The True Luxuries Of Life

Things Money Can't buy, If You Want To Feel Rich, Buying Stuff Will Never Make You Happy,

If there is anything that is liberating, it's knowing that spending money on things won’t make my life better. While material purchases can be nice and might create a temporary sense of joy, our possessions don't make us rich because everything that is truly valuable can't be be bought and the more we have of these, the richer we are. 

These are these are the true luxuries of life:

Love - Money might be able to buy you companionship but it won't buy you real love.

Health - Health is a valuable commodity that can be easy to lose but difficult to recover . Don't lose sight of this and sacrifice your health in the pursuit of wealth.

Time - No amount of money can recover time that's gone or stop us from aging. You can get more money but not more time.

Peace - Inner and world peace cannot be bought. If only...

Happiness - Money might buy things you think will make you happy but if you don't learn to be grateful you won't have true happiness or contentment.

Wisdom - Money can be used to pay for books or an education but wisdom is gained through learning and life experiences.

Respect - It might be possible to get some faux adulation with money but real respect and admiration can't be bought

Friends - True and loyal friends are priceless. 

Truth - Money can be used to create a false narrative but it can't obscure the truth. Also friends who will tell you the truth rather than pretty lies are worth their weight in gold.

Character, Integrity & Morals - money can create the illusion of these but it can't buy these qualities or change anyone's personality.

Would you agree?


Emmylou said...

100% chingu:) What a lovely post. It's so easy to forget that the most important things in life cannot be bought with money.
Have a lovely weekend:) XOXO

LoveT. said...

Great Post, i agree

Kinga K. said...

I totally agree with you <3

R's Rue said...

So true

Jackie Harrison said...

100 Percent agree you cannot buy peace.

Ivana Split said...

I do agree.