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When it comes to trying new products, I have to say I'm definitely more adventurous when it comes to skincare than makeup. I may also be a little more invested in skincare just because having good skin means being able to wear less makeup. It's not that I'm uninterested in makeup but I actually find skincare more fun and discovering the latest and greatest products is part of that fun. BB Cosmetic recently sent me two new K-beauty skincare products to try out.  Note: I always patch test any skincare products I haven't used before first on the back of my neck for a few days before trying it out on my face.

Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence Review, Orgavalley OV In Nature, BB Cosmetic, Korean Skincare, Korean Beauty,

Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence

(2.7oz / 80ml // $38)

Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence is a three in one product that combines toner, emulsion and essence. Formulated with concentrated retinol and plant collagen, it works to provide long lasting moisture along with skin renewal properties to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. It is suitable for all skin types.

Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence Review, Orgavalley OV In Nature

Orgavalley is a Korean beauty brand that combines eco-friendly natural ingredients with traditional fermentation processes and modern nano-technology, an intersection that creates high quality and high function cosmetic products. Nano particles optimize the absorption of skin regenerating nutrients because they are smaller our pores. The Orgavalley product range is free of synthetic fragrances and colorants, surfactants, preservatives and parabens. Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence has a simple ingredient list consisting of rosemary leaf water, peppermint leaf water, glycerin, gelatin, acacia collagen, alcohol, papain, lavender oil and lemongrass oil.

Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence Review, Orgavalley OV In Nature

Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence is packaged in a substantial white plastic bottle with a blond wood cap. This kind of clean and modern design is quite aesthetically pleasing to me. The product is dispensed via a pump. The product itself actually has a watery yet viscous consistency that one might expected it a toner, emulsion and essence were to be combined. It is creamy white in color with an herbal meets essential oils fragrance which I found rather soothing. It makes sense since rosemary and lavender oils are present. This product is meant to be used immediately after cleansing. I've been using it with the 7 Skin Method and it's quick and deep absorption actually makes it ideal for this usage. I have mentioned that I tend to prefer clean and natural beauty products for the process and this product fits the bill that regard. It has a slight cooling and soothing feel as it sinks and effectively hydrates and smooths my skin without any heaviness or stickiness. I like this essence enough that it has already gone into my essence rotation.

BellaMonster APA Cream Review, BB Cosmetic, Korean Skincare, Korean Beauty,

(1.35oz / 40ml // $17.99 currently on sale for $14.82)

BellaMonster APA Cream is billed as a "NEW paradigm for exfoliation”  This product combines micro needling therapy with nano technology to penetrate into the skin, encouraging skin cell turnover to remove dead skin cells which causes a stinging sensation upon application. This type of therapy works to restore the 28-day rhythm of weakened skin through smooth stimulation, leaving skin soft and smooth. 28 days is the average rate of skin cell turnover. This process is supposed to be similar to seaweed peels or salon service chemical peels. This cream can be applied in the morning or evening.

The micro needles in the formulation are extracted from a species of freshwater sponge called spongilla lacustris. Other notable and better known ingredients include centella asiatica, papaya extract, squalane, portuluca extract, chamomile flower, skullcap extract, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. This cream also contains a Jeju marine complex made up of several different kinds of seaweed that hydrates and protects the skin.

BellaMonster APA Cream Review, BB Cosmetic, Korean Skincare, Korean Beauty,

BellaMonster APA Cream is conveniently packaged in a plastic tube that would be otherwise clinical looking if it weren't for the cute Bella Monster graphic with fangs. The cream itself is white in appearance with a creamy consistency and a grainy texture presumably from the "micro needles" It also has an awful scent that reminded me of institutional bathroom cleaner which is not appealing to say the least but mercifully this does fade away post application. The recommended usage for this product is following cleansing and toning and it should be tapped in for better absorption. The micro needle sensation is palpable upon application and it really does feel like tiny needles pricking your skin. The feeling does pretty much subside completely say about after an hour but you can still feel it if you touch your skin. It's like a tingling sensation.

Now this cream can be used in the daytime even under makeup but I personally wouldn't because of the "micro needle" effect that you feel as you touch your skin and apply products over it. If you've tried a micro needling treatment before which I have, this feels the same. I would describe the sensation as uncomfortable as opposed to painful. This cream lightly hydrates and it does smooth skin when used overnight. Redness may occur with usage of this product but that wasn't an issue for me and my skin tends to be sensitive. Though innovative, this product was neither here nor there for me. I thought it was fun to try but I don't think I would need it since I'm happy with my current exfoliating treatments. I also had my husband try it and it worked pretty well to smooth his pores. The micro needling sensation did freak him out at first but he didn't feel it much since his skin is kind of thick. He jokingly refers to it as the "stabby" cream now.  This treatment could potentially work well if your skin is sensitive to traditional type exfoliation products. I would say it's almost like a hybrid physical/chemical exfoliating treatment.

Both of these products are currently sold at BB Cosmetic.  Yes they do offer offer free international shipping! Use code JQR5ZSP42 to get 8% off your purchase (not an affiliate link).  Orgavalley OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence and BellaMonster APA Cream are also available through BB Cosmetic's Amazon storefront. I have to mention that aside from working with them, I have personally ordered from BB Cosmetic several times. They have an excellent selection of products. Their customer service is superb in terms of communication and they are very generous with free samples.

What do you think of these products? Would you try either one?

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Unknown said...

These products sound interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! I think both are great and I'm very curious to test them as well, especially the essence, the packaging is very cool too! Have a good week dear! xo

Emmylou said...

Thanks for the heads up about these brands, chingu. First time I've heard of them. I love the sound of the Orgavalley Essence, and I love the packaging too! And you know, I've never tried a micro needling treatment before. Thanks for the warning about the sensation! I've been neglecting exfoliation lately, and am so curious about this now.

R's Rue said...

Thank you.

Doctor Anne said...

I would of course try the micro needling cream, simply out of curiosity. But I am not 100% convinced on the effect. Aren't the needles supposed to go directed into the skin to cause defined traumata and increase healing and collagen production? Or does the application like this have the same effect?

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Kelsey&Kenecha said...

These sound pretty cool. I never heard of these before!


Shireen L. Platt said...

Thank you for the honest review, Rowena. I was hoping the APA cream would give amazing results but judging from your reviews, I think the one that suits me best is the Orgavalley Essence and I also love that it's an all in one product.

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

Oh to Be a Muse said...

These new skin care products sound interesting. And I really love the magnifying glass element you used in these photos. Really adds some fun texture to this post.

Paola Lauretano said...

Both sound interesting!
Kisses, Paola.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rowena, I am laughing at your hubby's cute name for it! LOL The stabby cream! HaHaHa It sounds really good, but like you I think I will stick with my regular exfoliation products. HaHaHa That Orgavalley Essence sounds wonderful and does so many things. I love it's multi-use purposes. Will definitely take a look at it.

Jenny said...

Lol at stabby cream! Korean beauty companies are always coming out with new products and formulas so I feel like everyday I'm hearing about something new and interesting! I was really intrigued by the Apa cream but it sounds like I can get similar results with my current exfoliants. Thank you for the detailed reviews!

Jenny // Geeky Posh

Kasztanowy Domek said...

Interesting products!
Happy new week!:)


Beauty Unearthly said...

Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

ALLIE NYC said...

Wow no I have not tried micro-needling before. Sounds tempting, micro needling in a tube, bring it on!


Unknown said...

I would love to try this toner!

Blackswan said...

Everything look useful especially the roller, dear! xoxo

Corinne said...

The packaging of Orgavalley reminds me of Naobay! Same white with wooden lid.

Corinne x

Mica said...

Oh that APA cream sounds interesting - I don't think I'd like the 'stabby cream' haha but it would be fun to try it and experience it at least once. It's good you got to give it a go even if you aren't going to repurchase it.

Hope you are having a lovely start to the week :)

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Margaret Dallospedale said...

They seem very interesting! Thank you for sharing sweetheart!
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Anonymous said...

I like the design of Orgavalley essence. It reminds me a bit of Rituals products.