Make Yourself At Home: How To Create A Space You Want To Spend Time In

Outdoor Living Space
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If you want to spend more time outside and get your daily dose of vitamin D, then you’re going to have to make your backyard a place you actually want to be. Spending more time outdoors is important for our physical health and it provides a boost our mental health as well, releasing those feel-good hormones that brighten our moods.

However, if your lawn has been neglected and your patio has nothing on it but an old sofa that’s falling apart, there’s no way you or your family will want to spend time outside. This is why you need to do a backyard makeover. Keep reading for our six top tips on how to improve your outdoor space and get yourself and your kids out into the sun instead of in front of the television.

Make It Comfortable
First of all, you need to make sure that your outdoor space is comfortable. Invest in some furniture that will create a space to sit and relax outside. This might be a patio dining set on the deck or a comfy outdoor sofa underneath some umbrellas or shady trees. Make sure to include a table so you can eat a meal outdoors or have somewhere to put your drink and book. Also make sure you have some shade. Throw some plush cushions into the mix, and you’ll have a comfy, cozy spot.

Make It Aesthetically Pleasing
Of course, you will also want it to look nice. A beautiful space is always more inviting and we’ll be more inclined to go outdoors if it looks gorgeous and idyllic.You can decorate your backyard and patio to suit your style. Make it rustic with wooden benches, or create an industrial vibe with lots of dark metal furniture contrasted with light decorative touches. If you prefer a beachy, boho look, then luxury rattan patio furniture will bring that light and natural vibe to your space. Whatever your taste, don’t skimp on the décor and artistic elements to complete the look.

Make It Fun
Having something to do will also be another incentive for you to go outdoors – this is why furniture is so important. Having a space to enjoy your morning coffee or relax and read a book is important. You can also add more fun activities to entice yourself and your family to get in the yard. If you have a pool, buy some pool rings and a beach ball. Add an outdoor speaker to your patio too. Some great examples of fun outdoor activities for kids can include a sand pit or a splash pool if you don’t have the space for a full size swimming pool.

Make It Social
If you have a goal to be outside more, get your your friends and family to join you. During the summer months, plan for more socializing opportunities in your backyard. Consider hosting dinner parties in your backyard and having friends over for cocktails on summer afternoons. This will not only get you outside, it will also encourage you to transform the space into something special to impress your guests. You can also plan to have a quiet barbecue dinner one or two nights a week with just you and your family.

Make It Relaxing
A relaxing space is an inviting space. Turn your outdoor area into a retreat from the stresses of your work day and other real-life challenges. Nature alone is often enough to help us de-stress, but we can enhance this by adding in other relaxing elements. Consider incorporating a water feature for the soothing sounds or setting up a bird feeder so you can watch all the birds that come into your yard. Something as simple as hanging a hammock or setting up a quiet picnic spot can make the space even more relaxing.

Make It A Routine

Finally, if you really feel like you need to force yourself to get outside, pick a hobby that will naturally encourage that to happen. You might consider taking up swimming (if you have a pool) or perhaps start a vegetable garden. When you set a goal or want to start a new habit like this, it can help encourage you to get outside more to incorporate them into your daily or weekly routine. Pets can be another helpful way to force yourself into nature more often. Dogs need time and space outside, so you’ll either need to take them out for daily walks outside or play a round of fetch in the backyard to keep them happy.

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Jackie Harrison said...

One of the main focuses when we were in the pandemic. I noticed I needed to make changes and make my home a place to relax and enjoy.