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January 29, 2015

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rolalaloves.blogspot.com is now www.rolalaloves.com. I've been meaning to switch over to a custom domain for awhile now and when Google recently announced Google Domains, it just prompted me to get it done. Since it's integrated with Blogger, updating my new address was as easy as typing it into the Publishing section in Blogger. The only bit which is a drag is that my blogspot address comes up as a redirect instead of just automatically rolling over to to the new domain but just say yes and it'll bring you right here.

If you follow rolala loves on GFC, Bloglovin'Feedly, or any other RSS reader, I already updated my feed so you'll still receive updates as new posts go up as usual. And since I update Facebook, Twitter and Google+ myself, nothing has changed with new posts appearing on these channels. If you visit through your browser, please update your bookmark. This concludes my little housekeeping message.
18 comments on "www.rolalaloves.com"
  1. Thanks for the heads up, Rowena. And yay for having your own domain!

  2. woohoo!


  3. I switched to a custom domain in December. There was a great deal on GoDaddy and I just couldn't miss it! Congrats on the new domain, Rowena! I think it's much better to be on a custom domain, especially for a blog like yours! Well done! :)

  4. I've wanted to get my own domain for the longest time now, but setting it up has always seemed intimidating. I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS, SO THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!! It seems so freaking easy, and I've already signed up to be notified for when it becomes available in Canada!

  5. I hope your switch goes smoothly.

  6. How exciting, I have been wanting to do that for ages.

  7. Well done Rowena, so happy for you! Now your blog is totally pro! Im thinking to get mine soon as well! Hope you have a great weekend, many hugs! xo

  8. good to know:) I always believed that 'com' just looks more professional than 'blogspot.com' but I'm too lazy to do it myself.

  9. Super congratulations Rowena! You will love it!

  10. yay! Nice one, Rowena. Perhaps I should take a look at it... but I am quite an IT novice, need to learn about those RSS feeds that you are mentioning here, ahaha!

    Have a great weekend ahead *_^


  11. I have wanted to make the switch myself for quite a while now, however found the process too daunting. I noticed the Blogger notice about the easier switch and so it's brilliant to see it work for someone and hear that the move was simple! I would love to talk to you a little more about this via email before I make the move myself, would that be okay? :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  12. Ah yes, I noticed the redirect page and was almost afraid that something had happened to your blog or that you have stopped blogging. Congrats on getting a domain for your blog. My sis often asks me why don't I get a dot com site instead of always showing "blogspot". I guess I was afraid of migrating and losing my contents or painstaking effort of redoing my layout. Now that you mentioned, this ties in with Google and that blogger ties in with Google, it is prompting me to get my domain too. I better read up more on it should I think of making the switch.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  13. I can't figure out how to show I followed the blog. But this is a great giveaway. I've only tried one of these before.


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