Eye Candy : Daniel Henney for Pespow

Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney was chosen as the face of the premium Italian fashion brand Pespow last year and here he is modeling selections from their SS 2015 collection for Luxury magazine. The outfit with the tie is my favorite. This suave Korean American actor always kills it as a model and that hair! He first caught everyone's attention as Dr. Henry Kim in My Lovely Samsoon which is still one of my favorite K-dramas ever. You can catch it on Hulu or Netflix btw. I've honestly never been overly impressed with his acting so he's not one that I go out of my way to watch but I'm still glad when he gets cast in US productions. The Big Hero 6 actor (he voiced Tadashi Hamada) recently joined a new spin-off of the CBS show Criminal Minds along with Gary Sinise, Anna Gunn and Tyler James Williams. I wonder what this might mean for Tyler James Williams' character Noah on The Walking Dead. Daniel has previously appeared on American television in Revolution, NCIS Los Angeles, Three Rivers and Hawaii Five-O. I haven't watched any of those shows. Have you? Go behind the scenes of this shoot in the video below. This is my favorite editorial with him btw. You're welcome ^_~

Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney

Photos: Pespow


Imogen said...

Oh yes! Eye candy indeed.

Emmylou said...

Oh my gosh! He's the voice of Tadashi?!?! I love Big Hero 6, so that just made him even more handsome:D

Anonymous said...

I love the checked pants he's wearing in some of the shots :-)

Lilli said...

Nope, unfortunately havent watched any of those shows, otherwise I would have remembered of him for sure lol!:P Rowena, you sounds so thrilled talking about him and I see how much you are impressed by him, you are right, he is so handsome and have such cool hair indeed! My fav looks are the first and the one with the red sweater, to die for!:) Happy weekend my dearest, many hugs! xo

Jackie Harrison said...

Wow like how you finish off the week stunner on your post. Have a lovely weekend.

Blackswan said...

So many eye candy hunks in your blog posts, Rowena! Where did you find them?? Hahaha! xoxo

Christina @ Happy or Else said...

UM...my husband just walked in on me reading this. HA! Love it! You are THE BEST, Rowena! Innocent man admiration for me on your site!!! AHH! BTW, I finally made a little tub of organic coconut oil and put it in the shower. It is working!!! Thank you very much. I didn't really believe in it until you told me to do it and it worked!! YAYYY!!

Unknown said...

Yum! Eye candy. I love his bone structure.

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

Very nice eye candy to start off the weekend haha :) x


Stanislava E. said...

He's so handsome, sexy and has gorgeous eyes! The way he looks at the camera... I almost didn't see anything from the outfits haha. Well, Rowena, thank you! I haven't heard of these shows but I'd see them only because of him! Happy weekend, dear friend! xo

Paola Lauretano said...

He is so handsome and super stylish, of course!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful looks!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend, dear Rowena!!! g+ and like's for you!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Gabrielle said...

Well, this is another new introduction for me, Rowena.. and I'm not at all complaining haha! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


Unknown said...

Wow, this is a beautiful editorial...the styling is amazing!



Wow, okay, that's why he looks so familiar. Really beautiful editorial.
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nancy @ adore to adorn said...

definite eye candy!! haha. thanks for sharing!


buffalo journeys said...

I haven't seen any of those shows either, but I'll certainly keep an eye out now. He's eye candy for sure :) Have a good weekend Rowena!

oomph. said...

likey the 3rd from bottom :)

Vonnish said...

That man is delicious! He's an amazing actor, as well!

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

This guy has a style that I like a lot! Happy weekend to you, dear!


Margaret Dallospedale said...

Hi sweetie
so stylish
He is so elegant
Maggie D.
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Corinne said...

He's rocking those clothing, he's very handsome!

Corinne x

ALLIE NYC said...

Yep he is killing it as a model and that line looks pretty sharp.


Unknown said...

He looks incredible! I like the line a lot and he pulls off every outfit so wonderfully. Have a great weekend!

xx naomi // Naomi in Wonderland

miasmode said...

Oh he's really handsome Rowena! I love the video and the editorial too. I have seen him on Hawaii Five-O. Sadly he wasn't in a lot of episodes. I hope they will air his new show with Gary Sinise over here too. Wish you a happy Saturday!! Btw thanks for the luck. I really want to stick with my sugar ban. I haven't felt that good in a long time :D

xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

get carried away said...

he looks great sweety!
happy saturday!

Coco said...

Cute and elegant! I loved Big Hero 6 by the way!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

A Very Sweet Blog said...

He models well! HaHaHa Loving those jackets!

My Garden Diaries said...

Dear Lord!!! I love when you do these!! He is hands down my favorite of all time! He has an old Hollywood charm to him...and those photos are amazing!!! I am intrigued to see some of his work now! Happy weekend Rowena and thank you for the eye candy!! Nicole xo

Anonymous said...

Very handsome and looks gorgeous in these outfits, very Christian Grey-style ;)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos :)

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Awesome! Love this so much. Hope you have an awesome new week (and month) :)

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Lenya said...

Eye-candy indeed.

Ivana Split said...

The editorial is stunning...the clothes are so elegant...and still playful...Plus, this guy is obviously drop dead gorgeous!
I haven't see any of these shows:(


Sybil said...

those are fashionable jacket/blazers!! great editorial!! :D

Happy March!
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Midnight Cowgirl said...

I loved Big Hero 6 :)

Lux G. said...

This rocks! Black jacket looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

I can see why the italian's picked him - he has a gorgeous facial structure. This week I have seriously heard SO much about My Lovely Samsoon (is'nt that wierd how when you hear something somewhere you keep hearing it) - now I'm like obsessed on seeing it
madaline (for some reason this is trying to publish me anonymous)

Jane said...

oh my friend would love this post. :) she likes daniel henney! i never really swooned ;) i didn't know there was a spin off show - will have to check that out. and i'm just getting into the walking dead (crazy no?) and i kinda like the character noah.

Vanessa N said...

THAT SMOLDER. I first heard of Daniel back in highschool...a film named "Seducing Mr. Perfect" IIRC. My friend told me about the film, but I never watched it. I did watch him in 'Spring Waltz' though (SWOON) AND HE WAS IN 'MY LOVELY SAM SOON'??? I WATCHED THAT BUT DON'T REMEMBER HIM BEING IN IT. But then again it's been a while, heh.

Anyways, gorgeous man, 10/10 would marry.