Eye Candy : Han Hyo Joo for Harper's Bazaar

Han Hyo Joo is one actress whose star has really been on the rise in the past couple of years.  Shedding her usual bright and happy image, she exudes a sense of mature femininity in this shoot for the November issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea. She totally looks like she could be Song Hye Gyo's sister in the last pic.


  1. what a great editorial. thanks for sharing!

  2. Tiffany: you're welcome!

    Cherisse: I'm really impressed with the lovely editorials I've been seeing in Asian magazines.

  3. gosh i love your korean posts. they just style the celebs and models so well.

  4. Is she the girl that was in Shiny Inheritance?? She is so freaking pretty! Her hair and makeup in the first pic is perfect.


  5. Could anyone tell me in the the second image, are the shoes miu miu? and what their called?



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