Consider These Tips Before Buying Any New Pair Of Shoes

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Fashion shouldn't be the only factor when you're looking to new buy shoes. You need to take in account the function and whether the shoe you buy will affect your feet's shape in any way as well as the quality of materials used to make the shoe. Other factors like optimal fit and size should also have some influence in your shoe choice. Before going shopping, it's good to have some idea of what you're looking for.

Tips for Buying the Right Shoes
Being able to choose stylish and quality shoes can be a tricky endeavor since you can easily be tempted to buy a pair of shoe solely based on an attractive appearance. Whether you are looking for the best wool slippers, heels, or boots, these tips will help you purchase the right shoe for you.

Go for the Perfect Fit
A critical element you should consider when buying any shoe is the size. Don't look at the actual size but rather the fit. You want to make sure that width and length of the shoe fits your foot perfectly. You don't want to buy a shoe that will hurt your feet the first day you wear it. The best fit is a shoe that adapts to the shape of your feet instead of your feet needing to adapt to them. Go for a shoe that offers your toes enough space and firmly supports the heels.

The Flexibility of the Shoe

Now that you have the right shoe width and size, another critical aspect to consider is the flexibility of the shoe. Flexibility refers to the ease of bending of the shoe. You can evaluate a shoe's flexibility by looking at the sole and the material used to make it. While the inner padding may be soft, the shoe may not be overly flexible. You don't want footwear that will harm your feet over time, so it is advisable to test a shoe for flexibility by bending it slowly. The most flexible shoe should form a V shape when you bend the toe and heel areas.

Give Priority to Flat Shoes
When you buy a shoe, you are also investing in a healthy foot. Choosing the wrong pair of shoes implies that you will have to deal with potential adverse health issues that come with them. It is recommendable to go for orthopedic and anatomically flat shoes as these will keep your feet in the right shape. Flat shoes give you the option to a natural roll-through foot movement, which is necessary for even distribution of weight around the metatarsal bones and arch. If you are going for high heels, they should be worn moderately. Only consider buying high heels when you are sure you have strong foot muscles and ankles so that you can withstand the strain that comes with wearing such shoes.

Examine the Finishing
The finishing of the shoe is a significant factor that should help you choose the most comfortable shoe for you. Given that your perspiration rate is high during the day, you will need a breathable shoe to absorb moisture. Leather finishing is more advisable as it absorbs and releases moisture with ease. Therefore, a leather finish counteracts sweaty feet and will create the necessary conditions for your foot to remain healthy.

Try the Shoes
You should be able to try on any shoe before purchasing it. This will give you an idea of how they feel on your feet. As you walk around in the shoe, your focus should be to establish whether it is the right fit. Does the shoe slip off or pinch? It snug or loose? Don't buy into the common belief that a shoe stretches with time to accommodate your feet. It's best to buy a shoe that fits you well from the start.

Shoes should offer you significant support when walking, sitting, standing, or even running. As you shop for new shoes, make sure to consider the stability factor. When buying high heeled shoes, make sure you apply a little pressure when trying them. In case the heel slides back, it is an indication that the shoe isn't stable. If you buy an unstable pair of shoes, you are risking injuries because such shoes might not provide the best balance and may cause significant nerve injuries.

Choosing The Right Shoes

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoe Size
One of the other challenges you may have when buying a new pair of shoes is figuring out the best size  for you. Because of different types of manufacturing process the size of a pair of shoes usually differs from one type to another. You can't necessarily expect to wear the same shoe size for high-heeled shoes as for boots or sneakers

Here are a few tips to guide you when choosing the right shoe size.

High-heeled shoes: when looking for high-heeled shoes, your focus should be on how your foot fits. Avoid any shoe where your foot slides around. If you go for such a shoe, it will wear with time, pushing your feet further forward, which is very dangerous as it can result in heel injuries.

Fur-lined shoes: when buying a fur-lined shoe, always note that with time the fur crushes, creating a much larger space. So, you should factor in this element when choosing the size of a fur-lined shoe. However, do not be tempted to go for something too small while hoping that it will fit you well over time.

Suede Shoes: suede shoes have a high tendency to wear in fast and stretch. With suede shoes, go for the tight-fitting option. At least, you can be sure that with time and when it wears, the shoe will fit you well.

Elongated toe part: if you love shoes whose toe area is extended, make sure you have enough space for the toe. It is recommendable to purchase a shoe whose toe part has about 1-2 cm of free space.

When buying shoes, you should set your mind around going for the right shoe in the appropriate shoe size based on fit rather than number. Look beyond the typical elements such as fashion to choose a pair that is comfortable on your feet, stable, perfect fitting, and durable. You don't want a stylish and fashionable pair of shoes that wobbles as you walk or one that has no enough room for the toes and doesn't support your heel appropriately.

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Ivana Split said...

Great tips for buying shoes.

Pilar said...

These are great tips for buying shoes. I like heels, but I don't wear them often since they tend to hurt my feet. I used to wear flip flops a lot, but I stopped wearing stopped wearing them since they can be bad for my feet.

Jackie Harrison said...

Great tips beside looking pretty they also have to be comfortable. If not in the long run will do damage to feet bones if wearing the wrong pairs that your foot have to squeeze in.