Covet : Piaget

I'm loving and totally coveting this Piaget Creative Collection Limelight Garden Party ring. The exquisite white gold tourmaline and diamond creation is inspired by a cupcake. Just how delicious is that?


  1. Whoa! Wish I was getting this today for my birthday!

  2. !!!!! gorgeous. wouldn't it be fabulous to get this in your holiday stocking?

  3. Inspired by a cupcake! So cute! I love their whole collection, especially the ones with the little birdie and the other cupcake ones!

  4. It's gorgeous! Think I know what to add to my xmas list :) xoxo

  5. Wow such a gorgeous ring - I love, love Piaget!

  6. Julie-White Tapestry: Seriously! I do too!

    Chessa: Yes like totally fabulous!

    Jessi: I know right. The entire collection is amazing!

    Dawn: It's pretty high up on my list ;D

    Katherine: Piaget makes such beautiful jewelry!


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