How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall

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Just as we shift over to a different wardrobe when the seasons change, the seasonal shift from summer to fall usually necessitates a transition in our skincare routines as well. Our skin requires more protection from the colder air and wind and now is the time to repair any damage it may have sustained from the sun and heat of summer. While there's nothing you can do to change the weather, taking a seasonal approach to skin care can help your skin adjust to the environmental changes in temperature and humidity and stay in top form.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Change Up Your Cleanser
When the temperature drops, it's important to make hydration a factor in every step of your skincare routine. This all starts with your cleanser. While summer is the time for a stronger cleanser that deeply cleanses and refreshes, you might want to switch it up to a balm or oil type cleanser which tend to be less drying than foaming cleansers. The last you want to do is to strip your skin of its natural oils. Instytutum Transforming Melting Cleanser ($45, 4.1 oz/120 mL) is a transforming, rich balm that melts into a lightweight oil. This cleanser is formulated with the renewing benefits of retinol to refine skin texture, hyaluronic acid to improve moisture and elasticity, vitamin E, provitamin B5 and allantoin to calm, soothe and strengthen the barrier function. It works equally well on its own or as a first step in a double cleanse to remove makeup, impurities and micro-pollution. This is a really lovely cleanser that leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and comfortable without any dryness or tightening.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Exfoliate: The Chemical Way
Increased sun exposure, sweating, SPF application and more sweating in the summer generally leads to a buildup  of dead skin and debris. One way to remove that layer of dullness is through chemical exfoliation. To avoid redness and sensitivity, ease your way into this process with a hydrating and exfoliating product like this Instytutum Resurfacing Glow Toner ($49, 5.1 oz/150 mL). This two in one toner and essence contains 6% glycolic and 2% niacinamide that work to gently exfoliate the skin surface to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, uneven skin tone while helping to brighten, clarify and smooth the complexion. Allantoin, chamomile and pro-vitamin B5 soothe and calm the skin while hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates. I love how this product which has a pH of 3.5 is gentle enough for everyday use. It's wonderful for renewing and prepping the skin for other products.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Exfoliate: The Physical Way
A once weekly physical exfoliation routine can go a long way removing dry and dull skin cells while boosting cell turnover, stimulating natural oil production and encouraging a smoother skin surface overall. As the name would suggest, this Instytutum Triple Action Resurfacing Peel ($79, 3.4 oz/100 mL) is a multi-action facial treatment that instantly transforms skin texture and tone. It works to resurface skin cells with a 10% duo of glycolic and salicylic acids, papaya enzyme and ultrafine bamboo, micro-polishing beads. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E moisturize, soothe and regenerate skin while reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pores and improving the look of discoloration and dark spots. I first tried this product last winter and I'm a big fan of how it works to reveal smooth and glowing skin without any sensitivity or irritation. This is also a step that will improve the efficacy of the skincare products you use afterwards.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Treat And Repair
While it may be nice, summer sun and heat even with sun protection, really does no favors to our skin and issues like hyperpigmentation and free-radical damage often become exacerbated. Reverse the damage with a multi-benefit, targeted treatment like the Instytutum Anti-Wrinkle C-Erum ($79, 1 oz/30 mL). This antioxidant serum packs a punch with 15% vitamin C (THD), an ultra stable, oil soluble form which is significantly more powerful. Collagen stimulating niacinamide works to repair and brighten skin, a multi-molecular HA complex hydrates and and plumps, squalane prevents moisture loss while restoring suppleness and flexibility, bark extract and oleanolic acid regulate sebum production and refine the look of pores and regenerating tripeptide-5 visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles while improving firmness, elasticity and reversing visible signs of photo-aging. Vitamin C has been a real game changer in my skincare routine this year especially when used in combination with my Clear + Brilliant treatments. This serum has been a wonderful addition to my routine.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Nourish And Restore
Your skin has different needs depending on the time of the year.  Cooler temperatures combined with increased winds and indoor heating call for a moisture boosting strategy even for oily skin types. Instytutum C-Illuminating 3D Moisturizer ($55, 1.7 oz/50 mL) replenishes skin with intense hydration and a radiant glow. The anti-aging formula combines antioxidant rich vitamin C with a multi-molecular HA complex to brighten skin, enhance collagen production and increase elasticity while providing long lasting hydration that repairs and restores from the inside. This cream has a luxurious lightweight texture and a slight pearlescent finish that gives my skin a subtle glow. It also wears well under makeup and delivers on moisture as well keeping my skin comfortably hydrated through the day.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Don't Forget About Your Eyes
The delicate eye area shouldn't be neglected any time of the year and special care should be paid to during the harsh colder months as the thinner skin around the eyes which is one of the first to show signs of aging may require a little extra TLC. Add an ultra-hydrating eye product like this Instytutum Truly Transforming Brightening Eye Cream ($69, .5 oz/15 mL) to address multiple issues all at once. The concentrated formula utilizes a combination multi-molecular HA complex raspberry stem cells for multi-depth hydration while reinforcing the skin barrier function and elasticity. Energizing Caffeine detoxifies and reduces puffiness, silk tree bark extract and St. Pauls Worth visibly lift the upper eye-lid. While this eye cream hasn't done much for my dark circles, it has worked wonders on my entire eye area, giving it a smoother and more refreshed and awake appearance overall and for that reason I'm very impressed with it.

Instytutum, Instytutum Skincare, Instytutum Review, How To Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare,

Mask For Results
Masks are great for regular skincare maintenance. While clay based, deep cleansing masks help keep your pores in check during the summer, they might be to drying once the cooler weather settles in. Consider switching it up to ones that will  repair summer damage and boost hydration. Indulging in a sheet mask like the Instytutum Flawless Skin Mask ($69 / 5 masks) can be a really nice way to pamper your skin.  Utilizing an innovative Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery system, this hydrolyzed collagen mask is activated by the skin’s temperature to achieve a better penetration of the highly effective ingredients into the skin. A powerful complex of the peptide argireline, collagen matrix and a botanical complex work to significantly moisturize and refine visible pores, restore elasticity and achieve an immediate tightening effect on the skin. This mask is quite expensive but just one use yields impressive, visible results. It leaves my skin so smooth, plumped and radiant. I like to save it for special occasions. I know there are some nay sayers when it comes to sheet masks but as someone who uses them regularly, they have made an incredible difference on my skin and there are plenty of affordable sheet mask options out there. Just make sure you look for quality ingredients.

Instytutum Skincare, Autumn Skincare, Fall Skincare, Seasonal Skincare, Instytutum, Instytutum Review

I was fortunate enough to get an in person introduction to these Instytutum products at a launch event at the Dominique Bossavy Skin Institute where I was also treated to an LED facial. I've been a fan of the brand ever since I tried a range of their products. I like how they combine quality natural ingredients with scientific innovation. Instytutum focuses on results with long-lasting benefits and they deliver on that claim. By the way brand has a Powerful Retin Oil that uses bakuchiol that is on the way. I have a sample of it and it's really good!

I want to mention an enlightening conversation I had with Harriet, the executive director of the brand about jar packaging. I expressed my concerns about degradation of the ingredients and hygiene and she assured me that if you choose products that are formulated with stable ingredients and a preservative system that shouldn't be an issue. And she also stressed that products should really be used in a timely fashion to prevent that. Harriet also told me that the type of packaging they choose for their products based on their texture and application. For example, they don't package their eye cream in an airless pump because it wouldn't be able to retain the texture. Just wanted to share that. Make of it what you will.

All of these Instytutum products can be purchased through the Instytutum website. They offer free worldwide shipping with a minimum purchase and free returns. Use code WELCOME20 for 20% off your first purchase (not an affiliate link, just sharing).

How have you transitioned your skincare for the season?

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Doctor Anne said...

While I understand why some products need to be packaged in jars due to the consistency, I still don´t understand why they changed the packaging of the Vitamin C Serum from airless pump to dropper bottle.

Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

Blackswan said...

Great tips! These are certainly some skincare products I can't do without! xoxo

Jackie Harrison said...

Thanks for the reminder great products you used for the transition. Have a great week.

Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! Now that you make me think, I have to say not preperly yet, I mean I still have to finish what started last season so I will change the routine gradually. But I am prefering a balm instead of a strong cleanser in the morning and using more often sheet mask. These products all must be so good, wish I tried them now! Kisses dear! xo

Dressed With Soul said...

You are so right! I didn't think about to shift my skincare routine for fall so far - only my wardrobe is topic in this context so far. Therefore, thanks a lot for sharing!
xx Rena

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow, amazing beauty products and great tips, Rowena!
Kisses, Paola.


Emmylou said...

I so hear you about changing our skin care routine as the season gets colder. I never did when I was younger, but now that I'm way older (ahem), I do find that my summer skin care products are not cutting it for the colder months. My cleanser for sure has been feeling way harsher now, and I really do need something like that C-erum coz my skin has been so dull lately:(
Thanks for this great reminder, chingu, and fr the heads up about this brand.

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

It is very important to update our skincare products according to the weather. I have done it already and will share it on my blog soon. So happy to see this post Rowena. I bought Clinique cleansing balm recently. I prefer natural products in this season but use to try other products as well. My skin is dry so I have to be much careful about my skin in winter. These products look promising. I love the packaging and the formula. Would love to read some detail reviews of these products.

Happy Monday


Kate said...

These sound AMAZING! And the packaging is just perfect!
-Kate //

Ivana Split said...

I didn't transitioned my products yet, but it's getting colder so I might one of these days. It's an interesting conversation you had with Harriet. Perhaps she is right. Maybe some creams might do better in jar packaging and some in an airless pump. I'm really not an expert but maybe texture plays into equation.

It was interesting reading these. I see a lot of great products listed here, nice reviews as well. Change Up cleanser sounds fantastic.

Hena Tayeb said...

These are some great tips.. thanks for sharing.

Beauty said...

These are all great Products and I love your pictures.

Have a great week.

ALLIE NYC said...

That glow serum sounds amazing and affordable. I need to get a serum I am checking this out for sure. The eye cream sounds good my issue is PUFFINESS. I need a product that gets rid of fluid but that is a tall order.

Allie of

sonia // daring coco said...

I've never even contemplated it, but it makes sense. You'd want something more intense for the cooler weather and something that feels lighter for warmer weather. I've been so focused on finding products that will reduce fine lines that I hadn't even contemplated what I'll need to change up for the upcoming summer. Food for thought


Pilar said...

I love that some skincare brands place their products in jars. Derma E has a lot of skincare creams etc. in jars which I love. My skincare routine hasn't changed too much yet for two reasons. The weather and allergies. I don't have too many issues with dry skin, but this year has been the worst for me having drier skin than I'm used to experiencing! Now that's it suddenly cold outside I'll probably switch up. Moisturizing is so important!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

For me fall is always the hardest when it goes for skin care. It's so hard to transfer and live with always changing weather. It is always hard for me to find better way. But I am always happy with a peel season open