How To Unleash Your Creativity

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If you think that only artists are creative, you should think again. Everyone is creative. It’s just that for some people, creativity needs to be brought to the surface. But don’t worry — it’s in there somewhere! Some people might try a creative pursuit, such as painting,  photography, playing guitar or writing, and come to believe that they’re just not creative people.  But what they don't realize is that they may just need to unleash and nurture their creative side. For most people, this is a process. Indeed, even for most successful artists, it’s a process since no one has an endless supply of creativity. We'll look at some time tested methods for revealing your creativity. Give them a try — you never know where it might lead you!

Visit Creative Spaces
The fact of the matter is that no one has an endless supply of creativity. You may possess an inner creative spark, but it’s up to you to pour fuel on that flame every now and again. One way you can  do this is to visit creative spaces. Art galleries and museums are the most obvious ones, even if you’re not a painter. Just the act of looking at other people’s creations will fuel your creativity and inspire ideas. And a bonus is that it’s also a pleasant way to spend a day.

Engage In Creative Exercises
Ever sat down to engage in your creative pursuit, and found that you just can’t get started for whatever reason? Then you may need to a creative exercise to help you get started. There are many easy-to-follow creative exercises that you can do at home like creating a mind map of words can be enough to get you over your block. If you’re looking for a more long-term creative exercise, try a technique from The Artist’s Way. It involves writing three pages each morning as soon as you wake up and then taking yourself on a solo artist's date once a week. The method has helped thousands of people become more creative, and it can probably help you as well.

Get More Tools
You might create your masterpiece just by using your chosen medium but you don't have to limit yourself. These days, there are plenty of tools you can use that’ll help to make your work better and will also reveal new creative ways of working. If you’re a writer, for example, you may use something like the Hemingway app, which can critique your writing and show where things need work. If you’re a guitar player, you can use a drum machine pedal to add some more punch to your playing. If you’re not sure what tools are available, then visit a forum dedicated to your craft to see what other people are using.

Dedicate More Time
Many people give up once they hit a block and wait for inspiration to strike again. The problem with this approach is that inspiration rarely does strike. And when it does happen, it’s usually only fleeting. The best work is produced by simply sitting down and dedicating time to your craft. Let’s say, again, that you’re a writer. Dedicating time would involve setting aside an hour a day and trying to write. Don’t get up as soon as you feel that first sign of boredom. Push through it and write even if it's not about your intended topic. You never know what’s on the other side of your effort.

Take Walks In Nature
Sometimes, we just need a fresh perspective. There’s no denying that cities, especially ones that value the arts, can be extremely invigorating from a creative perspective. However, if you’ve hit a block, it could be helpful to get away from the urban landscape and set your sights on some new visual stimuli. Indeed, there can be value in turning off your phone and simply disconnecting for a while. The next time you’re working on an idea but you just don’t know where to take it, look at taking a trip into nature. You might be surprised at what you can come up with when you’re out there all alone, with nothing but your thoughts.

Meet With A Variety Of People
Consider who you’re spending time with. If you take a look at the backstories of some of your favorite artists, you’ll find that they were always spending time with like-minded, creative people. You never know what you might learn when you’re hanging out with interesting people. Don’t worry if you’re not currently in those circles as there’ll be something available to you. You could join a meetup group for people with your passion, or consider attending open mic nights and just starting a conversation with other people there. Creativity isn’t always an individual experience; it can be a community one.

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Pablo Parra (Fungi) said...

Hey Rowena,

One of your most special posts and it is such a meaningful thematic for me since I live with creative activities daily. Sometimes the struggle comes and I am always looking for new ways to approach to new resources, ideas and possibilities.

The good news about this is that the ways to find creativity are endless but just as you well said, inspiration rarely strikes. That idea of the muse coming to you doesn't make sense anymore, specially since we are surrounded by stimuli and content everywhere. As you well mentioned you have to make the time to find inspiration, and it can be found in many places.

I also liked that you mentioned easy things like "going out for a walk". For me it is the cheapest therapy or the best way to have fresh ideas, specially if I have been sitted at the computer for hours. Sometimes we just see walking as a locomotion but the truth is that it is not only a healthy activity for our bodies but also for our minds.

And getting around new people is crucial, but the most important thing is to hear stories from different backgrounds in order to increase our cultural baggage :)

Thanks for these lovely recommendations, this post seriously touched my heart :)

Hey Fungi

R's Rue said...

Sounds like a plan.