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I've had this book by Zadie Smith on my reading list for ages and now that I'm finally reading it, I totally understand why it was a heralded bestseller. The story is about families and generational change, race and multiculturalism, love and identity and how they're affected by the passage of time. The writing is sharp, funny and thoroughly entertaining.

This is a mix of sci-fi, action, comedy and fantasy also gets a time travel element that makes it both more compelling and confusing at the same time. It's a little OOT at times but a fun escapist drama all the less.

Listening to...
This podcast explores the uniqueness that is Asian American identity and the constant struggle to feel as if we’re ‘enough’  It's something my husband and I deal with being part of what may be the most disparate racial category in the US, comprising dozens of nationalities, languages and cultures that always seems to get boiled down to a few common stereotypes that America tries to apply to us.

Mapo Tofu
Mapo Tofu is a favorite in our house but I didn't make it much because the sauce is such a pain. I've been cooking a simpler Korean inspired version based on a dish we received in one of our meal kits from Hanjan. Chef Hooni Kim's mapo tofu uses doenjang and gochujang and it's so delicious and easy to make. I make mine with zucchini, red onion and green onion and Jookjangyeon naturally fermented doenjang and gochujang which I buy from Kim'C Market, one of my fave online grocery stores which specializes in artisanal Korean ingredients.

Matcha Lattes
I've gone back to having a matcha latte in the morning since I've been working out daily. I make them with oat milk now. I don't really need the caffeine but I do like the benefit of a high amount of antioxidants that are known to help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases.

I used to drink diluted apple cider vinegar but stopped because I had concerns about the effects on my teeth. A friend was raving about these so I decided to give them a try. I haven't been taking them for long but I find that they do aid my digestion particularly with brassicas which I love but are gassy. One gummy is made with 500 mg of apple cider vinegar, pomegranate and beetroot, as well as vitamins B12 and B. According to the brand, two gummies (the recommended serving size) is equivalent to one shot of liquid apple cider vinegar.

I was recently sent this a quartet of "I Like" serums from Audrey & Young that target different skin concerns. This new K-beauty brand offers vegan skincare formulations that use skin friendly EWG grade ingredients and no artificial colorings or fragrances so they are appropriate even for those with sensitive skin. I wrote a brief review of them. The I Like Concentrate Oil has been lovely in this cold weather.

Raising awareness for...
I will be writing a full post on this because this is an issue that has been weighing on and wearing me down me. I also want to address it now. Hate crimes against the Asian community have risen over 1,900 percent in the US since the pandemic started and there has been a massive spike in racist attacks in just the past few weeks. It seems like every day, there's a new unprovoked attack and some are very violent and many of the victims are elderly. This is made worse by gaslighting victims and a vast majority not believing that these are racially motivated attacks which is disheartening and frankly quite horrifying. A vicious knife attack happened on a 36 year old man who was out walking just last week in my neighborhood and the victim may die. This could easily be my mom, my husband or myself. We're at a point where we hardly even go out anymore because we don't feel safe.  GoFundMe has launched a hub containing all fundraising campaigns dedicated to helping the AAPI community as part of its #StopAsianHate initiative. Please be an ally, spread awareness and donate if you can.

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  1. I have had On Beauty on my reading list for ages as well, but haven´t picked up a book in several months. The workload is still intense, so I can only manage a few pages here and there and that is usually not much fan when reading a novel.

  2. It's so sad and maddening to hear about all the hate crimes going on right now, chingu:( It's the same here....I get so paranoid now, especially for the kids. M daughter says that even in her school, there is more taunting going on now but thank God her school has great teachers.
    And thanks for the heads up about On Beauty. I love her first novel, so I'm not surprised this is good as well.
    PS Your Mapo tofu looks sooooooooo good!

  3. I'm sad to hear there is so much hate and crimes against the Asian community. You would have thought the last year would have taught people to do better. Racism is one of those things I hate the most, I struggle to understand the hate against a group of people that have done nothing wrong!

    Corinne x

  4. 1,900 percent rise in racial attacks against Asians is more than worrying and alarming. I can imagine how unsafe it must feel to even go outside, with the continuous rise in attacks. A very difficult situation indeed.
    On Beauty by Zadie Smith sounds like an interesting and educating read. The vinegar gummies sound good too. Vinegar can be healthy. It's been a while since I had any vinegar, even in a salad, but I know that some people drink vinegar mixed with water for health. I never thought about how drinking vinegar might be bad for teeth, but gummies seem like a better alternative for teeth.

  5. On Beauty is also on my list but I still didn't start reading it. Maybe now it is time.

    New Post -

  6. it's horrible to read that there is so much violence. I have been really shocked by all the news stories coming out of the US, it's scary how much hate there is. I know Australia isn't perfect but it seems a lot safer here - although as a white person I don't know maybe I can't say that as I don't have the experience of others. My sons may be too young to have noticed anything.

    Hope you're having a good weekend :) It's a relaxing and quiet one here.

    Away From The Blue

  7. All these crimes... so sad!
    I would like to try that matcha latte!
    Happy International Woman's Day!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  8. The book on beauty sounds intriguing and entertaining need to add to my reading list.

  9. Love that you're talking about raising awareness against Asian hate. Looking forward to the post and to checking out that podcast. Also, I've been drinking my matcha lattes a couple times a week!

  10. I have never tired a matcha latte.
    Beauty sounds like an intriguing read.
    Good on you for trying to raise awareness against Asian hate. It no longer surprises me but still always baffles me that there are people out there who just can't see past race.

  11. I's really horrible that there is so much hate for Asian. I'm really shocked to hear all those news about hate and violence. We need a peaceful society and world. It's really great that you are raising your voice through this platform.
    Have a great day...Kisses <3


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