The Morning Cleanse

Depending on who you ask, washing your face in the morning may or may not be a necessary step. I actually think it can go either way depending on your skin type and what's going on with your skin on a given morning. Personally I wash my face pretty much every morning. I often use a number of treatments and a sleeping mask at night so it's necessary to remove those products, as well as any sebum or dead skin that has built up overnight. I look at it as giving my skin a clean slate for my daytime skincare routine to do it's thing.  While I'm all about removing makeup and debris off my face at the end of the day, in the mornings  it's all about a gentle cleanse. And I have a rotation of a few types of cleansers depending on how my skin is behaving and the products I used the night before. These are all products which I have talked about here before.

OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel Review, Washing Your Face In the Morning

OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel *

First introduced here
I fell in love with the OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel the first time I used it and after four months the love is still there. Formulated with a potent blend of natural vitamins A, C, and E, omega 6 fatty acids and essential skin nutrients, this nourishing gel-to-oil cleanser melts into skin to quickly and gently remove impurities and makeup. Everything about this cleanser makes it a pleasure to use from the pump packaging to the pretty pink color, to how luxurious it makes the whole experience of washing my face. And my skin just feels so clean, soft and balanced and looks brighter on the days that I use it. I have to admit I probably reach for this one the most out of all the cleansers here for the radiance it imparts. It's that good. I like to use it with this Starskin 7 Second Morning Mask when I want a real boost.

$48  (3.4 fl.oz/100mL) at Barneys NYCult Beauty, Net-A-Porter and OSKIA London

beauty Cleanser, Washing Your Face in The Morning

LAGOM Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser

Actually marketed as a morning cleanser, Lagom Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser is a 2 in 1 oil/water cleanser that starts off as a gel that transforms to a watery consistency as it is massaged onto the skin. It rinses off clean leaving my skin feeling soft, supple and refreshed. This product is naturally formulated with lavender oil, orange oil, and sandalwood oil to cleanse and brighten and antioxidant myrrh and rose oils to hydrate, plump and protect the skin.  I usually use this when I have a heavier sleeping pack on from the night before. It's also perfect for washing the conductor gel off my face following my ZIIP treatments. I'm on my second tube if that would tell you how much I like it. It was once available at Target but last I checked it isn't anymore.

$18 (7.44 fl.oz /220mL)  at Peach & Lily.  Get $10 off  your purchase at Peach & Lily.

First reviewed here
I was first introduced to this cleanser in 2015. Since then I've tried a number of other powder type cleansers and always go back to this one. Farmacy Beauty New Day Exfoliating Grains are an all-inclusive skincare treatment. The grains in this gentle cleanser are made with naturally derived rice bran powder and cranberry seeds. In combination with water, the grains transform into a gentle, foaming exfoliating cream to cleanse, exfoliate, and clarify in one step for fresh, clear skin. The exfoliating action isn't abrasiveness at all and I love how soft and smooth it leaves my face. My husband is a big fan of it as well and this is a product we share. It gets bonus points for being travel friendly as well.

$30 (3.5 oz /100 g) at Sephora, Cult Beauty and Farmacy Beauty.

Lancer The Method Polish, Lancer The Method Cleanse

First reviewed here
This pair is a dual action skin resurfacing treatment that is gentle enough that it can be used daily. It's fantastic for promoting skin clarity, smoothness and pore refinement. This is especially effective if I applied an exfoliating or deep cleansing treatment the evening before. The Method Polish uses pure minerals and pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes to remove surface debris and dull, dry surface cells. Enriched with a rice amino acid complex and moisture rich skin soothers, the Method Cleanse is a gentle light foaming cleanser that removes impurities, surface dirt, and sebum. This is a solid regimen that always leaves my complexion feeling refreshed, revitalized and incredibly smooth. This is another one which I share with my husband and it has worked wonders in the clarity and texture of his face and really help tp clear up the congestion in his skin especially in his t-zone.

$75 (4.2 oz/ 125 mL) & $55 (1.7 oz/ 50 mL) at Sephora, Nordstrom, and Dermstore

So that's what I use to wash my face in the morning. As far as how I use them, I'm firmly of the belief that skincare has cumulative effects and works better if used consistently. So I usually stick with one cleanser for a week or at least five days before switching to another one to get the most benefits out of each one. People who rotate a multitude of products and wonder why they don't work need to realize that they're not doing their skin any favors by doing that.

Do you wash you face in the morning? What is you favorite morning cleanser?

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Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! I wash my face every morning, not just for a skincare routine but also 'cause I need to feel totally awake lol! Those cleanser are all so inspiring and I see how good they are for you. I also like to have a rotation of few faves to use depending my skin needs. Have a nice week dear! xo

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Wow, so many nice product Rowena, I think morning cleansing is a very important part of our day skincare routine. I love Oskia skincare products and used some of their products. I love Himalaya Neem Face wash for cleansing my face. It's very gentle on my dry skin. I love The Body Shop and Vichy cleanser as well.
Very nice post dear.
Have a happy Monday

Emmylou said...

I always wash my fave in the AM! My T zone is an oil-slick in the morning when I wake disgusting:( My Neogen cleanser will be running out soon and I can't buy that here in Canada, so your list just came in time, chingu:) Will see if I can one of these here.
Happy Monday!

Ivana Split said...

I think I remember your original Oskia review, their skincare products do seem great.
That Cleansing Gel sounds amazing. I love that many of these products have natural ingredients.

I agree that we shouldn't rotate products all the time, but give them time to work. Our skin needs a bit of time to get used to a product, and every products needs time to show effects. We can't judge effects on using something just a few times. It's like with food supplements or vitamins, you need to wait a little and see if they are a good fit for your body or not.

My morning routine is pretty simple, I wash my face with Nivea sea minerals soap every morning. I like its scent and I feel like it leaves my skin clean. I can understand why someone would want to just wash their face with water in the morning, but for me that never feels enough.

little luxury list said...

Thank you for all the recommendations! I'd give all of them a shot but really like Farmacy for being travel friendly. I'd compare it to the Tatcha rice powder which I'll have to dig up when I visit my parents!

Hena Tayeb said...

I can't imagine not washing my face in the morning.. even if just with water.

Pilar said...

So many awesome products Rowena! I wash my face in the morning and at night. I dont think I could skip washing my face lol! Have a wonderful week!

Jenny said...

The Oskia Renassaince Cleansing Gel was my go to morning cleanser for a while and I enjoyed using it, though not enough to repurchase yet. I'm currently using the Live Botanical Aer Complexion Cleanser, which is super gentle and full of great ingredients. I also want to try the Indie Lee cleansers, I've heard great things about them!

Jenny // Geeky Posh

ALLIE NYC said...

Yes I can see using a lighter cleanser in the AM and I like how you had all price points here. The Langom one sounds really good and affordable.


GlamourZONE said...

They sound like such great products. In most classes I cleanse my face in the evening since I have to take off my makeup completely. In the morning it more of making sure that I am fully up

Shireen L. Platt said...

The more I use Oskia Cleansing Gel, the more I fall in love with it. It's definitely one my favourites!

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

Gabrielle said...

Ooh you've pricked my conscience here Rowena; I spend ages on my evening skincare routine, but truly neglect my morning skincare routine. Oskia is definitely a brand I'd love to try sometime soon! Hope you're having a fabulous week so far Rowena :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide Giveaway: Hotel Chocolat Luxe Selection Box! x

LianaLaurie said...

Amazing post, dear! A big hello from Germany!
Hugs ♥

FashionRadi said...

I can't go without washing my face in the morning. I like the Ives brand face scrubs!

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Have a great day dear <3

Lena L said...

Lagom and Farmacy cleansers sound very interesting to me! I was my face in the morning for the same reasons but I make sure to use something gentle and skip the cleansing toner. I like Dermalogica Microfoliant and HABA powder wash and have repurchased them. :)

Unknown said...

I really like that!

Have a nice evening!
Photographer Gil Zetbase

Beauty Unearthly said...

Interesting products! Great post! xx

Unknown said...

Ok I feel guilty now for not giving much time and effort to my morning routine, I mainly focus on night time routine only! But I do use light, gel based cleansers mostly in morning and foaming ones in night! A gel based cleanser and a sunblock is all I do in morning, I need to pick up on my morning routine! The Oskia gel and the Farmacy exfoliating grains have definitely caught my attention and would love to give them a try!
I am back after a month long hiatus, hope you’ve been well! Missed reading your posts! :)
Ankita Bardhan | Real Girl Talks

Sakuranko said...

Oh Love cleanse my skin in the morning. All the products like always very interesting. Thanks for share with us

Mica said...

I always wash my face morning and night! I've never had a selection of cleansers to choose from though, but I like the ida as it means you start the day off right! :)

Hope that you're having a nice end to your week with a fun weekend ahead of you!

Away From The Blue Blog

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I wish I had this brand in my country, it seams great! A good cleanse is always welcome, I am one of people who are crazy about feeling of absolute freshness

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Tijana said...

nice post dear, so cool :)
love this :)

Kinga K. said...

Sounds nice,thanks for this post ❤

No Basis In Reality said...

I love a good morning routine!