Where's Your Confidence Gone, Sunshine?

Chen Kun Esquire

Where’s your confidence gone? It’s not always easy to pinpoint what causes you to lose your confidence but it can actually come down to some common reasons. There are a few common triggers which can lead to a loss of confidence. Knowing your individual trigger can be the key to getting it back.

Your Weight
The first trigger could be your weight. You may have experienced a significant weight loss or weight gain due to health or emotional issues. The important thing here is to acknowledge the situation and then you can work on addressing the issue. If the problem is that you have gained some extra pounds over the last few months, you can find ways to work them off. You can get into exercise routine and make sure that you are eating well. This should help you shed the unwanted weight while helping you to feel better about yourself. If you have lost weight, you should figure out the cause since it might be attributed to health or mental condition. Don't hesitate to see your doctor to make sure it's not something serious.

Your Smile
Have you thought much about your smile? Do you smile much anymore? If the answer is no, think about why this is. Does it have anything to do with the fact that nothing makes you happy anymore ? Or maybe it's geared more towards the fact that you don’t like your smile or your teeth? It’s okay if it’s the second reason because there are ways that this can be corrected. Go see your dentist and  they will be able to tell you all about clear aligners for your teeth. These orthodontic treatments which are virtually invisible work to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth. This might be the push you need to feel more confident about showing off your teeth.

Your Skin
Another area that can cause people to lose confidence is their skin. If you suffer from acne or other skin conditions, this could impact your self image. You can always go and see a dermatologist if none of the treatments you try are working. Before you do this, try to understand the underlying condition that could be at the root of your issue and look for practical solutions to address it. Eventually you will find something that helps and when you do you are going to feel that much better.

Losing confidence happens but it is often a temporary condition don't let it defeat you. You just have to try to figure out the cause and how to work your way back to regain it. 

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