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I've been combining beauty and wellness in my gift guides because I think these two go hand in hand. After all what is the point of looking good if you're unwell. I tried to curate picks that range from the affordable to the luxe. As with all my other gift guides, I'm including some selections which happen to be personal favorites (2, 3, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29) as well as a few that might also be on my own wish list (5 & 8).  For the beauty items, I made a conscious effort to choose products that are cruelty-free and formulated without any questionable ingredients. Don't miss my other gift guides!

With an introduction to the wellness eco system and the 6 pillars within it, this journal will help anyone focus on wellness on a daily basis. Useful articles and prompts are included as well as space to log intentions, reflections, practices to help  start and end each day with a fresh mindset and take note of the things that make you feel good.

Designed for everyday use, these compression socks provide graduated pressure to improve blood flow and circulation and reduce swelling and fatigue. The cushioned footbed helps absorb shock as you move while breathable bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from the skin. I used to only wear compression socks when I knew I would be sitting for a long time but I find they're useful beyond that for keeping my legs active no matter what I'm doing.

The portable version of Therabody's massager which comes with three attachments and three speeds is a powerhouse proven to relieve aches and pains and improve recovery that you can take on the go. We bought one for almost 40% off during Black Friday and it's even better than our old massage gun. It's great for smoothing out kinks and knots anywhere on the body. Could've really used this when we were in Rhode Island where we walked so much every day.

Hard water can dry out skin and hair. This showerhead is equipped with an internal filter that safely removes chlorine, heavy metals, and contaminants to improve the condition of your skin, hair, and wellbeing. It features a clog-free design that maximizes water pressure and coverage, while delivering fresh, modern, spa-like style. 

This hand therapy massager provides instant relief and relaxation for tired hands as it targets different acupuncture points and offers a kneading massage with 4 massage heads. 

This budget-friendly and portable white noise machine includes a range of sounds - white noise, pink noise, brown noise, fan sound, rain, waves, insects, campfire, birds, streams, etc. to create a relaxing atmosphere for sleep, meditation, yoga, or work use.

With 50 sticks containing a thought-provoking question on one side and a challenging but achievable dare on the other, the Truth or Dare game serves to inspire anyone seeking ways to nourish their health and everyday well-being.

Featuring exclusive Smartsense Technology, these goggles offer an amazing array of treatment options to physically lower your heart rate and help reduce stress and anxiety, helping to ease facial tension, relieve eye strain, decrease headache pain and calm the body and mind.

A cute grapefruit-shaped de-stress ball made of slow rising polyurethane foam can be used to release tension anywhere you go.

This duo of reusable cotton pillows stuffed with rice and lavender that pull double duty as hot or cold packs.

An easy high tech addition to amplify any beauty routine, this cordless mask ignites inner radiance with two powerful wavelengths of light (red/near infrared) to energize skin cells, visibly smooth fine lines, and target blemishes. I have a different model but I do use an LED mask twice weekly and notice it helps with smoothing and radiance.

This hand sanitizer is an upgraded sustainable versions of a daily essentials. It has a sugar-based alcohol formula that kills 99.9% of germs while keeping skin hydrated with glycerin and aloe. This set comes with three refills and an attractive reusable spray container.

These weighted acupressure sticks help send signals to the brain that prepare the body for movement and promote better balance. They can also be used as weights to strengthen forearms, hands, and shoulders or to improve balance as you walk and as acupressures roller for massaging relief to the whole body

This mat is a versatile at home solution for general foot pain, neck & back pain, gout relief, and plantar fasciitis relief. Acupressure therapy targets points to reduce pain and relieve tension throughout the body. I have a full mat which I lay and stand on regularly for relaxation and I highly recommend this.

Housed in a beautiful organic shape, the Cloud emits a cool mist to hydrate the air to support dewy skin, silky hair, and improved sleep and immunity. The 600 sq.-ft. humidifying capacity and whisper quiet operation makes it ideal for use in any room. We own 2 Vitruvi humidifiers and can attest to their quality and aesthetics. 

This gift set comes with 6 one-step nail polishes that enhance the natural look of nails. The ultrasheer hues instantly perfect and enhance the natural look of nails as a blend of supercharged actives deliver strengthening and moisturizing benefits. Once removed, nails are left looking rejuvenated and healthier than before. I have these in a few shades and they're perfect for an effortless nails but better look.

This set contains the tools to prep your nails for at-home manicures. A great gift for anyone who loves to do their own nails.

Consisting of a Great Skin - a lightweight, bi-phase serum that instantly hydrates and plumps skin for a healthy glow, The Minimalist - a hybrid foundation/concealer  product and Brush No. which blends  products into the skin for a natural, airbrushed finish, this set was designed to effortlessly create a perfect complexion. I actually need to post a review of Great Skin which I have been using and loving.

These jasmine-and-rose-scented bath bombs which are infused with lush oils to moisturize, nurture, and soothe skin are a lovely upgrade to any bath. I swear by them. The scent is divine and helps to impart me feelings of relaxation and bliss.

From a brand that has redefined clean luxury beauty, this gift set that includes a liquid lip balm and blush stick that will bring a pop of color to your look any time of year. I have tried the Baby Cheeks blush and it is really good.

A glossy duo of full-size lip jellies, inspired by cookie butter, in limited-edition shade Chestnut and bestselling shade Chill is presented in this gift set from a brand that popularized high performance beauty products made with non-irritating ingredients designed for sensitive skin.

If you watch K-dramas, you've likely seen this product. Formulated with a salmon complex, collagen, PDR, and fermented oil from Jeju, this moisturizing balm has anti-aging benefits and can help stimulate collagen production to restore elasticity to skin. It can be  used to infuse dry, tired skin with a moisturizing glow, on dry spots, as a lip balm and as a setting balm to last longer. I wrote about this here and I'm a fan. It's not sticky or greasy and imparts the right amount of moisture to soothe my skin. 

With a smooth, creamy texture won't dry into an uncomfortable hard shell, this mask works to minimize the appearance of pores and draw out the deepest impurities while effectively balancing the skin's natural oils. This mask works as it claims and for a clay mask it is quite soothing and hydrating.

This set of three mini-size uniquely scented hand-and-body butters formulated for dry skin with two types of shea butter for intense and long-lasting hydration was made for gifting. Another one of my favorite products of this year, this cream is such a luxurious indulgence for smooth, glowing skin.

Formulated with a special 7-year aged vinegar, plant-based squalane from olives, olive fruit extract and niacinamide, this form-fitting cellulose sheet mask works to help to hydrate, moisturize and revitalize skin while also helping to improve skin tone and texture. I have a post coming about this brand and this mask always leaves my skin soft and radiant.

With an innovative, concentrated, lightweight formulation made up of four peptide technologies this affordably priced lash and brow serum promotes the look of thicker, fuller, and healthier lashes and brows. I use this product on my brows daily and it keeps them looking full. 

Designed by a dermatologist, this award winning, multi- functional cream imparts volume, bounce, and shine while reducing frizz, and protecting hair from heat (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), pollution, and UV damage. My husband and I both use this and it is a wonderful product. My mini review.

Winner of 2022 Allure Best of Beauty Award, this wet brush is  uniquely designed with a patented, bendable design that works to quickly and gently detangle all hair types and textures. It’s also ventilated, allowing for more airflow as you blow dry to help speed up dry time.

Give the gift of great hair! The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is ultra-fast drying and engineered with intelligent heat control to protect against extreme heat damage. It now comes with five styling attachments including a flyaway attachment. This limited edition ultra blue color is so cool. I have an earlier generation of this dryer. It is still going strong and I still love it every bit as much as when I got it 7 years ago.

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Jackie Harrison said...

Dyson is expensive but a great long lasting gift.

LoveT. said...

The Nail Polish Set looks pretty. The Colors are beautiful

Emmylou said...

Chingu, I think this is my fave list of yours so far this year coz I literally want all of them....heehee....
I'm thinking of starting to use an LED mask but oh em gee on the pricing:P
Have a great week ahead:)

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Hi Rowena, I loved your wellness-inspired gift guide, my favorites were the set of mini butters to hydrate hands and body, I could definitely use something like that at this time of year. I was also curious about the wireless hand massager.

Pilar said...

I love that you included wellness gift items!