How To Organize Your Closet For Summer

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As we get closer to summer, now is the time to start switching out your winter wardrobe for lighter and breezier pieces that will ensure comfort and style during warmer weather. Here are some tips to get your closet prepared for the summer season.

Declutter Your Closet
The first step in preparing your closet for summer is to declutter it. Check out this handy flowchart to get started. Go through your winter clothing and decide what you want to keep, what needs storing, what should be donated or thrown away and how best to store or dispose of items that you won't wear again. Doing this will create more space for summer clothing and ensure only things in there that you will actually wear remain.

Store Away Winter Clothing
Once your closet is clear of clutter, the next step should be storing away your winter clothing. If you don't already have them, purchase some sturdy storage containers. Make sure to clean and fold your winter items before packing them away, and store keep then in a dry location, like inside a closet or under your bed until needed again.

Make A List
Before shopping for new summer clothing, audit and make an inventory list of what you already have in your closet. Look through every piece and make a list of what needs to be purchased as well as items that require repair. Doing this will prevent buying duplicates or unnecessary items.

Purchase Essential Summer Pieces
Any good summer wardrobe should be built around core essential pieces like lightweight dresses, shorts and tops made of breathable materials like cotton or linen that can be worn to various summer events. Once you invest in these key pieces, the foundation for a lasting summer wardrobe will be established. Are you looking for some fresh new additions to your summer wardrobe? Then, be sure to visit Paisley Grace Boutique. which offers a selection of fashionable clothing and accessories that is sure to please. They have it all from vibrant floral prints to classic denim cuts.

Pops of Color
Summer presents an ideal opportunity to experiment with bolder hues and patterns. You can do this with punctuations of color with your clothing or try adding an array of vibrant accessories. Statement necklaces or colorful scarves will make you stand out in the crowd. These types of pieces add interest to simple ensembles as well as express your personal style.

Don't Forget Swimwear
If you plan on spending time at the beach or pool this summer, don't overlook your swimwear needs. If your swimwear is in need of a refresh, be sure to invest in something comfortable and flattering that is tailored for your body type. This will inspire confidence whenever you wear it.

Making Your Shoe Choices
Summer is the time to show off your pedicure, so make sure you have several pairs of sandals or open-toed shoes in your closet for that. Consider style and comfort with options like supportive sandals or canvas sneakers to protect feet especially if you plan on more long walks in the warmer weather.

Organize Your Closet By Outfits
Organizing your closet by outfit is an effective way to save time in the morning while always looking your best. Take the time to coordinate and organize each ensemble separately, making sure everything can be seen and  easily reached so getting ready will be a breeze. This will make getting dressed more accessible than ever.

Protect Your Clothes From the Sun
While sunlight is great, keep in mind that it can cause damage to our clothes with prolonged exposure. Therefore we should take steps to protect them. One way is to store clothes away from the sun or use garment bags for protection if this can't be avoided.

Have Fun With Your Style
Above all else, have fun with your style this summer. Remember that it can be an ideal t time to experiment with new trends, colors and patterns, so be bold about trying something new or different. Mix and match clothing items to create stylish new ensembles while having fun accessorizing with hats, sunglasses and jewelry.

Rotate Your Clothes
To keep your summer wardrobe in good condition, make a habit of rotating your clothes. Instead of repeatedly wearing the same outfits, switch them up. This is a key to clothing care that will increase the lifespan of your clothes and keep them from wearing down as quickly

Prepping your closet for summer requires decluttering, organizing and investing in key pieces. Take the time to go through your winter clothes, create a list of what you need for summer and purchase summer essentials like lightweight dresses, shorts and sandals. Then, arrange them by outfit, protect them from sun rays and have fun exploring different styles; with these tips in hand, you'll be prepared to tackle warmer months head-on.

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