Healthy Habits for Women

Lee El, Elle Korea

It’s no secret that our health should be our number one priority in life. So here are some simple tips that we can follow to maintain our overall wellness as women and lead happier, healthier lives.

Manage Stress Levels
Everyone experiences bouts of stress from time to time. However, when pressure keeps building up, it can take a huge toll on our emotional and physical well being and present issues such as lack of sleep, headaches, and a weakened immune system. The next time you’re dealing with stress, try these helpful tips to manage it:
  • Write down what is troubling you
  • Where possible, take breaks from whatever is causing you stress
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Keep yourself organized
  • Talk it out with loved ones
  • Have a home spa day

Keep Everything in Moderation

Eating one cupcake or missing out on exercise for one day won’t make you gain weight overnight, but doing so consistently will. Sticking to a nutritious meal plan with some tasty treats here and there makes for a balanced lifestyle, and offers the added benefit of improved mental wellbeing. Start by cutting down on sugary and processed foods, and try to choose healthier alternatives in your diet such as whole grains, lean proteins, as well as a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

Exercise Every Day
Being more active  doesn't mean having to exercise intensely every day. For those with a busy lifestyle, try short bursts of activity throughout the day such as walking, taking the stairs, and parking your car as far away from your destination as possible. For the best results, aim for 10,000 steps a day and create a workout schedule that fits around your lifestyle.

Sun Safely
Who doesn’t love a fresh sunkissed glow? While tanning is completely safe with the correct protection, excessive exposure to the sun’s rays without sunscreen can have seriously harmful effects to your skin. For a healthy glow, skip the tanning bed and always wear a carefully selected sun cream appropriate to the weather. If you have a darker skin tone, aim for at least an SPF 15, while fairer skin tones should ideally stay with a sunscreen above SPF 30. After any tanning session, be sure to nurture your sunkissed skin with quality skincare products that your skin will thank you for in the long term.

Regularly Check Your Breasts
Finding a lump on your breast can be alarming, and in some cases, may require breast cancer treatment. Early detection can save lives. Once a month, use a mirror to look out for any abnormal changes in your breasts, such as redness, swelling, bulging, and make sure to follow a pattern that covers the whole area. This includes your collarbone, the top of your abdomen, as well as your armpit.

Focus on Your Feminine Health
Always listen to your body and trust the instinct that it may be trying to tell you something. Whether you are experiencing an irregularity with your menstrual cycle or having an issue with your sexual health, don't be afraid to speak to a doctor or get advice from family or friends.

This is a contributed post.
Photo: Elle Korea


Jackie Harrison said...

Yes so true to take care of ourselves and time when we have it. Woman have a tendency of taking care of everything and everyone and forget in order to be productive and give your best you need to also focus on yourself. Have a great weekend.

Ivana Split said...

Yes, regular exercise is very important.

R's Rue said...

True. Happy Friday.

Emmylou said...

Right now, I am soooo bad with moderation, chingu:( I really have to control that part. The only thing saving me right now is probably the exercise. Great informative post as always:)
Have an awesome weekend:) XOXO