Giorgio Armani Beauty, A Review

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I was selected to receive a full sized bottle of Sì Eau de Parfum Intense and two Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Maestro lip colors for review in a recent Influenster VoxBox. This was exciting since I happen to like the regular Armani Sì scent. I had also recently picked up a Lip Maestro on a whim and it's been one of my go to lip colors this fall.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Sì Eau de Parfum Intense is described as a fragrance of passion, softly powerful, assertive and unmistakably feminine. Armani Beauty introduced Sì Eau de Parfum Intense as a followup to the highly successful Armani Sì. The enhanced version features a unique 20 percent oil concentration, which is higher than the average Eau de Parfum. The fragrance is housed in a luxurious black spray bottle with gold accents. The face of the perfume is actress Cate Blanchett.  #SaySi

Armani Si, Armani Si Review, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Giorgio Armani Beauty Sì Eau de Parfum Review, #SaySi

Sì Eau de Parfum Intense is a modern chypre fragrance that opens with Blackcurrant Nectar, Silky White Freesia and Vanilla Chypre Accord punctuated with fresh notes of Mandarin and Bergamot. This is a rich, warm and woodsy scent. The blackcurrant imparts a sense of brightness that keeps it from being too deep and enveloping.

The scent is quite strong when initially sprayed but develops into a more suitable level as it sits on the skin. There must be something to the higher concentration of oil and the staying power as well as most fragrances tend to fade on me by the afternoon and this was still going strong into the evening. The original Sì is lighter and sweeter. I'm surprised by how much I like this as it as it does have a touch of musk which I'm normally not a fan of. And my husband likes it on me too. When you have a spouse/significant other, that is a viable factor to consider when choosing a scent. I would describe Sì Intense as sultry and feminine and it's perfect for the cooler months. 

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Lip Maestro is billed as the first lip stain with a comfortable velvet texture and radiant finish. This next generation lip color is infused with concentrated pigments that permeate the gel formula to impart an incredible depth of color that stays true with a non-sticky texture that provides hours of hydration and comfort. 

I received the Armani Beauty Lip Maestro Lip Stains in 400 and 201. 
Shade 400 The Red is a vibrant true red.
Shade 201 Dark Velvet is a lustrous deep burgundy. 

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto Review, Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto 400, Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto 201, Giorgio Armani Beauty,  Amani Beauty Review, Lip Manifesto, #SaySi

I was already familiar with Lip Maestro since I currently have one in my rotation of lip products. This is liquid type lip color with a doe foot applicator and it is unscented which is both rare and welcome. The color itself is opaque and applies very smoothly and evenly. Just one coat gives full coverage. Lip Maestro has a matte finish that looks radiant rather than flat which is what I think sets it apart from other lip products. It really has an incredibly lightweight texture for a lip color with such excellent coverage and pigmentation. Lip Maestro truly has the feel of a luxury lip product.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto Review, Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto 400, Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto 201, Giorgio Armani Beauty,  Amani Beauty Review, Lip Manifesto, #SaySi

Lip Maestro is comfortable to wear because it stays creamy and keeps your lips hydrated while you have it on. I'd say you can get about 4 hours of wear without any type of degradation. I haven't had any issues with feathering. Even though it is billed as long wearing, this lip product does and will transfer onto your cups, tissues or whatnot. But it will leave behind a less intense stain on your lips that is actually quite long wearing. With bold shades like these two, I actually prefer to apply the product and then blot it down with a tissue to tone down the intensity. 

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto Review, Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto 400, Armani Beauty Lip Manifesto 201, Giorgio Armani Beauty,  Amani Beauty Review, Lip Manifesto, #SaySi

Full on bright reds aren't really my thing so I'm not that crazy about 400. It is a true red that really pops and if you have full lips and don't like to draw attention to them like me, it's the kind of color that you tend to avoid. I do like a good burgundy and 201 is a really good one. The shade has great depth and even though it looks a tad brown in the tube, it actually wears as more of a wine color and has a blue undertone. I wore out it to dinner with friends over the weekend and got a bunch of compliments. I definitely like it for evenings out and I look forward to wearing this lip color during the holiday season. For everyday wear, I'm sticking with 200 Terra which is a really flattering reddish brown shade. I swatched 202 Dolci, a gorgeous nude at Sephora last week and I think that may be my next buy. I don't usually go for matte lip color and I'm smitten with the Lip Maestro formulation. This is by far the most pigmented lip color I've ever used and they nailed it with the velvet feel and satin finish.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Sì Eau de Parfum Intense retails for $75 for a 1 oz. eau de parfum spray. Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Maestro lip stains are $38 each. Giorgio Armani beauty products can be found at Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales.

Have you tried any Giorgio Armani Beauty products?

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Anonymous said...

Those swatches! <3 Pretty pretty. That said, I am not a full-on red kinda gal either.

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Bellissimo il numero 201!
Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing swatches, lovely colors!
Kisses, Paola.


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Gabrielle said...

Ah, I love this scent! I remember falling in love with it at the time of its release but not wanting to change from my current signature scent; the bottle alone is dreamy! I adore your 'kiss' swatches of the lip shades, by the way :)

Lilli said...

The perfum is very lovely, I got a sample recently and keep to using it, very good! The lips stuff is to die for, u can imagine how much Im drooling over them being a huge red/burgundy lover! Kisses Rowena! xo

Beauty Editer said...

Fabulous post! Thanks for sharing.

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Emmylou said...

I am loving the sound of these two Armani lines, Rowena! I love anything musky, so I'll give that scent a whiff when I see it. And OMG on those lip shades. Thanks for the tip about blotting it first. The 201....swoon!!!!:D

Mica said...

That perfume sounds lovely and I really like the shades of lip colours you got! :)

Hope you're having a great week :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Shireen L. Platt said...

I love the way you show the lip swatch, Rowena! I have read great things about Si but not this newer version and you're right, my husband tends to be very picky about what perfume I wear so I have to be careful about which I buy. I love the shade 400, that's my kind of red but 201 is equally as stunning!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Kasztanowy Domek said...

Lovely colors! Kisses:)


Sadie said...

I've never tried an Armani perfume, but this sounds great. My boyfriend only ever has Armani after shaves so he'd probably be a big fan! The lip maestros look gorgeous too, the dark velvet one looks such a lovely shade :) xx

MilanoTime said...

Just amazing <3
Wish you a nice day sweety!
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Oh to Be a Muse said...

Love the dark velvet, 201 color. And the bottling for the perfume is great, too.

Beauty Unearthly said...

Both colours are beautiful! xx

Doctor Anne said...

I am all about the full on reds, but my lips are quite thin on their own, so they need every attention they can get. And I agree about the scent thing. Sadly my husband has a completely different taste then I have, s we rarely agree on a perfume.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

Anonymous said...

I have never tried Armani beauty products. I've seen the perfume around though. Oh and I love the reds; would totally wear these colours on my lips!


Unknown said...

I also received a Giorgio Armani voxbox but mine had eye products in it! Those two lipsticks are gorgeouuuus. I especially love the dark velvet shade, also the name reminds me of red velvet cupcakes ;)

Mili | Sharmtoaster

Ivana Split said...

George Armani Beauty Si sounds like a perfume I would like. I happen to adore musk but I'm a bit repelled by the fact that it is made from musk dear (or rather his gland) even if today I think they mostly use artificial frangrances that duplicate musk. Anyhow, how nice that this perfume is 30 percent oil....that must be why it lasts longer. I think that oil makes a fragrance linger...and it is certainly a plus that this one lasts longer.

When it comes to Lip Manifesto, I adore both of these shades. I'm a big fan of bright red and while I understand that it's not for everyone, I really feel special when I wear it. So, 4oo is just my cup of tea. That being said, I actually agree with what Garance Dore said and that is that red lip often makes us look too strict (or was it unnatural- I remember that it was something bad) on photographs. When it comes to photos, I think that more natural colours look better on lips...and gloss looks nice on photos, even if I don't really like wearing it. Speaking of more natural shade, 201 is gorgeous, dark velvet at its best. I really like how autumn-y it seems. I'm sure it looks fantastic on you.

ALLIE NYC said...

Haha love your kisses. That fragrance sounds divine and so up my ally I like musky scents. And gorgeous packaging too. Nice.

Allie of

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I'm in love with that perfume bottle!

ann-marie said...

The perfume bottle is so cute; I initially thought it was a nail polish..haha
The lip colors are beautiful but I'm not much of red lipstick kinda girl but Dark Velvet looks great. Love your lip swatches. x

Face to Curls |

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

i want these lipstick, so fab
I posted a new review, I'd love to know your opinion
<<< tr3ndygirl fashion & beauty blogger >>>

Unknown said...

That red is fun and the velvet very sexy ;) Kisses

All Things Bright and Lovely

MITCH said...

Never tried their beauty products. The 201 shade looks very pretty! I'm glad it feels lightweight on the lips :)

Oh Dear Bumblebees

Corina Nika said...

Such a perfect shade of red!

Lenya said...

Both shades are stunning, the darker one is perfect for fall. The perfume I love the most by Armani is onde extase, also perfect for the cooler season. I have not have much luck with his eye-shadows, I find them a bit stiff, hard to pick up and not blending very well, tho.

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Beautiful colors
Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rowena, I have never tried any giorgio armani beauty products! I definitely want to try these! I am loving the notes of the perfume and yes, if you're significant other loves the scent on you then you have a winner :D I love both lipsticks! I'm a big fan of reds & wine colors. So those are right up my alley. Influenster has really come a long way since when they first started out. I love that they're giving you guys high end products. Excellent review.

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

That dark velvet looks stunning such a nice shade!


Vanessa N said...

Genuinely thought that perfume bottle was a bottle of nail polish, heh. Though both shades look gorgeous, 201/Dark Velvet is totally up my alley, and I'm assuming that these don't completely dry down since they have a slight transfer?

Coco said...

I love Sì. Those lip lacquers are luscious, but look at your porcelain skin, soft as a baby's. Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

Stanislava E. said...

I have never tried Giorgio Armani beauty products but I love the Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio men's perfume! I even would wear it myself. It's really nice that both you and your husband like this perfume on you. The lip colours are mind blowing, especially the red one. I am sure they are long lasting and are perfect for a night out!

Saiful Islam Patwary said...

​I can prefer Armani Si Intense over the Armani Si perfume because of the long lasting fragrance and the customer review on different fragrance review site. I am a huge fan of Armani perfumes. I am using Aqua Di Gio right now and thinking to buy Armani Si Intense for my wife from my local store named BPIB. Thanks for sharing this review.