Eye Candy : Editorial Roundup

Ji Chang Wook, Ji Chang Wook Ten Star, Ji Chang Wook 2017

I usually save interesting editorial images as they catch my eye and I just realized that it's been awhile since I've shared any so here we go...  Kicking it off with rolala loves favorite Ji Chang Wook who is giving off tropical vibes in Ten Star. It looks like Chang Wook will be squeezing in one more drama before enlisting for his military service. And I'm excited because it's a romcom for a change from all the action he usually does and his leading lady Nam Ji hyun is a real actress as opposed to a pop idol. Suspicious Partner will begin airing in May. Most of the editorial images I've been drawn to lately are portraits. As a former portrait photographer, I think the best ones tend to capture a little bit of the subject's personality as well as a particular moment.

Yoo In Young for InStyle
Yoo In Young, Yoo In Young InStyle, Yoo In Young 2017
Kang Dong Won for Cine21
Kang Dong Won, Kang Dong Won Cine21, Kang Dong Won 2017
Lee El for Star 1
Lee El, Lee El Star 1, Lee El 2017
Jo In Sung for Cine21
Jo In Sung, Jo In Sung Cine21, Jo In Sung 2017
Kim Hee Sun for Marie Claire
Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hee Sun Marie Claire, Kim Hee Sun 2017
Hyun Bin for 1st Look
Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin 1st Look, Hyun Bin  2017
Moon Chae Won for Marie Claire
Moon Chae Won, Moon Chae Won Marie Claire, Moon Chae Won 2017
Byun Yo Han for Vogue
Byun Yo Han, Byun Yo Han Vogue, Byun Yo Han 2016
Song Ji Hyo for Allure
Song Ji Hyo, Song Ji Hyo Allure, Song Ji Hyo 2017
Daniel Henney for W
Daniel Henney, Daniel Henney W, Daniel Henney 2017
Chun Woo Hee for Elle
Chun Woo Hee, Chun Woo Hee Elle, Chun Woo Hee 2017
Lee Won Geun for Ceci
Lee Won Geun, Lee Won Geun Ceci, Lee Won Geun 2017
Shin Min Ah for Harper's Bazaar
Shin Min Ah, Shin Min Ah Harper's Bazaar, Shin Min Ah 2017
Ji Soo for Elle
Ji Soo,Ji Soo Elle, Ji Soo 2017
Han Hyo Joo for Vogue
Han Hyo Joo  Vogue March 2017, Han Hyo Joo  Vogue, Han Hyo Joo 2017
Lee Dong Wook for Arena Homme+
Lee Dong Wook, Lee Dong Wook Arena Homme Plus, Lee Dong Wook Arena, Lee Dong Wook 2017

Photos via respective publications


  1. Morning Rowena! You collected many inspiring and beautiful photos, the second one with Yoo In Young is definitely my favorite, Im in love with the hairstyle, the makeup and that ruffled blouse, flawless!:) Happy weekend dear! xo

  2. These are fantastic!! I prefer these to mainstream *cough white* editorials. The last one is my favourite, he looks so cool! Happy Friday x

  3. Amazing pics, great selection!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. Beautiful editorial enjoy your weekend.

  5. Looks amazing!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. Oh man! So much to drool on...teehee. My love for Jo In Sung has not waned so that's my fave for sure, but seriously loving all of them. I think Moon Chae Won is just so beautiful, and Hyun Bin still looks mighty fine after all these years:D And thanks for the heads up about the new JCW show! Yay!
    Have a great weekend, chingu!

  7. Love the editorial as always! Beautifully taken photos! Have a Great weekend!

  8. Ji Soo's top is gorgeous! Ahh and Daniel Hennessy - haven't seen him in a while and he still looks fab!

    1. Ahh I don't know why I wrote Hennessy! But you get my drift ;)

  9. I really like these selections, the Kang Dong Won editorial is one of my favourites I think also because I love the overcoat he is wearing. Thanks for sharing, Rowena! You certainly have a eye for photography. :) Happy weekend!

  10. I totally recognize Daniel Henney. His photo is great!


  11. Beautiful images! Your selections are always so inspiring. In the case of this post, the first and last images have both really caught my eye thanks to the contrast of fashion with nature (those leaves!!).


  12. Ji Chang Wook is a cutie. :) So is Hyun Bin :) OMG Daniel Henney :) LOL I feel like a teenager reading this post. Thank you so much for this much needed eye candy session :)

  13. Ciao Rowena
    You always inspire me with these posts

  14. These are stunning editorials as always, Rowena but what caught my eyes is the makeup. How the eye liner seems to fall downward following the eye lashes line. I need to give that a try and see how I like it.

  15. Perfect eye candy to start the weekend off right :)

  16. Beautiful selection of editorials with an accent on portrait photography. I do agree that the best portrait photographs are those that capture the personality of the person that is being photographed...they don't capture the moment, they capture something of the essence of that person...and that takes talent. I imagine it is also important to make the model or whoever it is that is being photographed feel at ease. Today I see a lot of celebrity photographs that all look the same...especially when they get a bit wild the photoshop and editing. It is so refreshing to look at a photo and feel like you're actually seeing that person, not just some pose.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Another wonderful roundup of inspiring editorials. And I like that you focus on portraits. Yes capturing a person's personality is key but not as easy as it looks.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  18. Beautiful and chic selection Rowena.
    Have a nice week
    Maggie Dallospedale

  19. Fantastic! Have an amazing new week.


  20. My favorite is Daniel Hennessy(LOL at LLL's comment ;p), too! But Lee Dong Wook looks so intriguing here - doesn't he remind you of Tom Hiddleston for some reason..?! ;o

  21. Lovely selection! Happy sunday!:)


  22. JCW looks amazing as always!


  23. Why they always have that lovely, porcelain skin! I like!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  24. Loving these selections. Also thanks for the FYI on the drama. I'll keep my eye out for it. Just finished up Tomorrow With You. Took me a while to get into it but glad I stuck with it till the end



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