Dine Out : Torrisi Italian Specialties

It's a good thing I was made aware of how to secure a spot for the dining experience at Torrisi Italian Specialties before actually having dinner there last week. The much vaunted tiny Nolita eatery which operates as a sandwich counter for lunch does not take traditional reservations. Instead they start taking names at the door at 5:30pm for their three nightly dinner seatings at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00 and these go quickly. For reference, the line was about nine people deep when I arrived there at 4:45 and there were at least double that number behind me by 5:30. Their $50 pp prix fixe which changes daily consists of five courses of homestyle Italian-American fare with a contemporary nod. The constants from what I understand would be the thick slabs of garlic toast accompanied by warm house made mozzarella that commence the meal and the finale of palate cleansing ices (lemon flavor on my visit) and selection of Italian pastries. The only decision you're tasked with as a diner is your entrée selection. We had a choice between cod and duck. Everything else will be brought to your table. Just be aware that there are no substitutions. The food was both hearty and tasty. My only complaint would be that more than a few dishes were a touch too salty. The mozzarella just might've ruined all other mozzarella for me and the rainbow cookies were delectably moist and bursting with more almond flavor than any other I've had before. Though we enjoyed our meal, I'm not sure I would do it again. However we do want to return for lunch and try their sandwiches which I've heard are superb. I wish I could've taken better pictures but they have a no photography policy so I had to snap quickly and discreetly. The restaurant is currently undergoing renovations and expanding the existing space and it looks like their policies and menus may also be going through some changes when that happens.

250 Mulberry Street (Prince & Spring)
New York City

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Looks delicious! I have never been but would defnitely give it a shot. It's going on the list but I guess I'll need to leave work early :)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

It's definitely list worthy. And leaving work early in the name of delicious food sure sounds legit to me ;)