Time to Give Your Ears Some TLC

Our ears are so important.  They enable us to hear our loved ones tell us how much they care; they let us experience the joy of music; they make it much easier for us to navigate our way through this world. Therefore we should make it priority to take care of them in a manner which they deserve.

Sure most of us will clean our ears regularly and remove any excess wax that builds up, but other than that, our ears are pretty much left to their own devices. The thing is, our ears not only deserve but require a little more care than that. If you want to give your ear health a little more attention, here are some things you should do.

Keep Things Out of There
Do you use a Q-tip to clean your ears? Many of us do, but we really shouldn’t because all it takes is a little slip and the eardrum could be perforated. Not only that, but we could actually be poking the wax deeper in there, compacting it and making bigger problems for ourselves. If you need to get rid of wax, use a product like Auidspray that won’t cause any damage and wash the rest of the ear with a damp cloth.

Earplugs, Stylish earplugs

Wear Earplugs
When you’re using noisy power tools or attending a rock concert, for example, where the volume will get pretty high, wearing a set of ear defenders or earplugs, depending on the situation will help to protect your ears from hearing loss and tinnitus, which you can learn more about here. There are lots of terrific earplugs that will allow you to enjoy concerts without putting your ears at risk. You won’t miss out and ensure that you can keep enjoying similar events for many years to come.

Treat Upper Respiratory Infections Promptly
A lot of people don’t realize that upper respiratory infections that occur in the nose and throat are just as likely to cause problems in the ears such as serious ear infections, too. That’s why it’s so important that you seek prompt treatment for them when they occur.

Wear a Hearing Aid (if Necessary)
If you notice any loss in your levels of hearing, just like with other aspects of your health, you should always see an ear specialist and if they say that it would be beneficial, wear a hearing aid. A lot of people do not like the thought of wearing one, thinking that it makes them look old or incapable, but they will help you to hear so much more clearly and may even prevent a further deterioration in the quality of your hearing, which makes them absolutely worthwhile if you need them.

Keep Water Out
If you swim regularly, or even if you take a lot of baths, it’s important that you do your best to keep your ears out of the water as much as possible, using something like this, because when water `(especially dirty water) gets into the ear canal, it can cause nasty infections like swimmer’s ear.

Show your ears some love and you’ll be rewarded with so many amazing aural experiences throughout your life!

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Emmylou said...

I'm guilty of cleaning my ears with Qtips! Should totally get that Audispray esp for the kiddos. And can we talk about how cute that pic is of Seung Gi?:D

Ivana Split said...

These are great tips. I once had an ear infection and it was very painful. Fortunately, I went to see the doctor and took the prescribed medication immediately so there were no consequences. An ear infection is definitely not something we should ignore.