Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser

 Vitabrid C12  Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser Review, Vitabrid C12, Vitabrid C12 Review, Vitabrid,  Vitabrid Review

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you probably know that I'm a big fan of the Vitabrid C12 brand and their Scalp ShampooVitamin C Face Brightening Powder and Age Defying & Firming Dual Masks are solid staples in my routine. And I'm still using and loving the Vitabrid C12 Dual Drop Serum which I recently reviewed here. As I've said before there are a number of vitamin C products out there but Vitabrid C12 is a standout because of their breakthrough Vitabrid CG, complex that is stabilized and  their proprietary technology that creates a highly effective transdermal delivery system that provides a continuous release of their active ingredients for maximum absorption and efficacy. Their latest launch from Seoul is the Vitabrid C¹² Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser which of course I was excited to try!

 Vitabrid C12  Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser Review, Vitabrid C12, Vitabrid C12 Review, Vitabrid,  Vitabrid Review

Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser

$32 (120 ml/ 4.06 fl.oz)

The Product
Formulated with a powerful proprietary blend of Vitabrid CG (stabilized, active Vitamin C) and Kaolin (white clay)Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser is an all in one detoxifying, brightening and anti-aging powerhouse. As the cleanser’s Vitamin C activates in water along with Carydendron Orincense Seed Oil (Kahai Oil), it transforms into a velvety foam that works to fight against free radicals while providing collagen synthesis to support healthy, balanced skin. While it deeply purifies and removes impurities, Madecassoside helps to soothe and strengthen and prevent stripping of moisture. Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive.

Key Ingredients
• Vitabrid CG (active and stable vitamin C) removes dead skin cells, brightens the skin, improves elasticity, and helps to improve skin condition
• Madecassoside/Centella Asiatica extract strengthens the skin barrier, soothes, helps to provide collagen synthesis, skin regeneration
• Carydendron orincense seed oil (kahai oil) is a natural antioxidant enriched with protein, minerals, and vitamin F along with retinol
• Kaolin (white clay) helps cleanse and absorb impurities from the surface of the skin
• Carica papaya fruit extract is a natural exfoliant that also moisturizes
• Caulerpa lentillifera extract detoxifies and purifies the pores
• Nelumbo nucifera flower extract purifies and soothes compromised and irritated skin
• Mesembryanthemum crystallinum extract repairs and moisturizes the skin

 Vitabrid C12  Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser Review, Vitabrid C12, Vitabrid C12 Review, Vitabrid,  Vitabrid Review

The Packaging
Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser is packaged in a pretty standard opaque white plastic tube.

How To Use
Squeeze a generous amount and add water. Work into a rich lather and massage with circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.

 Vitabrid C12  Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser Review, Vitabrid C12, Vitabrid C12 Review, Vitabrid,  Vitabrid Review
My Experience
Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser is white in color with a thick, creamy consistency and a barely discernible scent to my nose. I've been using this cleanser sporadically in the mornings but  mostly in the evenings as the second cleanser in my double cleanse. In combination with water, this cleanser works into a rich yet frothy foam whether I'm just using my hands or my Clarisonic. It always leaves my face feeling cleansed and refreshed without any feeling or tightness or stripping. It fits seamlessly into my full vitamin C routine which is especially great following my laser treatments).  I just follow with the Vitabrid C¹² Facial Boosting Water (reviewed here) mixed with the Vitabrid C12 Vtamin C Face Brightening Powder (reviewed here) and then apply Vitabrid C12  Dual Drop Serum (reviewed here) followed by moisturizer. Yes I''m all in on Vitabrid.

This cleanser is also good starting point when I'm doing other products like retinol. I really like how well it cleans gently and deeply while leaving my skin moisturized. It works as a morning or evening cleanser and just as well on my normal to dry skin as it does on my husband's oily skin. We don't usually share cleansers but this is one we can both use. I know some people may not think that cleanser is that important in a skincare routine but it actually is because the process of cleansing your skin sets the stage so to speak for all of the products you apply afterwards. You need to make sure it is properly and thoroughly cleansed so that your skin can properly absorb your skincare and any active ingredients. Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser is a quality product and another winner.  Check out my other Vitabrid C12 reviews.

Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser and the range of Vitabrid C¹² products are available for sale on the Vitabrid website.

What cleanser are you currently using?

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Sharon said...

Seems like an interesting product! I love how you can share it with your husband, I think that might also be useful for my husband and I, so thanks for the recommendation!

I'm currently using the Drunk Elephant "Beste" cleanser.

little luxury list said...

Thanks for the review! I was actually thinking of checking out the Vitabrid store (unfortunately it's pretty far from me!) . I am so curious about a few of their products though and need to just get the serum and mask already.

bellodiesseredonna said...

prodotto interessante non conoscevo il prodotto

ALLIE NYC said...

I have to say the process to keep the product stable sounds excellent. So many products have great elements but mostly they are inactive. And I am glad you linked the laser post. I don't think I saw this one and I was looking for it lol.

Allie of


Wow, I don't know anyone who doesn't think cleanser is important, they must be bonkers! :) I agree cleansing is an important step in any skincare routine. This certainly sounds like one that you truly love. I actually like some foaming cleansers. I am using Oskia cleanser at the minute, and some French papaya & mint cleanser my sister sent me and I like to do a DIY collagen mask once a week. Wishing you a lovely Christmas, Rowena.

Emmylou said...

This brand does sound stellar just from reading your reviews, chingu!!! The ingredients sound great. And yeah....even though a cleanser does not stay in the skin, I do think it's such a vital part of a routine. I swear by the Shiseido Perfect Whip and good ole Cetaphil.

Mica said...

It sounds like a great cleanser and it's nice both you and hubby can use it - sounds like it suits very different skin types! :)

Hope that you're having a great weekend :) We went to our last Christmas party for the season yesterday, it was a lot of fun!

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Shireen L. Platt said...

I used to think cleansers are not worth the investment but have definitely changed my mind over the years. I like that this cleanser leaves your skin hydrated despite being a foaming cleanser. Most foaming cleansers dry out my skin terribly.

Evi Erlinda said...

Sounds great!
Never have foam cleanser yet.

Ivana Split said...

This foam cleanser with vitamin C sounds fantastic. I like how you say that it leaves your skin moisturized while cleaning it gently but thoroughly. That sounds like everything one should look for in a face cleanser. I see how it could be a great first step with prepping our skin for retinol products. Have a lovely holiday season!

The Liberty Belle said...

Great review! I'm currently using the Obagi skincare system. Have a wonderful week.

Carolyna's world said...

it really sounds like a good product - definitely worth to try :-)

Paola Lauretano said...

Thanks for sharing another interesting product darling!
Happy Christmas week!
Kisses, Paola.


Doctor Anne said...

I rotate between the pixi Rose Cream Cleanser when I feel congested, the Kicks Cream Cleanser for a gentle cleanse and either the Murad Vitamin C Cleanser or The Inkey List Oil and Water Double Cleanser for everything else.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Never used these products before but, they look fab!! Hope you have a gorgeous day my dear!! xx

Evi Erlinda said...

Merry Christmas!