5 Tips For Having The Best Summer

Summer Tips, How to Have the Best Summer

At this time of the year, it’s safe to say that we're all looking forward to the summer and enjoying all that it has to offer. The sun is out, the days last longer, the weather is so much more inviting, and it seems to be the season of possibility for us all. Whether you have plans with friends or are looking to make some memories with a special someone, you’re definitely going to want to make the most of the months ahead. To help you do exactly that, here are five tips that will inspire you to have the summer of your life.

1. Take A Trip
First of all, let’s talk about trips. Because summer is always a marvelous time of the year for a getaway or two to relax and have fun. Maybe you want to go to Philadelphia for the weekend and stay at ROOST East Market or it could be that two weeks in Tulum is more what you’re looking for. Regardless of the type of trip you you're interested in, plan now and book it soon.

2. Have a Party
Another seasonal thing that you might want to focus more on during the summer is hosting more parties and gatherings. It’s always fun to get out into the garden and have tea parties or barbecues with our friends – so why not plan more of them? This can be an ideal way for you to take advantage of the warm weather and spend more time with your family and friends.

3. Make Plans With Friends
You should also consider other types of plans you can make with your friends as well. Summer is the time of the year when we all want to be outside more so look for seasonal activities like playing tennis or pickle ball, biking, hiking, visiting street fairs or even going to the beach. There are so many possibilities that there are sure to be ones that align with your interests.

4. Attend Events
At the same time, you can also look to attend as many summer events as you can. It’s often the case that there are different festivals and music events on in the summer, along with themed events centered around  food and wine and other interests.  Research what's happening in your area and go ahead and book your tickets to the ones that interest you the most. Many of these will likely be fun activities to do with your friends too.

5. Be Confident In Yourself
Finally and most importantly, you should be absolutely make sure that you’re being kind and looking after yourself with everything going on. Ultimately, you may find that the summer is the time of year that you put a lot of pressure on yourself and maybe judge your body a lot harsher than you should as we’re often wearing much lighter clothing. Choose wardrobe items that make you feel good about your body and yourself and remember the importance of self love. 

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Kinga K. said...

I hope to have a trip this summer :D

Pablo Parra (Fungi) said...

Hey Rowena,

Really nice tips, I would love to get a trip, even tho I couldn't plan a longer trip (Europe is packed with tourists during summer) I'll try to go to a near place with the train :)

Thanks also for the inspiration about events, parties and plans with friends. I was thinking about hosting some themed dinners at my apartment for example.

And the last point was really good, seriously this is the best we can do to enjoy summer, body issues are something I have dealed with back in the day but seriously nobody will care and there are multiple ways to feel comfortable. I know the pressure is real for many people, thanks for raising awareness!

Hey Fungi