3 Ways To Practice More Self-Care & Self-Kindness

Elle Korea

During these harrowing times, self-care should be a priority for all of us. Often self-care is intimately tied to self-discipline. It’s in getting out of bed, showering, eating healthy, and exercising in the morning. It’s in knowing our worth and not being afraid to defend it. It’s also in taking some time to indulge when you can, like taking a long bath, getting a massage, or finding time to do something that you enjoy.

Self-kindness should be also be a consideration. Our internal critic is often very good at pointing out our mistakes or issues we need to address .That internal critic can be used positively as a means of motivation but if it causes you set unrealistic standards, you may be harming yourself in the guise of self-care. Self-kindness and self-care are inextricably linked and should work in tandem to support one another.

Curate A ‘Wellness Arrangement’
It’s hard to keep up with self-kindness and care if you’re not making it a regular practice. It’s all too easy to forget to take care of yourself especially if you’ve been busy with work or if issues such as relationship problems have demanded your attention. This is why a sense of discipline can be essential to your self-care. This could mean making time to relax at the park or on the beach while staying mindful of toxic sunscreen ingredients, taking long spa baths with luxurious bath salts and body products, or a standing spa appointment every month. A ‘wellness arrangement’ makes self kindness a regular part of your schedule. You’ll come to value these sessions like nothing else, no matter how you choose to express them.

Know When To Take A Break
In our hyper-productive culture, taking a break or a mental health day from work can be seen as weakness, or at least, whatever the opposite is of fulfilling your full potential. This actually isn't healthy at all and counterproductive. as well. Knowing when to take a break is key but you also need to see this as a productive time as opposed to a waste of time. Learn to recognize the importance and value of allowing yourself to recharge and restore your faculties when you need it.

Watch Your Self-Talk
Mind how you talk to yourself and learn how to process how others see you as well as the way you see yourself in a constructive way to manage that inner critic. For instance, imagine you’re at a party. Your joke doesn’t land, and there’s a noticeable pause. Does that mean you’re a terrible person who doesn’t have a sense of humor? Unlikely. Do you really need to torture yourself about the momentary opinion of two people who will probably never remember that interaction and might have had their own reasons for not being fully engaged in the conversation? Of course not. A good rule of thumb is this - if a friend were saying the things about you that you say about yourself, would you accept that? If it is constructive criticism, perhaps the answer is yes. If it isn't then you know what you need to work on.

You should treat yourself with self care and kindness because you deserve it. It will go a long way to benefit your overall wellbeing and your self esteem.

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Photo: Elle Korea

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