiest tree you find, taking it home and decorating it. There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration and you should also have a plan.

Shop Early For The Best Christmas Tree
It’s a good idea to plan in advance if it’s your first time getting a Christmas tree. Start by researching reliable tree vendors. Real Christmas trees can be found at both at retail stores and independently operated outlets. Christmas tree farms or markets might even allow you to cut your own tree. You should consider that the cost and types of trees available can vary by locations so think about how far you might need to go to purchase and transport your tree. According to experts, the ideal time to buy a Christmas tree is between Cyber Monday and the first week of December though the earlier you shop, the better the selection will be as well as the price.

Measure Your Space
Before you start your search for the perfect tree, decide where you will be placing the tree and size up the space. Carefully measure the intended space for both the tree's height and width. Factor in the maximum height that it will take to accommodate your desired tree topper as well as doorways, stairs and any narrow passageways you might have to fit the tree through to get it in place. This will ensure that you don't get a tree that you can't fit into your home.

Consider The Care
Unlike artificial trees, real trees will require a degree of upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking it's best throughout the holiday season.The tree should  be set up in a stand that will have to be checked and refilled with water on a daily basis. If you have pets you will need to be able to keep them away from the needles which depending on the type of tree are potentially toxic if ingested. You'll also need to be able to recycle the tree responsibly or dispose of it properly after the holidays are over. 

Christmas Tree
Once you decide that getting a real Christmas tree is right for you, the real fun also begins.

Set Up And Decorate Your Tree
Start by figuring our  the type of decorations you want and how different elements work together. You should add your lights first, followed by garland and then ornaments. Keep in mind that this process isn't about the perfect placement but having fun and getting into the spirit of the holidays.

Decorate Other Rooms In The House
Most people tend to focus on the living room since that’s where most people tend to converge. However other rooms also deserve some attention particularly if you have a large home and plan to entertain frequently during the holidays. You should consider having an additional tree and extra Christmas lights to spread around the house. An area you should have some fun decorating will be your kitchen which plays a central role during Christmas holidays and other festive occasions. Add some garlands or lights to liven up the space. If you have pots hanging on the walls, decorate them with ribbons and ornaments to add a touch of Christmas spirit.

Don’t Forget Doors And Entryways
Doors and entryways usher us into rooms, therefore they should also get a festive makeover. You can put mistletoe and add ribbons and stockings to to evoke the holidays. The mantel area can also benefit from some choice candles and with the right color and lighting. Adding decorative touches throughout can liven up the entire room and draw attention to much more than just your trees. LED twinkle lights can create a and magical atmosphere in your space. Apart from being great DIY projects, twinkle lights placed in bottles and glasses brighten up your room and add to the overall effects. 

Getting your first Christmas tree can be a fun process if you know what it involves and plan accordingly. After you acquire your tree and set i up, you can really into into the holiday spirit with your decorations. If this is a process you find that you enjoy, getting a real tree can become a wonderful holiday tradition you will look forward to and celebrate each year.

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Jackie Harrison said...

Great tips I love decorating it brings warmth to the home I have several trees from outside to in and is a labor of love and cheer.

Pilar said...

These are great decoraring tips Rowena!

R's Rue said...

Great tips. Love it. Regine

Pablo Parra (Fungi) said...

Very useful tips Rowena!

I have only set a Christmas tree, well it was actually a mini trip once in this apartment. Last year I didn't have enough time to plan Christmas decoration so I decided to get a few fir tree brands at the flowershop :) They were economic and I could decorate them with a few ornaments, they actually last a lot tho.

This time I plan to look for a small mini tree. But as you well said it is not about the perfect placement or decor, but about having fun and enjoy the holidays spirit.

I think it is also important to decorate the small spaces and entryways, even bathrooms can have a small detail :)