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Korres Suncare Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil

June 29, 2016
Korres Suncare Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil,  Korres Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil SPF 30, Korres Suncare Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil Review, Korres Sunscreen, Korres Review

Sun protection is of great importance to me all year round but I try to be even more vigilant during the summer months. I have a few go-to sunscreens and I also like to try out new ones on a fairly regular basis since the technology and formulations keep improving. There are a number of debates out there about whether physical or chemical sunblocks are better. I happen to believe there are advantages to each and vacillate between the two. And I frequently use Asian sunscreens which often combine both physical and chemical sunscreen ingredients. The Korres Suncare Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, I'm reviewing today happens to contain chemical type sunscreen ingredients. Read this to learn more about physical versus chemical sunscreens and also get some essential sun safety facts.

Play! By Sephora June 2016

June 27, 2016
Play by Sephora, Play! by Sephora, Sephora Play, Sephora, Sephora Beauty Box, Play by Sephora Unboxing, Play by Sephora Review

Last month I unboxed my first Play! by Sephora box and shared my initial impressions. Now I'm back to talk about the box I received for this month. Each box is curated around a specific theme. The theme of the June 2016 Play! by Sephora Box is The Minimalists and features a selection of next level nudes and no maintenance neutrals that help to create low key looks that prove that less can sometimes be more.

Play! by Sephora is a beauty box curated by Sephora. It comes in a collectible bag and includes 5 deluxe samples plus a fragrance, a Play! Book with information, tips, and helpful advice and a Play! Pass that can be redeemed in-store for a free beauty tutorial and 50 bonus Beauty Insider points with any product purchase. The monthly cost is $10. This covers shipping but not tax and purchase of the box does qualify towards your Beauty Insider points. 

Eye Candy : Shin Min Ah for Elle

June 24, 2016
Shin Min Ah, Shin Min Ah Elle, Shin Min Ah Elle 2016, Shin Min Ah editorial, 신민아

These photos are from a May pictorial that Shin Min Ah did for Elle Korea but I had held off on posting them because I was hoping that more images would eventually be released. That didn't happen so I guess this must be it. The theme for this editorial was The Muse For Now and the gorgeous actress glammed it up in fine style. News came out recently that Min Ah is in talks to star in tvN's Tomorrow With You, a fantasy romance about a time traveler and his wife.  And Lee Min Ki,  who is currently in the midst of his mandatory military service is being courted to play the husband. The premise could be fun and I happen to adore both of them so this would be a pairing I'd love to see. It was reported that Han Ji Min had already turned down the the role of the wife. Min Ki and Min Ah actually previously costarred in the 2009 film A Million which I had meant to see but never got around to. Tomorrow With You is slated to air in the fall following the Korean remake of The Good Wife. I had never watched the CBS show but I think I might check out the K-drama version since they managed to cast heavy hitters Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae as the leads.

3B Beauty Box June 2016 Unboxing

June 22, 2016
3B Beauty Box, 3B Beauty Box Unboxing, Asian Beauty Box

I was so encouraged by the improvements I saw with last month's 3B Beauty Box that I was really looking forward to this month's box. After a little mail delivery snafu and having to go to the post office to pick up my package, I'm ready for an unboxing. This is my June 2016 box which I had previously mentioned actually comes in a pouch rather than a box.

3B which stands for Beauty Beyond Borders is a beauty subscription box that makes Asian beauty products more accessible overseas. This is a monthly service that costs $12. Each box contains 4 -5 deluxe samples from a range of brands and the products are supposed to be "new or popular in Asia but hard to get your hands on". I would say that 3B is like an Asian beauty version of Birchbox or Ipsy. 3B is currently just a US based subscription service. This box is ideal for anyone interested in trying out Asian beauty products or can't access them easily. It looks like there ins't a waiting list anymore and you can just sign up for a 3B Box subscription now.

Currently Coveting

June 20, 2016
Sun Protection, AmorePacific Resort Collection Sun Protection Cushion SPF 30, Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Illuminating Sunscreen SPF 36,   BeautyCounter Protect Stick Sunscreen SPF 30, Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish, Coola Mineral LipLux SPF 30, Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Bronzer and Illuminator, Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Bronzer and Illuminator

A few items currently on my wish list. Sun protection and achieving a safe summer glow have been on my mind.  What are you coveting lately?

1. AmorePacific Resort Collection Sun Protection Cushion SPF 30
{Cause I'm about cushion compacts and this one is a dedicated sunscreen cushion.}

2. Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Illuminating Sunscreen SPF 36
{Broad spectrum sun protection plus an illuminator in one. Yes please!}

3. BeautyCounter Protect Stick Sunscreen SPF 30
{Sunblock in stick form is the most portable and convenient for re-application throughout the day.}

4. Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish
{I sampled this product a few weeks ago and it's divine scent has been on my mind ever since!}

5. Coola Mineral LipLux SPF 30
{This product first hit my radar when my buddy Kim reviewed it on her blog.}

6. Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Bronzer and Illuminator
{I'm totally rubbish at bronzer application but this multitasking product seems like it might be pretty easy to work on.}

7. Uniqlo Floppy Hat
{Hats are a summer sun protection must for me and I love the wide brim and UV cut technology this one offers.}

8. Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50
{Something about a self tanner in dry oil form just seems incredibly luxurious.}

The winners of the When Sheet Masks giveaway are Ursula, Elle, Sandy, Jessica and Shireen. The winners of the Instagram giveaway have been announced here. Congratulations everyone! I'm working on another giveaway that will be up soon.

Current Mood

June 17, 2016

Loving... peony season! Gotta live it up now!

Listening... to Hins Cheung's P.S. I Love You after Speaking Out (不吐不快) came on my iTunes and I just had to sing along. Been missing Cantonese music and this has always been one of my fave albums.

Eating... lots of poké which seems to be the it food in NYC right now. Feeling lucky that the excellent Chikarashiis so close to me. I need to try to making poké at home.

Drinking... homemade lemonade. I like my lemonade very lemony with a touch of coconut sugar and matcha.

Organizing... my collection of sheet masks with two clear Muji bins. Since crossing over into triple digits, I've been masking every day.

Watching... Season 4 of House of Cards like finally. I was previously otherwise engaged with my K-dramas Descendants of the Sun and then Signal.

Wearing... denim skirts and sneakers. This is my favorite combination!

Picked up... this fun ring (like literally!) on a whim and wearing every day since.

Finally got my hands on... this Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Essence Serum during Glow Recipe's recent promo. It might be awhile before I try it since I have some other products to be used ahead of it but this product will probably eventually be reviewed here.

Contemplating... a new haircut. I might try more layers or going asymmetric with my bob.

Not loving... how it suddenly feels like summer when it felt like we barely had a spring but dealing with it.

What's up with you?

Just a quick rant and PSA. So earlier this week, I discovered two of my original photos were being used by other bloggers on their blogs and IG's and being passed off as their own. And when I informed them that the photos were mine, their excuse was that they found them on Pinterest and didn't know the source. That's really lame in this day and age, not to mention you shouldn't use images if you don't know where they came from. They must not be too bright or they didn't care because they didn't even notice my watermark on there. I don't make my watermarks big and obvious but they're there in case something like this happens. But back to my point, Pinterest is not a source! And bloggers really need would stop citing Pinterest as a source because it's more of an aggregator. If you pinned an image, it's still not yours and to credit your photos: "from my Pinterest" is both lazy and incorrect. If you follow the link from Pinterest and it doesn't lead you back to the source, you can also right-click on the photo and select "Search Google for Image. You might have to do a little work, but it's better than taking credit for something that's not yours. 

I Took A Seaweed Bath and I Liked It

June 15, 2016
Seaweed Bath, The Seaweed Bath Co., Seaweed Detox Bath, The Seaweed Bath Co. Whole Seaweed Detox Bath Review

This review is in partnership with Soap Hope. Soap Hope is a unique online shop with a mission. They carry a premium range of all natural products at competitive prices and 100% of their profits are invested into a program that help women in need around the world. Soap Hope believes that women are the future and they transform the lives of impoverished women and help them become self sufficient entrepreneurs. I looked into Soap Hope's Good Returns business model whereby before investment returns are paid to the owners/shareholders, every dollar first spends one year in service to good (as an interest free loan to a sustainable social enterprise). This alone is admirable and Soap Hope is equally impressive as a reliable source for natural, wholesome, and eco-friendly products. I really like how they clearly disclose a full ingredient list for every product they carry. I shop online all the time any way and I will now be shopping at Soap Hope where my dollars will actually make a difference. They offer free shipping at $45 and always have a number of promotions going.

I was interested in the Seaweed Bath Co.'s Ocean Fresh Whole Seaweed Detox Bath because it combines two things that I love - seaweed and detox baths. Seaweed happens to be a food that I enjoy eating (roast seaweed is an excellent snack) and detox baths are part of my weekly wellness/self care routine. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals that can provide a multitude of benefits when ingested or used topically on skin.

AHAVA Dead Sea Plants Firming Body Cream

June 13, 2016
AHAVA Dead Sea Plants Firming Body Cream, Ahava Review, Ahava Body Cream

While I'm fairly open to trying new products when it comes to facial skincare, I tend to stick with the same products in terms of body care.  As summer approaches, I've been paying a bit more attention to the skin on my body to ensure that it will look it's best as I make the switch from long sleeves to short and pants and tights to bare legs. I added a sunless tanning product into the routine a few weeks ago and I'm now trying out this AHAVA Dead Sea Plants Firming Body Cream.

About the Brand: AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded to study the powerful, rejuvenating minerals found in the Dead Sea and grown to become the definitive Dead Sea mineral beauty expert. AHAVA's formulations use a unique blend of minerals from the Dead Sea: magnesium, calcium, bromides and potassium, necessary ingredients for glowing skin and overall good health, are present in unsurpassed concentrations. Their unique cruelty-free product line features the exclusive benefits of the Dead Sea paired with the latest innovations in skincare.

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki at the Baeksang Awards

June 10, 2016
Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Descendants of the Sun, SongSong Couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo dating, Song Hye Kyo Song Joong Ki couple, KiKyo couple, 태양의후예, 송혜교, 송중기, 송중기

Have you ever been so captivated by an onscreen couple that you wished that they were also a real life couple? Well it's certainly no secret that's how I feel about Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. The Descendants of the Sun costars were the talk of the town at last week's prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards which recognizes outstanding achievements in the South Korean entertainment industry. There were tons of headlines declaring that the Song Song couple's red carpet appearance together looked like their wedding which it kind of did. Dispatch (Korea's version of TMZ) even reignited their dating rumors by calling them the "best couple ever!" in this Instagram post (the way he is looking at her!) They're totally shipping them.

Song Hye Kyo actually was wearing a dreamy strapless white gown from the Spring 2013 bridal collection of Angel Sanchez and she looked absolutely stunning. Song Joong Ki was no less attractive in head to toe Saint Laurent. These two captured everyone's attention as soon as they emerged from their vehicle and made their way down the red carpet. I watched a good deal of the coverage and Hye Kyo appeared tentative about taking Joong Ki's hand at first but he was more concerned that she was able to walk properly between her sky high heels and voluminous gown. It was really sweet how he attentively escorted her and tried to get her to hold onto him for support when she needed it. He also did that when they got up to accept their awards. What a gentleman! And this wasn't the first time he has totally acted more like a boyfriend than a friend.

Innarah VenoDefense Hydrating Treatment Créme

June 8, 2016
Innarah Veno Defense, Innarah VenoDefense Review, Innarah Reveiw, Innarah VenoDefense Cream

I have to admit that I'm not really the adventurous type when it comes to most things but I am open to trying new skincare products with interesting ingredients as long as they're innovative and effective. My current skincare routine includes products with snail mucin, 24K gold, royal jelly and bee propolis. At the same time I would probably draw the line at certain things like bugs or snakes since they gross me out. Despite it's name, this Innarah Veno Defense Hydrating Treatment Créme does not contain any snake venom but a natural VenoDefense Complex that mimics viper venom to effectively relaxing the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. It actually does much more than that so read on for my full review.

About the Brand: Backed by decades of research, by one of the beauty industry’s leading chemists, Innarah has created the first ever skin care line that works in cooperation with your skin’s biology. Their range is made using a revolutionary fermentation process that combines blends of unique natural botanical oils and minerals. This process creates highly effective products that maintain the potency of the ingredients so they can be easily absorbed while encouraging the skin’s own reparative abilities and optimizing vital defense from the inside out. Each Innarah product is purposely formulated to address specific skin issues due to natural aging and environmental factors, offering benefits to nourish, purify and re-energize skin. They do not contain any parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Sheet Masks Giveaway With 5 Winners

June 6, 2016
Giveaway, Contest, Sheet Mask Giveaway, Asian Beauty Giveaway
Some of you might remember when I reviewed these When Sheet Masks awhile ago. Well it turns out that my post won a contest and the prize was a boatload of When masks. So I've decided to spread the love and share some with you guys because adding my prize to my own current personal stash of sheet masks, I have close to 200 sheet masks in my house right now and I've already given some away to family and friends.

You can find my full review here (sheet mask selfie included). When Masks are made with an all-natural bio-cellulose sheet from coconuts. The bio-cellulose is super lightweight and gentle enough that it can be used to treat burn patients. The bio-cellulose sheet can also hold 100 times it's weight of essence which is 10x more than fabric or paper mask sheets. The bio-cellulose sheet delivers essence to skin with minimum wastage by maintaining exceptional dermal contact. When Masks are vegan and gluten-free and formulated without any parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram

June 3, 2016

It finally started to get warm in May and this meant I got out quite a bit more. I use my Instagram as an unofficial food diary and love letter to NYC. These are just some highlights from the month. For more, click on over to Instagram and do follow along if you like what you see.

  • This little alley in the West Village has been a favorite ever since I discovered it during the college. It has such a quaint old world feel that makes it seem like I'm not in New York anymore.
  • We've been going out to dinner more during the week lately and that almost always includes sushi.
  • I just snapped this cause I thought the scene looked interesting. I'm in Soho frequently for errands.
  • We tried the Maple food delivery service for the first time when they offered this special meal of Spring Roasted Lamb served over wheatberries and green pea salad topped with a vinaigrette of mint, dill, parsley and lemon. This was the same dinner that was served at the Met Gala and it was delicious!
  • A friend who just returned from Asia got me this Descendants of the Sun photo essay book. Thanks for enabling my obsession!
  • Wise Fish Poké's West Swell Bowl with zucchini noodles. Poké seems to be the new food sensation in NYC and I'm not mad cause I love a good raw fish salad.
  • Intrude was a very cool art installation at Brookfield Place featuring 7 giant inflated glowing bunnies.
  • Our favorite kind of bbq is Korean bbq and we kicked off Memorial Day weekend at Miss Korea.
  • This cute backyard garden in Greecologies is a great place to meet up with friends when it's nice out. They also have the most incredible fresh made Greek yogurt!

The lucky winner of the Pretty Nails giveaway is Allie M! Congratulations Allie! Don't be sad if you didn't win! I have an exciting new giveaway starting on Monday where there will be 5 prizes! Hint: It involves one of my favorite types of skincare products. Come back and see me then! 

Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist

June 1, 2016

Farmacy Skin Dew, Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist,  Farmacy Review, Farmacy Beauty, Facial Mist, Green Beauty

My serious obsession with skincare probably grew out of my long time love of Korean dramas where everyone has amazing skin. I mean everyone, even the men and the old people. And one of my aspirations is "chok chok" skin. Chok Chok is a Korean term that means moist and it describes a radiant, dewy skin appearance that looks fresh but not oily. This can be achieved through a fastidious skincare routine and one step that I find essential is setting my makeup with a facial spray as well as carrying one around to refresh and keep my skin hydrated during the day. Fact: I actually own more facial mists than nail polishes. I like to have different ones because some work better for certain skincare functions than others. In the winter, mists keep my skin from getting dried out from indoor heating and during the summer, they cool down and revive my skin and keep it from getting greasy. Of course I was intrigued when I found out that Farmacy offered their own version of a facial mist in this Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist since I'm already a fan of the brand. 

About the Brand: Made with farm grown botanicals, Farmacy Beauty blends age-old wisdom with cutting-edge technologies. The brand has teamed up with local farmers in Upstate New York to create a unique line of irritant-free, bioactive skincare. The scientists and lab behind Farmacy are innovative experts in cosmetic formulation and research, and seek out nature’s most novel yet effective ingredients. Their products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde and artificial coloring and never tested on animals.

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