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The Five Senses Of Fall

November 20, 2017
New York City, Autumn, The Five Senses Of Fall, Autumn, Fall Is my favorite season

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
Stanley Horowitz

Out of all the seasons, Fall is undoubtedly the most visceral because of the way it has of invoking all of our senses. The air becomes crisp and cool as we finally get away from the sweltering heat of Summer and reacquaint ourselves with all things cozy like sweaters, snuggling under blankets while enjoying scented candles and hot drinks. It's a season I always find myself wishing would hang around longer and that's not just because I know that winter is looming. Whenever anyone asks me when they should visit New York City, I always suggest the fall because it's such a great time to savor the city along with the season. Here's to embracing the five senses of fall...

Autumn, The Five Senses Of Fall, Autumn, Fall Is my favorite season


Walking outside to the sight of foliage transforming into a vibrant myriad of beautiful hues both on trees and on the ground really makes one appreciate the beauty of nature. Pumpkins line the outside of shops and autumn themed decor starts popping up everywhere. As the weather shifts, bare legs and sandals are replaced with tights and boots with the addition of outerwear and eventually cold weather accessories. 

Autumn in New York, Autumn, The Five Senses Of Fall, Autumn, Fall Is my favorite season


A certain sense of exhilaration and nostalgia comes from feeling the crackle of crisp leaves under my footsteps when I walk to hearing the sound of trees rustling in the wind and acorns popping onto the ground as they fall from the trees. I also enjoy the way rain drums on the pavement as the rainfall always seems especially gentle during the fall.  

Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Collection


The air takes on the earthy scent of a changing season during fall as the transforming leaves mingle with the chilled air.  When it rains, it just adds another dimension. And then there are all the fragrances we happily associate with the season like apples, vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg among others. I'm indulging this sense through products from the Body Shop's Vanilla Pumpkin Collection*. Inspired by fresh baked Halloween treats, this special edition brings together Madagascan vanilla, pumpkin, tonka bean, hazelnut, and maple syrup. The luscious Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter is my favorite and I don't usually like scented body products. These are like having your favorite fall treats without the calories or sugar!


I feel as if the cool chill of the autumn air is like nature's wake up call as it hits my face whenever I step outside in the fall. It is a welcome relief after months of relentless summer heat. It's the time to relish the warmth of the sun for as long as possible before seeking warmth indoors. I relish the soft feel of cashmere sweaters against my skin as well as the warmth of my fuzzy lined boots. Fall is all about getting cozy whether it means dressing in layers or snuggling with a comfy blanket.

Vegetable ratatouille


Fall is the season of baking, a transition towards heartier fare, hot food, hot drinks, and all things pumpkin spice. It's also the season of comfort food and Thanksgiving with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and yams. The fall harvest is a real treat since it encapsulates the best of what was grown during the summer.  I always look forward to the array of robust brassicas and hearty root vegetables not to mention all the delicious varieties of apples. Stews are a making regular appearance on our dinner table again and this will be the year I learn how to make a proper ratatouille.

New York City, Autumn, The Five Senses Of Fall, Autumn, Fall Is my favorite season

What do you enjoy the most about fall?

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27 comments on "The Five Senses Of Fall"
  1. Such a beautiful post Rowena... I love fall!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. Morning Rowena! Oh well, now I wish I was in NYC to enjoy fall at the best! I like how you represented it and it truly gives the idea. Fall is one of my favorite season, together with spring. Is like the opposite side of the same medal :) Happy Monday dear! xo

  3. The crisp air in the mornings and the warmth of the sun as it rises. And of course the colors of the leaves.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  4. I love the cruch sounds of leafs and baking awesome post.

  5. I do have to admit that for me, fall has a certain sense of melancholy because it signifies the end of summer. I find over the years, as I've gotten older, I've been really loving the hot weather more so when fall comes, I always feel a a bit sad. One thing I really do love about fall is that it always reminds me of new beginnings, you know? I remember always being excited in September when school starts, which meant new school was downhill after that:P

  6. I love Fall! I'm not a fan of pumpkin tasting foods, but this time of year is beautiful!

  7. Fall has always been my favorite season. But sadly it barely exists anymore. We go from 70s to 30s. That Zadig & Voltaire jacket I got in Paris I wore once since I have been back and the day I wore it was too warm for it really and now it is too cold.

    But still favorite season and those Body Shop creams look so good I may have to pop in there.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  8. I wholeheartedly agree.. it is my favorite season

  9. I definitely love the smell and taste of fall the most. The best food comes in the fall!

  10. This is perfect - plus, fall is my favourite season. I love the smell and the look of this season...Have a great week, lovely.

  11. I love fall season. I really love the smell and taste of this season. Sitting in the sun and drinking a cup of tea and coffee is my favorite hobby. Very nice post my dear<3

  12. All of these things Rowena! I take them all in and surround myself with them! For me it's mainly Fall scents (food, fragrance, home scents)

  13. This post is so beautiful! I love how you explained the five senses of fall, and the photos are amazing!

  14. What a beautiful post! The opening quote sums up the four seasons :)

  15. Autumn is my least favourite season! I get the new body shop range smells so good!

    Corinne x

  16. For me autumn season means heartier meals of comfort and I just love the leaves changing colours. Although, wintry breezes are pretty much arriving soon so the cashmere will come out! :) Have a great week, Rowena.

  17. Autumn on my side is rain, rain and then more rain. Not so much baking and cooking going on my side. The whole house is down with the flu and I have been making clear soup for more than a week now.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  18. Oh I love it all the photos darling

  19. Hi Rowena, lovely photos, I love fall, I find it to be so relaxing walking in the park and looking at those beautiful colorful leaves.
    Have a wonderful day, hugs!

  20. The products sounds really great!!The pics looks amazing!!
    Mónica Sors

  21. Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year.. and I could never quite put my finger on why! Great post.. loving this season! <3 -

  22. Though I don't like the cold, I do love the fall season. The air is so crisp and fresh. Lovely post! x

    Ann-Marie |

  23. I always have my family telling me to visit during the fall because that is when New England truly shines. I can only imagine how rich in yellows and red that whole area becomes. Seeing it through someones lens is one thing, being there and feeling all the lovely sensations that comes with this change in season is another!



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