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A few highlights of this past month as seen on Instagram which serves as my unofficial food diary and love letter to NYC. I also post quick reviews here and there. As this year is drawing to an end, it seems like the months are going by quicker. We had a brief respite from fall but it's cool now and I just hope that it stays moderate for awhile before the winter weather arrives. I'm seriously not looking forward to it. For more, click on over to Instagram and do follow if you like what you see...

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  • Downtown Manhattan is so vibrant these days.
  • Fun times at the Vogue Magazine party celebrating the new Kit & Ace Oculus World Trade Showroom. You might have caught my Instagram stories on the event that included my OOTD.
  • A wave of Indian summer hit the city two weeks ago and it was glorious.
  • We love hot pot and we do it at home sometimes but it's a pain to set up. It's much easier to go out for it especially when we now have some great places in our neighborhood.
  • My go to fall lip colors. Read my mini review.
  • Kicking off stew season with galbi jjim inspired short rib and potato. I make Asian style stews and my secret is re-using my stew sauce.
  • Hanging out at Stuyvesant Square Park with the pretty light and cool looking ground.
  • The most amazing Ni├žoise salad from Maple, a delivery only food service.
  • Shopping my own closet and unearthed these shoes that I've only worn once.


  1. I love the details. Very beautiful.
    Have a great week! xx

  2. My husband was just telling me that he craves hot pot and we want to find a new spot!
    I miss downtown! I spent so many years there and it's so beautiful and developed, especially by the Winter Garden now. Hopefully next visit...

  3. Morning Rowena! Im not looking forward to it either! Btw, love ur IG snaps and Im always happy everytime u feature NYC, wish I was there, Downtown Manhattan must be dreamy, and I love ur newins! Happy halloween dear! xo

  4. Those ballerinas are on my wishlist! Speaking of shopping in my closet, I have two pairs of ballerinas worn only once as well. Time to take them for a ride! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  5. Downtown Manhattan looks amazing (great capture) and I really enjoyed your review of the Giorgio Armani lip product(s) :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  6. Mmmmmmm....galbi jjim.....And man! I think we missed that Indian summer here.....waaaaaaah! I feel like as soon as mid October hit, that was it! There's frost outside some mornings now....huhuhu....
    PS Those ballerina shoes are too cute!

  7. Really nice images! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  8. I take your word for it because there ain't no photos, strange.... Anyway, wishing you a beautiful start into a new week and Happy Halloween, Rowena.

  9. yum.
    great pics.
    those shoes are so cute

  10. The weather here has been so unbelievably warm lately as well. xx

  11. So nice that you've had an Indian summer. We've had one too and I was very happy about it!


  12. I can't believe you've only worn that pair of flats once because it's so darn cute. Isn't it strange how we sometimes forget the good stuff that we have, that's why I love going through my old stuff every now and then.

    Reflection of Sanity | b·liv Skincare Set Giveaway

  13. The heart sandals look so damn cute.

  14. I miss Manhattan! It was k my a few weeks ago that I was there but it seems like forever!

  15. Those heart flats are pretty cute, and I'm diggin' the new gallery header.

  16. This flats are adorable. I'm sure you'll get some more use out of them (hopefully!). I'm always finding pieces in my closet that I've only worn once and while I have every intention of using them, I never actually do bahahahaha.


  17. Manhattan looks like a wonderful place to visit! I really want to NYC one day! I love the heart flats!

  18. Oh very cute pics darling~ Lovelies flats

  19. Rowena, our cool weather went away! I can't believe I'm still running ceiling fans and ac. LOL You have the best shoe collection! They're always so unique >.<


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