Eye Candy : An Editorial Roundup

There haven't been any complete Asian celebrity editorials that I've been impressed with lately but there have been some eye catching single shots so I thought I'd just round them all up in one post here. Kim So Yeon is one of those actresses who looks equally good in long and short hairstyles and she plays with a variety of hairpieces for W magazine. She looks quite ethereal in a red bob with heavy fringe and I just love how the light catches and frames her face. 

Jung Woo Sung  Esprit Dior
Jung Woo Sung wasn't looking too hot for awhile mainly cause man bangs don't work for him but he's back to his handsome self with his hair slicked back and rocking a suit at the Esprit Dior exhibit in Seoul.
Kiko Mizuhara Magazine
Kiko Mizuhara looks ready for fall in Elle.
Son Ho Jun Magazine
Son Ho Jun looks cool and casual in Allure.
Jeon Ji Hyun Magazine
Jeon Ji Hyun has always been know for her signature long hair. They even made a joke about it in My Love from Another Star. It made news when she cut it for the movie Assassination last fall and it looks she's still embracing the shoulder length. It certainly looks gorgeous on her. It was recently announced that Ji Hyun and her husband are expecting their first child.
Ha Jung Woo Magazine
Ha Jung Woo is one of Jeon Ji Hyun's costars in Assassination. The two also worked together on The Berlin File which was quite a riveting film. I always enjoy his work and he looks great here.
Lee Jung Jae Magazine
Assassin is packed with some star power because Lee Jung Jae is also in it. He costarred with Jeon Ji Hyun on the time travel romance Il Mare. It was remade by Hollywood into The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. The original was so much better. Jung Jae is dressed up in a tux for InStyle's July issue which offered a backstage peek at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards where he was honored with a best dressed male award.
Park Shin Hye Magazine
Park Shin Hye is also featured in the same issue of Instyle and she looks beautiful and glamorous in a sparkly Jenny Packham gown. She won the Female Popularity Award for her role in The Royal Tailor. 
Kim So Eun Magazine
Kim So Eun models a soft and romantic makeup look from Siero in Grazia.
Kim Bum Magazine, Kim Bum Hidden Identity
Kim Bum is what I'd describe as a flower boy and not just because he was in Boys Over Flowers with Kim So Eun which I never watched by the way. He's just so pretty and clean cut. I thought he did a he good job of "roughing up" his look to play a cop in Hidden Identity which we're currently watching. Still pretty but less clean haha. This is a fantastic photo.


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May Cho said...

It's incredibly hard to find a complete editorial that bags it all, I agree, but these are such stunning single shots! Kim So Yeon is WORKING that picture and Kim Bum's shot, I cannot. I'm loving Park Shin Hye's smiley shot, she looks incredible!


Paola Lauretano said...

Stunning pics, so stylish people!!!
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Great editorial it pops nice job. Have a lovely weekend doll.

Emmylou said...

Hahahaha..."man bangs" and "flower boy"....I am so stealing these:D
And Kiku looks so much like Emilia Clarke in that shot. Just gorgeous.

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love this post and your blog

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i love hearing about new-to-me stars in other countries.

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Great post! I'm your new follower # 935 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^


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Great editorial roundup Rowena, you sure collected the best! Soon fell in love with the shot from Elle, love the style and she looks gorgeous too! Have a wonderful weekend, hugs! xo

Anonymous said...

I suddenly feel very common and plain, lol :-) Awesome editorials.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are gorgeous, I love the first and the last one the most...amazing!! xx

Shireen L. Platt said...

These are some of the best editorials I've seen featured here and my favourite has to be Kiko Mizuhara, she's stunning and sultry in that picture.

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WOW this is just amazing!! Great post, can't wait to read the next one!!
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I always love Koreans, and they are so beautiful and with perfect skin!

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Always look forward to seeing when you do posts like this. Stunning bunch.

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These are absolutely gorgeous editorials!


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Hi Rowena, beautiful and inso fashion editorials
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ALLIE NYC said...

Great round up of photos and YES she looks great in this bob, wish I could pull something like this off but hmm not so much with my Irish ruddy skin.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

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Beautiful people! Hope you have a great weekend.

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thanks for sharing these :) I love Kiko's simple and understated look. Her skin looks so gorgeous <3

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Lovely post, have a beautiful weekend dear! <3

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You selected such beautiful photos Rowena! Thanks for sharing!:)
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These editorials all seem lovely but two of them caught my eye the most. First is the first one, that one with Kim rocking that red bob. That is such a cool hairdo. I also really like Park in that long white gown. She looks so angelic!

Anonymous said...

They all look absolutely gorgeous! Love looking at pics like these <3

Gabrielle said...

Kim So Eun looks ever so beautiful here and I adore the delicate rings on her fingers. This was a great idea by the way, of rounding up your favourite images of late :)

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Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Beautiful photography, especially the shot from Elle! x

Leslie said...

Beautiful people Rowena. That first actress with the pink hair is so pretty. What do you think of the colors people are choosing for their hair these days? I saw Kelly Ripa with her hair a bright blue the other day and wasn't sure it was a good look for her :\ but I think it's fun on younger folks.

Lenya said...

Beautiful editorial, Rowena. Jung Woo Sung looks hot................Happy weekend, doll.

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Awesome editorial especially the red hair, Rowena! I'm going to colour my hair soon, but I don't think I'm adventurous enough to go for that colour...........

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aaawwwww, I love them all, Rowena! Good choice here. I like Jung Woo Sung as an actor, he is super charming ahahahaha! But most of all, I love Park Shin Hye's gown! She looks super stunning. I would wear a gown like this if I had a chance *_^

Beautiful round up, my friend. Have a great week ahead and hope you had a lovely Sunday!

Actually a 20 minute walk to the restaurant is not that far, but if you say there is a heat wave now, with all the gross sweaty scenario, it does sound really "sticky" kind of situation *_^ My hubby would not be able to stand it and he would rather drive there instead...heeeheee

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

This is a very eye catching and accomplished list indeed!


Those are very handsome guys, Rowena! Beautiful people! Kim So Yeon reminds me of Leelo from The Fifth Element!


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I love this! Great roundup!



oomph. said...

i had to google kim bum to see his face, and i can see how you got flower boy. love the editorial photo of him here.