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I get that not everyone is shopping during this time. I'm still sharing this post since it is a regular feature and I'm trying to maintain some sense of normalcy around here. In terms of spending, my priority is on groceries, necessities and items that make life at home better and I've cut out spending on nonessential items (makeup included). Skincare however is non-negotiable though I don't need anything right now. I didn't pass up a good deal on these jeans which are a classic and quality fashion piece that I can wear now and for many years to come. I'm mostly into organizational products and cleaning tools and preparing my home for a possible second wave with a focus on continually stocking my pantry and supplies and making our living space as comfortable as possible.

The "Stay At Home" order for the NYC has now been extended through May 28  and my husband found out last week that he can expect to be working from home through the summer. So we're hunkering down for the long haul at home and preparing to "holiday" on our terrace. When I get better I want to work on some home improvements. We don't plan on going out much even when things open again because too many people are behaving irresponsibly by not wearing masks and not observing social distancing.

Items acquired from last month's wish list:
OTPT Pro Soft Density Foam Roller
I lay out on this every day lengthwise with my arms outstretched several times a day to stretch my neck and open my shoulders. I also roll on it under my back. Both of these exercises really help with my neck pain which is once again starting to get better. The best thing I bought recently was this neck traction device.

1. Le Creuset Chef's Oven
Le Creuset is known as the Rolls Royce of cookware and I have wanted a Le Creuset Chef's Oven for the longest time. The brand's signature enameled cast iron is known for holding and distributing heat evenly and efficiently and this chef's oven has been touted for it's versatility and durability. Now that I'm cooking more than ever, I think it would be worth the investment especially since it's on sale.

2. Nadiya Hussain Time to Eat
I want to take this time to expand my recipe repertoire and also improve my cooking skills but also keep it quick and easy because I'm not interested in spending loads of time in the kitchen. I really enjoyed Nadiya Hussain's show of the same name as the stress-free time saving approach she takes using basic ingredients.

3. Dotted Lines Fabric Bin (Set of 2)
I'm a big fan of Wayfair's Dotted Line range of storage and organizational tools. This smart looking set would be perfect for organizing purses or accessories in my closet which I'm currently in the midst of reorganizing.

4. Fitness Jump Rope
Been trying to find more ways to incorporate more cardio into our home workouts and jumping rope is a good way rev the heart rate that is also fairly low impact.

5. Ben Sherman Slip-On Sneaker
My husband's last pair of slip on's have seen better days and a recent incident with a gallon of vinegar did them in for good. This smart looking pair is well priced and would make a nice replacement.

6. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
Sunscreen is a must even at home. I've been wearing an SPF with blue light protection daily. HEV and infrared light protection from our phone, tablet and computer screens can cause damage and premature aging so it's a real concern nowadays as much as sunlight. While I love the Coola Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops SPF 30, I'm curious about this sunscreen which offers just a little more protection with a weightless finish.

7. Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum
This is the first serum I will be getting once I use up my stash. And I resolve to stop stashing. Song Hye Kyo swears by this and she looks a decade younger than her age. That is enough of a reason to get it. I've actually used a deluxe sample size of this nourishing and firming serum formulated with Korean herbal ingredients for a few weeks and thought it worked well. I happen to really like the Sulwhasoo brand too.

8. Fromm Explore 5.75'' Shear
So we cut my husband's hair with clippers last week and by the next time, I'm probably going to have to help him cut the top and I don't think the scissors I use to trim my bangs are up to the task so we're planning to upgrade to a professional-grade pair. Even when salons open, we will probably wait some time before getting our hair cut again so in the meantime we're going to have to figure something out.

9. Meyer Lemon Citronella Glass Candle
We always use a citronella candle on the terrace during the warmer months to ward off bugs. I prefer ones with lemon since the citrus fragrance pairs nicely with citronella for a light and refreshing scent.

10. Madison James Flyaway Sticks
While a citronella candle works fairly well, I really want to make sure we double down on keeping the bugs away this summer and try these bug-repellent flyaway sticks that have a cult following for their effectiveness and lovely relaxing fragrance.

11. Project 62 3pc Patio Set
Since we plan on spending a lot more time on our terrace this summer, it's time to upgrade from our fold up camp chairs to a a full on patio set. Liking the stylish and comfortable look of this one.

You can always check out my running wish lists in the Shop With Me section on the blog. What are you coveting?

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Shireen L. Platt said...

The SuperGoop sunscreen has been getting pretty good reviews, I hope you'll share your thoughts on it after testing it.

R's Rue said...

I need the sunscreen. Have a blessed day.

Emmylou said...

Yaay that you you got that Pro Roller to help you out a bit, chingu:) And I always find a lot of stuff to covet too from your list:D Nadiya's book sounds great, and also want that patio set now...hehe
Happy Tuesday:) And keep staying safe. XOXO

Doctor Anne said...

People are really not listening to the order to keep their distance and wear a mask here too - the second wave will come sonn enough I guess.

ALLIE NYC said...

LeCreuset makes some excellent products and I would know I worked at SLT for five years! And I so want to try SuperGoop sunscreen too. I have heard good things.

Allie of

Jackie Harrison said...

I will not mind a fitness jump rope great selection. Have a great weekend.

Paola Lauretano said...

In love with that patio set... I would like to have it at home!
Kisses, Paola.


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Dressed With Soul said...

Dear Rowena, hopefully you will feel better very soon! So cool, we recently bought a similar rope :) And like you we know we will spend a lot of time at home the next time (I still don't know when working from home will be finished concretly) and we try to avoid crowds as much as possible. Fortunately, the Bavarian country side were we live is very lonely but even here we recognised much more people outside than usual. Stay safe - and I love slip-ons!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Makeup Muddle said...

Ooh I love the look of that patio set, we're looking for one right now and it's so hard to choose! I've never tried Supergoop before, but I've heard amazing things xo

Makeup Muddle