Eye Candy : Editorial Roundup

Hyun Bin

I usually just save celebrity editorial images as they catch my eye and when I took a look at my folder earlier this week I realized that it has been awhile since I've shared the eye candy. So here we go... Starting off with Hyun Bin looking picture perfect in Arena Hommes+. I love the lighting in this shot and juxtaposition of the shadow over his face. The handsome actor recently signed on for the fantasy melodrama Memories of the Alhambra opposite Park Shin Hye.  Speaking of Park Shin Hye, her appearance in Lee Seung Gi's MV for Love Time was adorable and I would love to see the two of work together on a drama or movie.  Seung Gi recently wrapped Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) which I watched but didn't love. It had potential but both the story and the characterizations lacked development. Still seeing Seung Gi made me happy. His "monkey" hairstyle even grew on me though I'm liking his hair even better in The Big Issue. 

Lee Seung Gi

I wasn't really familiar with Lee Se Young's work before Hwayugi and she was the scene stealer of the show, realistically tackling the roles of a naive zombie and a evil sorceress. Her performance really eclipsed that of Oh Yeon Seo IMO.

Lee Se Young

We recently watched Strong Girl Do Bong Soon and Park Hyung Sik was one of the reasons we enjoyed it so much. I'm looking forward to the Korean remake of Suits in which Hyung Sik will be starring alongside Jang Dong Gun and seeing what type of spin they put on it. I stopped watching the American version a few seasons ago when the plotlines got really preposterous. That was even before a secretary became a COO overnight (massive eyeroll)

Park Hyung Sik

And here is Jang Dong Gun in the latest issue of High Cut. Based on the two leads alone, I would think that the Korean version of Suits will be better acted. Jang Don Gun's work speaks for itself and Hyung Sik is one of those idols turned actors who can actually act.

Jang Dong Gun

Park Shin Hye kicking it in New York City for Harper's Bazaar. That outfit is fabulous especially the sparkly skirt. I just wish we could see her shoes.

Park Shin Hye

While Daniel Henney won’t be winning any awards for his acting, I'm glad he's on an American TV show because he definitively shatters the stereotype of Asian men as unattractive nerds. Is it me or does he always smolder?

Daniel Henney

We should all look as good at 58 as Lee Mi Sook. She was stellar in Untold Scandal, a retelling of Dangerous Liaisons set in the Joseon Dynasty.

Lee Mi Sook

Gong Seung Yeon's makeup and outfit both look so pretty in this Nylon shot. I've been thinking og growing out my hair and would love to do something like this textured lob. Not the color, just the cut.

Gong Seung Yeon

I'm not really all that familiar with Nam Joo Hyuk. He's certainly good looking and there is something so smexy about this photo where he's looking a little like my OG crush, Takeshi Kaneshiro.  Anyone that handsome and speaks five languages is swoon worthy.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Han Ji Min is pure makeup and skin goals in this photo for Allure. This type of understated look is just so effortlessly pretty. Forget about glass skin, I want cloudless skin. 

Han Ji Min

Jung Woo Sung is gorgeous no matter what but even more so when he isn't trying to rock the man bangs which should probably be retired after the age of 40. This is such a great portrait!

Jung Woo Sung

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jc said...

Daniel Henney reminds me of So Ji Sub, both smoulderingly gorgeous.

Beauty Unearthly said...

What a great idea. Looks so good.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love Park Hyung Sik, he was brilliant in Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, that was a funny show, really enjoyed it. The girl in it was outstanding as well. Nam Joo Hyuk is fantastic as well, I watched him in Bride of The Water God and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is super cute. The girl in it is his actual real life girlfriend and you can really see why. Her name is Lee Sung Kyung and she's stunning. I'll have to check out the Korean version of Suits when it comes out, sounds fab xx

Jackie Harrison said...

Stunning editorial you find the best looking guys, Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos of beautiful people! Love the effortlessly glamourous looks.

Emmylou said...

Ehrmahgerd! Thanks for this nice Friday morning post, chingu:D Daaaaaang! Hyun Bin is just gets better and better with age...like fine wine:P And also that last shot with Jung Woo Sung (who I've never heard of before...wut?!?!)...swoon.
PS I still have yet to watch Hwayugi...waaaaah! I really wanna see it coz of Seung Won.

MITCH said...

Takeshi Kaneshiro always looks charming!

Oh Dear Bumblebees

R's Rue said...


Shireen L. Platt said...

I think anyone who speaks more than 3 languages is sexy as hell! LOL! Great roundup here, Rowena and I am watching Daniel Henney in Criminal Minds. He's not the best actor but good Lord, he's sexy.

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

Sakuranko said...

Oh my eyes are very happy right now darling
Great Eye candy post"

Kasztanowy Domek said...

Lovely post and great photos!
Happy weekend!


Ivana Split said...

I think that a structured lob could be a nice change for you. It shouldn't take much time to grow it out and if end up not liking it, you can always cut it back to the length you feel more comfortable with.

This is a fantastic round up of very gorgeous celebs! I do like all of these editorials. I love editorials that are more natural looking, more about the person who stars in them, I think I'm more into portrait photography than crazy effects. :)

ALLIE NYC said...

Ah yes love coming here for the eye candy. A naive zombie that sounds like quite the role hahaa. And I had no idea that Suits was based on a K-Drama. But you are right the American show is awful. I tried to watch it and could not sit through one episode.


Unknown said...

Amazing post!
Have a nice week-end!
Gil Zetbase

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

What good pictures, these guys are very handsome, although I'm not currently stuck with some Korean drama, it has been interesting to meet the young talents.

Lena L said...

Oh, Daniel Henney is so gorgeous. No doubt! I love his smiles especially when he's with his lovely dog.

BTW, thanks to your most recent Instagram post, now I know where we're gonna dine this weekend! ;p Have a great weekend, Rowena.


These are lovely collections of images that you’ve found. A Korean version of Suits sounds quite interesting—I used to watch Suits online for several seasons when it first came out. I think most people only watch now due to a certain actor being in an upcoming wedding. But I agree, the plot lines had been off-putting for a bit in my opinion. The Arena image with Hyun is probably my favourite, massive shadow drama and blends of perfect lighting. Enjoy the weekend!

Doctor Anne said...

58? No way she is 58! I want everything she does.

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

Unknown said...

Hello Eye Candy! Love Love Love all the pictures, especially Daniel Henney :) Man is he handsome

Bambi said...

A korean odyssey was such a great show but the ending was bit disappointing. I can't wait for the remake of Suits. Park Shin Hye is amazing, I always enjoy watching her dramas!

Gabrielle said...

So many stunning editorial features! The second to last photo in this post is breathtakingly beautiful - wow!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

Letne Dni Look Younger said...

They all look amazing, beautiful collection of images.
Dusana ;-)


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lee Mi Sook does not look 58!!! That is amazing!

Unknown said...

What beautiful models and photos. Thanks for posting!