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Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram

August 3, 2015

Another month has passed and summer seems to be flying by so quickly. Here are some highlights from July as seen through my lens and posted on Instagram. To see more, click over to my Instagram feed and you can also follow if you'd like. There may have been more food pics than usual. I don't actually take photos of every meal - just the nice looking ones. There are some foods that just aren't photogenic. This GQ article that breaks it down is a must read. The only one I would disagree with is ramen. 

These are the items I'm reaching for the most this summer. Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 - sunscreen is so much easier to apply and re-apply in spray form and I love how light this one feels and how it doesn't smell like sunscreen. Sun protection for the hair is just as important and when I'm not wearing a hat, I make sure to use this Fekkai Pre Soleil Hair Mist. It adds shine and tames frizz as well. My JORD watch has been my go-to because it's so lightweight. My wardrobe has been a little more neutral this summer so I add color with my accessories like these blush pink Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses with bubble arms. Since I tend to use smaller purses in the summer I switched to a more streamlined wallet. I picked this one up on super sale from Madewell and added a touch of personalization to it.

I'm a big fan of Alterna haircare because their products are natural, sulfate and paraben-free and most importantly, they work really well. Their Caviar Repair RX Instant Recovery Shampoo and Caviar CC Cream are seriously the best and make my hair super soft and manageable.
I thought I knew what good yogurt tasted like until I tried the fresh made Greek yogurt at Greecologies. I had it with organic walnuts and thyme & flower honey and it was incredible. What's cool is that you can see them making it on the premises.
Catching up with old friends over lunch at the Standard Grill. It was such a nice day to eat outside that day.
Chicken sandwiches are hot in NYC now with David Chang's Fuku and Shake Shack's newly introduced ChickenShack getting all the hype. I haven't tried either of those yet but we're fans of Smashburger's crispy chicken sandwich. There are a number of versions but I prefer the New Yorker which comes with NY cheddar, garlic grilled onions, spinach, tomato and peppercorn garlic aioli. Best of all there's no line and I don't have to go to Brooklyn. I do plan on trying the aforementioned chicken sandwiches eventually and will report back.
Sweetgreen salads have been a favorite this summer. I haven't tried one that I didn't like yet but the kale caesar is a particular favorite. They add a squeeze of lime which really brightens the flavor of the entire salad. 
I hadn't made guacamole at home in such a long time that I forgot how easy it was. I've been making it almost every week this past month.
I always feel like the corner of Cleveland and Kenmare has such great character. The taqueria at La Esuina serves really good tacos by the way.
It's been crazy hot and humid in New York lately which means sun showers can happen anytime and interesting looking skies. This was a view uptown from the new Whitney Museum right before right before it started pouring. Yep that patch of greenery down there is on the High Line.
The Guggenheim Museum which was designed by designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was once referred to a toilet bowl. A friend of mine likens it to a milkshake and fries. I like her interpretation better.
One World Trade is a building I always have to stop and admire whenever I walk by and I feel like there are just so many ways of seeing it whether near or far.

The winner of the Firmoo Giveaway is Laura R! Congratulations!
45 comments on "Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram"
  1. love everything! great photos :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  2. Amazing pics darling!! The food looks so delicuous..yummy!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  3. The food looks amazing! That's one of the things I love about NYC - it's so easy to access all kinds of delicious food.

  4. The food looks so delicuous.And I want to learn good cookie.

  5. Rowena I always enjoy where you go to dine that yogurt looks amazing and it has thyme and flower honey wow that is a delicious combination. Amazing pictures and beauty products.

  6. Such awesome shots, Rowena (and OMG on that yogurt pic! I'm a huge yogurt fan:D)

  7. Oh boy, all that food looks incredible! Have a beautiful and sunny start to the week, sweetie.

  8. I loooooove Greek Yoghurt! Especially with Greek honey and dried fruits, mmmm! And I recently learned to appreciate avocado, so I'm all about guacamole now.

  9. Great photos!!! nice and delicious post!!!
    Have a good week, dear Rowena!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. Gorgeous Instagram pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  11. nom nom to all the food! i almost bought alterna yesterday!! i need to get some.

  12. All the food, yes!! Looks so good and I love the watch too, gorgeous!! You always take amazing pictures my dear xx

  13. Great city snapshots are always my favourite. Love when a certain spot in a location has so much character. :)
    Style Solutions

  14. Fantastic photos, as always. I love how the yoghurt was served - the little pot is so beautiful! x

  15. Morning Rowena! Ah, I have the same sad thought, summer is flying! Luckily, we still have Aug and a bit of Sept to enjoy it the same :) Love Greek yogurt, that one must have been heavenly! Oh well, all the food you eat in NYC must have been so, want to be there!:) Happy Monday dear! xo

  16. Okay-those food shots are so great!

  17. I should know better than to click on this post because I know there'll be some food porn, 7.30am and now I am craving for a burger. LOL! I have seen Caviar range in Sephora Malaysia but never purchase any to try and now I'm regretting it. Do you think the range will weigh down thin, fine hair?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  18. Oh you're making me miss NYC! Mmm I've been reading all the Shake Shack/Fuku buzz and will have to try to squeeze in Fuku! The burger sounds divine!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. Hi dear Rowena,
    thank you for you sweet comments and congrats to Laura!

    what a lovely post you have put together. I really admire those NYC photographs...those buildings are stunning.

    The food photographs have made me seriously hungry despite the fact that I already had lunch. How cool is it that there is a place where they prepare a fresh Greek yogurt and you can see how they prepare your dish....btw I never tried greek yogurt with nuts. Those chicken sandwhiches look yummy! Sweetgreen salad sounds great.

    Thank you for sharing your hair products....I'm always curious to see what other people are using for their hair.

    1. Oh my the City which never sleeps... The One World Trade Building is incredible and I absolutely imagine all the different version of it from an another angle! Your friend is right, Rowena! Milkshake and fries would be a fab interpretation of it! :) Ira


  20. I love following you on Instagram! Your food pictures always make me hungry :)

  21. I'm loving all your food shots. I seriously want to eat all out it right now -- one after the next.

  22. amazing post my dear, you have really nice instagram pictures!! love it :D I'm following your blog now <3 xoxo

  23. Amazing photos! The food looks so good!

  24. Postagem maravilhosa tenha uma semana abençoada.

  25. I love your photos Rowena, the food looks so delicious!:)

  26. I recently went to a more streamlined wallet, too. It's a similar colour to this, actually!

    Corinne x

  27. Oh I love Fekkai products, and I never think about my hair but you are right. Plus the heavily chlorinated water on the island is soooo drying. Oh my The Standard Grill looks soooo good. Great shots.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  28. that Greek yogurt looks and sounds delicious!

  29. I love eating outside on a nice day! Your city shots are great! It's fun to see places I've never visited {I've only been to Kenmare}.

  30. That greek yoghurt looks and sounds so good. Wish I could have a taste. Loving the pink sunnies!

  31. Hi Rowena, I would love to read the GQ article but I we don't have the U.S. edition over here. I love your new cute wallet and the Greek yoghurt looks super yummy. Haha fries and milkshake. I like her interpretation better :D Happy Tuesday!


  32. I love guacamole, I've tried these days boiled eggs with avocado and cheese sandwich.

  33. I actually really do love the idea of spraying on sun screen! So much easier!

  34. hey there!! I have been following your blog for a while now and I am really enjoyed it :D I have shared this post !! :D keep up the great would

    come say hi


  35. Walnuts and flower-honey infused yoghurt? Yes please! I also love the monogrammed pouch and wooden watch. Actually, your entire instagram is very dreamy Rowena, it makes me want to up my game over there haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  36. Such an amazing post! Have a wonderful Wednesday dear. :)

    Ps; Help me win the Zalora Blogger Challenge. Details are on my latest post.

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  37. great shots! I am going to seek you out on IG since I keep forgetting to do that. I love your shots. And thanks for that fun article. I loved reading it haha

  38. I have to make it to the Chicken Shack. I've heard about it but never got there myself. And your guac looks amazing girl. I would totally love to have that right about now. Love this post Rowena.

    Kia / House of KTS

  39. Beautiful pics, Rowena. All that food looks so tasty. Cute watch, such a lovely color. And last but not least, congrats to the winner.

  40. Stunning photos as always! I'm drooling over that food here.

  41. Rowena, your ShakeShack pictures always make me hungy! LOL Definitely report back on their chicken sandwiches. I bet they're going to be good. I love the Madewell bag you purchased. Beautiful color and print. Love the personalized touch on it. I've never seen the Guggenheim Museum WHOLE! Great shot! They house so many beautiful things. I can't get enough of Caesar Salads! They taste so good.


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