Eye Candy : Falling For Innocence

Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung

I liked this Elle Korea editorial with Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min when I first saw it but had no context for featuring it then. But that was before we started watching the Korean drama Falling For Innocence in which these three star. And I'm looking forward to it's ending this weekend. The plot isn't all that original as far as Asian dramas go but somehow we got sucked in. Jung Kyung Ho plays ruthless businessman Kang Min Ho who discovers his humanity and love after he gets a second chance at life through a heart transplant. He starts to change as he experiences cellular memory syndrome which can pass on certain characteristics, habits and memories of an organ donor to a recipient. Kim So Yeon is the woman his heart loves and Yoon Hyun Min is his business and romantic rival. I've been a fan of Kim So Yeon since All About Eve. She is consistently excellent in everything I've seen her in and this is no exception. She even manages to still look fresh and pretty throughout the live shooting process when others start showing signs of wear. I wasn't really familiar with Jung Kyung Ho or Yoon Hyun Min's work though I did read that they're actually good friends in real life who've acted together a few times before most notably in Heartless City. Jung Kyung Ho has been impressive in his portrayal of the progression of his character. I like that they didn't have him turn into a completely different person instead he finds another side of himself. I hated the way Min Ho was so rough with Kim Soon Jung in the beginning but at least he realizes this and tries to make up for it later which is quite endearing. The way they styled him in this pictorial is very similar to his character especially in the photos where he has a denim jacket layered under a velvet blazer and his hair looks the same at the start of the show. I wish they kept it that way cause this style works well on him. The first pic of So Yeon and Kyung Ho really rocks and her Sandro lace top is fabulous! If you're interested in Falling For Soon Jung, you can watch it online on Dramafever or Viki.

Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung
Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung
Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung
Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung
Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung
Falling For Innocence, Falling For Soon Jung

Photo Source: Elle Korea


My Garden Diaries said...

Sounds like a fantastic drama! And with this crew I can see how you would get sucked in! I have not seen there work but they are so charming! And she is STUNNING! I hope you have a nice and relaxed holiday weekend Rowena! Nicole xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a fun photo series :-)

Jackie Harrison said...

The editorial amazing great job, Enjoy your Memorial Weekend,

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So cute, love these pictures. Gorgeous woman and very handsome men too, am super jealous of their amazing cheekbones, haha!! Happy weekend my dear xx

Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! The drama sounds very addictive and Id be curious to watch some episodes too. Love the editorial, spreads much grace and elegance, they 3 are very wonderful, especially her, a natural beauty. Hope you have a lovely weekend dear, hugs! xo

little luxury list said...

Ooh it sounds like a pretty cool drama! Kim So Yeon has such understated elegance!
Um and how adorable is Kyung ho's hair? Swoon!
Happy weekend to you dear!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Shireen L. Platt said...

That actually sounds like a really good drama, Rowena. I stopped watching dramas a long time ago because I have no patience to deal with it (hubby says I'm like a woman on raging PMS) so I quit. LOL! Kim So Yeon is gorgeous, I find a lot of the Korean actresses are stunning.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Gabrielle said...

Sounds like an interesting drama! I find I either love or hate dramas, with no in between haha :) One thing is for certain, they're all incredibly photogenic! :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


Unknown said...

great editorial
Mrs NoOne

Anonymous said...

These photos are truly beautiful!

Stanislava E. said...

The story behind the drama sounds interesting, but I am not a fan of shows and I don't watch. Otherwise, it's really nice that the actors are friends in real life. The girl is so gorgeous and beautiful! Nice editorial, it's somehow cheerful! Have a nice weekend, Rowena! xo

K / House of KTS said...

These images are so fun. And I absolutely adore her dress. I'd definitely purchase that myself and wear it to an event or just around the house lol. Great post.

Kia / House of KTS (formerly known as Pure & Complex)

Emmylou said...

The plot line for Falling for Innocence sounds pretty cool, much like this editorial:D

June said...

They look amazing

Tania Franco said...

They are all so beautiful! I have to admit I've been sucked in to some Korean dramas even though I don't speak a bit of it. Subtitiles are my friends, haha! I've seen parts of this one and I was so hooked, but I forgot what channel it was on and the name, ahhhhhh! So glad you posted this.Thank You :))


Paola Lauretano said...

The drama sounds interesting... amazing pics!!!
Happy WE Rowena!
Kisses, Paola.


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A Very Sweet Blog said...

That show sounds interesting Rowena! This photoshoot is awesome.

Ivana Split said...

I really like the editorial, all 3 of them look great. The plot of the drama sounds really interesting. Organ transplat always fascinated me, the way two lives become connected.

Corinne said...

This is a great editorial! They all look fab.

Corinne x

Unknown said...

This is such a stunning editorial...absolutely beautiful!



Kim's lace top by Sandro is my fave as well! How amazing does she looks in this goddess dress! Amazing styling on the boys too! You've described the story really intersting, dear! Now I'm totally excited to watch it on Viki, Rowena! ;-) Thank you for sharing, darling! Have an amazing weekend!! <3

xxx Ira

ALLIE NYC said...

Ah this sounds interesting and I always wondered if that cellular memory syndrome is real, or is just real in the movies huh.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Ika said...

I don't watch Korean drama, but this editorial is very nice!
Also the dress is so sophisticated!!


Effortlesslady said...

Amazing editorial. They are eye candy indeed!

Beauty said...

Their outfits are so gorgeous especially that gingham on gingham outfit; very cute.

Federica Di Nardo said...

Stunning pics <3

The Cutielicious

Anonymous said...

I love the three outfits that she is wearing! Beautiful people...


Bash Harry said...

This sounds like such a cool drama! I don't watch a lot of Korean dramas anymore, I use to though. Perhaps I should start now...Hahaha

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Great photos, I love the velvet blazers!

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

Loving these photos, beautiful! I just adore this edition to your blog :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing a new k-drama to watch! I've no idea who these casts are but I am gonna catch them soon! :D

Celly | asian beauty and makeup blog

Coco said...

Beyond the beauty there's so much intensity in these pictures!!
Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Beautiful picures.
Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I love the black and white pictures! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These photos are so incredible and such gorgeous people. We'd watch the show just to spend more time with them lol

xx 365Hangers

Unknown said...

eye candy pictures :)

Awesome shots !