Best Practices For A Clean And Organized Home

Cleaning and Organization Tips, Eliminating Clutter In The Home

I'm not particularly fond of cleaning and I'm definitely not fond of clutter so keeping our home as clean and organized as possible is a matter of regular practice. This is most effective with have routines in place to streamline processes as well as being consistent with them. Since we're in the season of spring cleaning, here my best practices for maintaining a clean and organized home. It really makes me happy and feel like I have it together when our home is tidy and everything is in order.

A simple household is one that is easiest to manage.

Best Practices For Clean And Organized Home, Cleaning and Organization Tips, Eliminating Clutter In The Home

Edit frequently and ruthlessly. There is no other way to do it. If it doesn't serve a function or doesn't spark joy, it needs to go. This actually goes hand in hand with my mantra of quality over quantity and really can/should apply to all aspects of life.

Any task is more manageable when done a little at a time rather than all at once.

Best Practices For Clean And Organized Home

Have a home for everything and get into a habit of putting things back after you use them.

Don't let anything that needs to be cleaned pile up until it becomes an arduous task. We wash our dishes after every meal and I clean as I cook. And all the pots and dishes go back into the cupboard every night after they're dry. We do have a dishwasher but it's more efficient to hand wash since we don't use that many dishes most nights.

Best Practices For Clean And Organized Home

Tables and countertops should not be not a catchall for stuff and clutter. (see find a home)

When something comes in, something needs to go out. This goes a long way to prevent hoarding and/or buying unnecessary things.

Drawer organization, Best Practices For Clean And Organized Home

Setting up systems is the foundation of organization. You really only have to do it once and then it just becomes a matter of maintainance. Categorizing and containing is usually the best way to get started.


Proper tools will make the process of cleaning and organizing more efficient and perhaps even enjoyable. Mopping is the chore I dread the most and since upgrading to this electric floor cleaner, I don't really mind it at all that much anymore. And attractive bins and organizers can be really good motivators for putting your stuff away.

Making the bed, Why you should make the bed, Best Practices For Clean And Organized Home


The bed should always get made. Treat this like your first accomplishment of every day,  as a way of starting it off right. My husband and I always do this together after we get up. Not convinced. Here are seven good reasons to make your bed.

Go ahead and change up your decor and how things are organized every once in awhile especially if you find clutter is building up. You might just find a better way.

More spring cleaning tips and how to clean your closet...

How do you keep your home organized and free of clutter?

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  1. Morning Rowena! I should definitely follow your tips and do the same but Im a little lazy and pretty bad when it comes to clean lol! I do my best though as I love to keep the things in order, tidy and clean. Your home must be adorable as the people who live there:) Have a good week! xo

  2. I only keep the part of the house clean and free of clutter that I live in, the shared space is completely cluttered. As it is not cluttered with my stuff, I have given up finding a home for all the things and decided to let go and retreat to my space when it gets overwhelming. Of course i clean it, but I can't declutter it and I am not going to change my 75 years old fathers habits of leaving his paper work everywhere.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. These are great tips to keep and maintain a tidy home! Have a great week Rowena!

  4. I need to follow your precious tips Rowena!
    Kisses, Paola.
    My Instagram

  5. this sounds like a bland, general comment, and I don't mean it that way at all, but these are REALLY good tips! Lots of fab advice. This is perfect for that spring cleaning/organizing vibe that has really bitten me lately.

  6. 'Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly' - that's definitely a quote I'm going to write down and never forget. Thanks for the inspiration, Rowena!

  7. I do agree with everything your wrote Rowena. When it came to designing the interior of my new home, I tried to go for simplicity. A minimalist home is easier to maintain.

    When it comes to washing dishes, I try to clean as I cook as well. I used to postpone cleaning the dishes and it would always end up being postponed by the end of the day, when the sink would sometimes be so full I didn't know where to start. This looks messy and it just isn't practical. Now I make it a rule to get rid of all the dishes after lunch, by either pre washing them and placing them in the washing machine or by washing them by hand. Besides, this is good exercise after a substantial meal. :) I sometimes feel sleepy after eating, so think is a good way to make myself avoid that.

    I do love what you said about editing our life....This is something we need to do on a regular basis. Perhaps it is the only way to truly get rid of clutter. We must take a look at our place and decide what works, what not...We need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to our potentially bad habits...Sometimes everything it takes for our home to be as enjoyable as possible is to look at it with fresh eyes. If we think about it, I'm sure that most of us can figure out in which ways we can be most productive while living it it. A little bit of honesty goes a long way.

    I must admit that I don't always make my bed in the morning. Perhaps it s something I should change!

  8. I love your picks for the day, dear! xoxo

  9. Amen to all of these tips, Rowena! After being introduced to KonMari last year, I found tidying/organization to really make a big impact, not just in terms of the physical space but also mentally. I think the big thing for me was discovering the "everything having a home" idea. That really made everything come together for me....everything being put back in their own space and thus avoiding clutter. I try to impart this idea to the kids as well:)

    Wishing you a great start to the week, chingu:)

  10. Absolutely wonderful!


  11. A perfect Monday post, Rowena! I think now it's safe to flip the closet - we're not getting any more snow, are we..? The only spring cleaning I've accomplished so far is for my email accounts. LOL. But I will get to it this week!! *fist pump* ;D

  12. Rowena, I'm so glad you did this post! Having a place for everything is so key to keeping things uncluttered! It really keeps things organized. I do periodic throw outs throughout the year. I don't like a lot of stuff! A made up bed feels much better than a disarrayed one. LOL

  13. Fantastic post! Happy new week!:)


  14. These are great! Thanks for sharing

  15. Since I have severe allergies I keep a clutter-free/clean home, and typically use eco cleaner when I can. One thing that I believe in is never having a sink full of dishes! No matter how much entertaining we do, the dishes is always cleared. We have a shelving system that I use for the home office which helps! Great tips, Rowena. Have a great start to the week! x/Madison

  16. Great tips and advice, Rowena, I can't stand clutter, therefor I put everything back to where it belongs.
    Released from Hospital

  17. I love it when my space is organised. I get very OCD about it!


  18. We are in the midst of donating stuff because we're preparing to move in 3 months time. Yes, we'll be moving into a bigger space but I want less clutter and more organizations. Little tyke will finally have his playroom and no more toys in the living room (thankfully!) and I am downsizing more on my beauty stuff too. You know it's too much when I am getting overwhelmed by them all. And yes, definitely quality over quantity!

  19. This post is prefect for this weeks Challenge Mondays. I really need to edit more. I have so many pants, shirts, and shoes I don’t wear, they are just taking up space in my closet and I really need to get rid of them. Thanks for the tips Rowena :)

  20. omg I hate clutter, and yep it is all about editing and purging. And do NOT get me started on dishes in the sick. I HATE dishes in the sink and just never understood the whole procrastinator thing. Short of having a maid you will have to do them.

    Procrastination is not one of my vices or faults that much I can say.

    Allie of

  21. This is really great! I love when everything is organized. Clutter is the worst!


  22. I really appreciate your post about organizing home
    Thank you

  23. I don't have a big problem when it comes to staying clean and organised. What I do have issues with it piling everything up. On the dining table. Hahahaha. That's my little spot to dump anything to look into later. Be it magazines, my wallet, glasses or letters. Even chocolate wrappers sometimes! So bad.


  24. I also love to organize things at home and I'm meticulous with the setup. It's really more inspiring to work indeed with this environment. But sometimes, for me personally, I can work with my mess hahahah!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  25. Awesome tips! I'm so in the mood to spring clean :)

  26. Such great tips Rowena! I have to admit I hate making my bed, but I noticed a difference on days I make it and days I don't. I feel more refreshed when the bed is made, so I have been making my bed since. Lol!

    xo Jo

  27. Wonderful tips for keeping the home clean and organized. I hate hate clutter with a passion. Love this post!

    Ann-Marie |

  28. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  29. great tips here, good reminder of the one in, one out motto. Been forgetting that one lately : )

    Lacee |

  30. Great tips - right to the point. I try to prevent piling up (don' look at my desk) and when something comes in something goes out. It can be a challenge with 5 people in the house. But this inspired me. Glad I visited from The SITS Girls Saturday Sharefest!

  31. I feel so much happier when I'm not surrounded with extra things. I've been working slowly on paring down what I own {I do it in spurts when I have a chunk of time} and I don't buy much.

    I love the storage under the sink. It would be so nice to have things hidden away like that but well displayed just by pulling out a drawer. :)

  32. I love it when everything's so organized! xoxo

  33. Dear Rowena, your tips are most welcome as having a tidy and clean home has a good effect on our mood too. At least this is how it works for me. Thank you for suggesting an electric floor cleaner, I've been looking for one for some time now! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  34. I love the work you do on your blog, I hope to see you on my blog very soon!!

  35. It's simplicity at its best, dear! xoxo

  36. Me encanta!!!

  37. I love to organize space around the house. These are great tips Rowena!!
    IG @grace_njio

  38. Truly love this post including all of your fabulous tips - and stunning imagery you've chosen as well! Doing a little each day is brilliant advice, and making your bed really is the perfect way to start any day :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  39. Great tips. I absolutely agree, especially with the first one.

  40. This was very inspiring, I'm currently having a ruthless clear out of my house to make it more minimalist, to be fair my home is tiny and if I don't keep on top of it it can become overwhelming!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  41. Que buenas ideas!
    Me encanta la decoración

    Visita mi nuevo blog

  42. Nice tips, I fall all of this as I m just not a fan of clutter. I m kind of very organsined and very fond of keeping the house clean


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