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Gifts for the home are always fun since there any number possibilities in the categories to choose from. Home decor, books games or dining related items are always appropriate and edible presents are also usually welcome. Choosing items that are useful as well as tasteful will have your recipients fondly thinking of you each time they use it. Many of these selections are under $50 and would also work perfectly as host/hostess gifts. I'm eyeing a few of these for our home including the Cloudnola Reversible Large Flower Vase and Bud Vase and  I Want To Be Where The People Aren't Needlepoint Pillow. The item I want the most is the Cozyberry Candle Warmer Lamp which offers a safer and more sustainable way to utilize candles by melting instead of burning them. I'm also planning on gifting this to some of my candle loving friends.

This compendium of 500 notable works of public art across the globe allows readers to experience artworks in their native environment, while providing helpful information to help them plan to see them in person.

This  free-standing frame can be used as a portrait or landscape and is ideal for displaying memories, plans or projects. 

This artful 2 piece reversible glass vase can be used in 3 ways to display floral arrangements in a unique and creative way. It can also be used as a standalone modern decor piece.

With design that is both modern and unique, this jewelry box takes care of jewelry storage need and is also nice looking enough to display.

This lamp allows you to safely enjoy your favorite candles by melting them with the top-down technology, that releases the strongest, purest and cleanest fragrance that lasts twice as long as burning while eliminating indoor flames, smoke, and soot.

Colored borosilicate glass with a swirled pattern creates a beautiful design. This microwave and dishwasher safe bowl can be used for serving food, storing small objects, or just for decorative purposes. 

This needlepoint pillow adds a touch of fun and sass to any decor and there are many messages that will match any mood.

Artistically designed with modern stripped ribbed etching, this carafe and tumbler set will make a great addition on any nightstand, buffet table, bar, or shelf in any home. 

With 1000 pieces made from 100% recycled paper, this esthetically-pleasing puzzle will be one that is as enjoyable to solve as it is to look at. 

Elevate every-day objects and spaces with clean lines and a pop of color. These can be used as a catchall tray anywhere.

Crafted by skilled artisans, this scalloped edge marble board can be used as an elegant base for cheese, appetizers, or simply as décor. Add a monogram to make it an extra special gift for your favorite host.

Featuring a fast free technology, this unique bowl lets you prepare your favorite frozen treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato or even frozen drinks in just minutes.

A luxurious candle nestled inside an artfully sculpted mercury-glass ornament that fills the space with  a classic holiday scent with notes of rich oak moss, cinnamon and eucalyptus.

These custom playing cards which come with a leather holster are both stylish and cool.

Finding glassware that is attractive, high quality and sturdy can be a challenge. These colorful ribbed highballs seem to fit the bill and they're so affordable as well.

These colorful napkins will add a lovely graphic statement to any table setting.

This one of a kind aerator will bring chill and bring instant balance and flavor to all kinds of wine making it a perfect gift for wine connoisseurs and novices alike. 

Environmentally friendly and convenient, this straw made of durable food-grade stainless steel lets you brew coffee and tea on the go. It’s perfect for camping, traveling, backpacking, and at the office.

This sleek double wall ceramic mug was created for latte art with the design of the interior base curvature slope that effortlessly lifts cream to the top without disruption. 

This artisanal set showcasing eight custom Oregon sea salt blends will inspire any cook to explore an exciting new world of flavors.

With a longstanding legacy of excellence, Fortnum & Mason creates fine tea blends that are ideal for both special occasions and everyday sipping. This Celebration Blend is a fragrant and flavorful balance of rich, malty assam black tea from India and sweet Chinese green jasmine.

Rich and decadent, these truffles made from a heritage French recipe feature silky-smooth ganache centers and deep chocolate flavor. And the the vintage-inspired tin is perfect for gifting.

Made using an original recipe and the finest authentic ingredients, these irresistibly buttery and crumbly biscuits come from one of Britain's most beloved purveyors of sweets and savory treats. 

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Ivana Split said...

I think I would enjoy Destination art a lot! I love art books.
These are great ideas dear!


These are lovely

Hena Tayeb said...

So many beautiful picks! Love the pillow. Tried the ice cream maker a couple years ago.. didn't love it.

Kinga K. said...

Art book is always a good idea :D

Emmylou said...

Hahaha...I so need that needlepoint pillow, chingu! :D And that portable coffee and tea brewing set sounds great as well and reasonably priced to boot:)
Another winner list. I don't know how you do it!

R's Rue said...

I will take everything off your list. I must thank you for speaking life into me, and loving me so well. Hugs.

Jackie Harrison said...

All amazing ideas to give as gift.