Maybelline Spring 2017

Maybelline Review, Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Express Mascara, Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette, Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

I've been asked before why I don't feature drugstore products more and I'm not really sure. I have to admit I don't use a ton of them in my beauty routine but I pretty much always go with drugstore buys for mascara and eyeliner. Since these products have such a short life span, I generally don't feel comfortable splurging on them knowing that they have to tossed in a matter months. Maybelline New York recently sent me a few products from their best-selling Eye Studio collection of performance eye products designed to master the latest runway eye trends. I was excited to see that it included their recently launched Big Shot Mascara and Master Precise Eyeliner as well as their new 24K Nudes Palette. By the way, how cool is it that Manny Gutierrez was just announced as a new face of the brand!

Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Express Mascara Review, Maybelline Mascara, Maybelline Review

Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Express Mascara

Price: $8.49

The Colossal Big Shot Express Mascara is billed as a one coat volumizing mascara that lifts and separates to create full and thick lashes. A unique fully-loaded brush with wavy bristles maximizes delivery of the collagen enriched formula to reach every lash.

Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Express Mascara Review, Maybelline Mascara, Maybelline Review

I feel like I've just been seeing this mascara everywhere on the interwebs, in stores and on television. It's been years since I've tried a Maybelline mascara. I just gave up on them because of issues with smudging and flaking.  This has a fiber type wand that deposits a full and even coating of product onto my lashes and yes it does actually reach those tiny lashes on the ends. My experience with volumizing mascaras usually involves clumping in some form. This mascara combs through and separates my lashes with zero clumps. The formula starts off a little wet so I usually just wait a few seconds before applying it. The result is thicker and longer lashes that don't feel heavy or weighed down. It holds a curl and the best part is no flaking or smudging. Just one coat yields a natural lengthened lash look. The formula is buildable and several coats will give you more of a false lash look. It was also easy enough to remove with my Bioderma Sensibio H20. This mascara is worth trying if you want high impact lashes!

Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette Review

Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette

Price: $11.99

The Maybelline 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette features an array of 12 expertly curated shades for custom eye makeup looks. The eyeshadows have been reformulated for deeper pigmentation along with a silkier texture. With dazzling colors infused with metallic gold pigment, from sparkling gold and shimmering nude to gilded smoke and aubergine spark, this makeup palette has everything you need to create a variety of eye looks.

Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette Review
Top, L-R                                                          Bottom L-R
Nude pink/peach - shimmer                        Champagne pink - shimmer
Neutral cocoa brown - matte                          Aubergine - shimmer
Soft white - shimmer                                     Dark bronze - shimmer
Taupe - shimmer                                               Black - matte
             Ecru - matte                                         Coppery brown - shimmer
         Gold - shimmer                                        Glittery black - shimmer
Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette Review

They did a good job putting together the colors in this palette. Mostly neutral, each one is both pretty and wearable and the different finishes offer up a multitude of options for creating different eye looks. I think it fell a little short in terms of the formulation as there was a consistency issue with varying quality and pigmentation depending on the shade. Overall the texture was okay. I found the shimmer shades to be smoother than the mattes which were a little chalky. These shadows especially the lighter shades show a better depth of color with the use of a an eye primer. With primer, they can wear for a good 6 - 8 hours whereas without primer, they started wearing off within about 3 - 4 hours. If you're looking for a budget-friendly neutral eye palette that you can use both day and night, Maybelline's 24K Nudes Palette might be worth considering.

Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner Review, Maybelline Eyeliner, Maybelline Rview

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

Price: $7.99

The Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner features a breakthrough super-sharp 0.4mm tip that allows full control to create smooth, even, perfect lines without any skipping. Available in intense black, the precise tip produces a continuous flow while the exclusive ink technology keeps pigment
saturated for

As a former cake eyeliner devotee who made the switch to pen style eyeliners last year because of their ease and portability, I like this one because the felt tip is easy to use and to control whether you want an ultra thin or bold line. The color is a pigmented deep black and it glides on smoothly. I'm big on tightlining for a natural look and the thin tip works quite well for this purpose. This eyeliner wears fairly well. I didn't experience any smudging but there would be some fading by the end of the day. I didn't have any issues removing it with Bioderma Sensibio H20 which has become my de facto eye makeup remover. This is a serviceable if not particularly remarkable eyeliner.

Have you tried any of these Maybelline products? Do you have a favorite Maybelline product?

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Doctor Anne said...

I have tried Maybelline in the past, especially mascaras, but nothing I have used is really outstanding. The only thing I have repurchased is the Fit Me Concealer, which is very nice for everyday use and not too expensive. I go through concealer quite quickly.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

sonia // daring coco said...

I'm the same with drugstore products. Though I recently upgraded my mascara to something a little more pricier which I regretted immediately after being disappointed with the results. I use a Rimmel kohl pencil, have been since I was a teen and highly doubt I'll ever replace it with anything else.


Paola Lauretano said...

Great brand, I love the palette!
Kisses, Paola.

Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! I already love the palette, the colors are very versatily and seems nicely pigmented, I hope it arrives soon even here in Italy, as well as the eyeliner, love Maybelline products! Happy Monday dear! xo

Anonymous said...

I like how precise the tip of that eyeliner look, might try it!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

The eyecolours look marvellous, will have to look out for that one x

Anonymous said...

I have tried Maybelline products before and I have always been happy with the quality. The palette looks great; definitely shades that can create great looks!


Jackie Harrison said...

I had no luck in finding by be the 24k Maybelline palette the pigmentation are amazing great find.

Elle Sees said...

Maybelline twins today! I have been wondering what the 24k palette was like, so I'm glad you featured it.

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

such a fantastic post!


Stanislava E. said...

I gave up on Maybelline mascaras some years ago too, but it's been some time since I last tried them, so I think I might consider buying this mascara. It looks and sounds quite good. The eyeliner looks comfortable to apply, but I haven't seen it in any drug store yet. Thanks for the honest review. Happy New Year, Rowena!

P.S.: I thought you'd want to know, the mascara review repeats twice above.

Emmylou said...

I really must try that mascara. I so agree that splurging on mascaras is a bit hard to take sometimes coz we have to toss it out so quickly, but this one doesn't break the bank so yay! I still must get my hands on the Lancome one though....anyhoo, that eye liner sounds like a good one to try as well. I usually use gel liners or pencils, but I don't mind switching it up sometimes:D
Thanks for the heads up on this, Rowena! Happy Monday:)

little luxury list said...

The eyeliner sounds great and the eyeshadow shades are stunning.I haven't used Maybelline in a while but would check it out again!

Lenya said...

I tried some Maybelline products over the years. Their mascaras never worked for me. Eye shadows are either hit or miss. Love their lipsticks, they are pretty good and long lasting. At least the ones I use. Happy new week, Rowena.
New update: Rockstud Fringes and Snow

Unknown said...

Looks great!



Shireen L. Platt said...

I never have any luck with Collosal mascaras but this sounds promising and will pick it up as soon as it hits the store.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Kasztanowy Domek said...

Lovely set! Kisses:)


Oh to Be a Muse said...

Maybelline is one of the best brands for mascara -- I don't know how they do it!

MITCH said...

I do exactly feel the same way about Maybelline's eye shadow, half of my Blushed Nudes shadows are flaky and not as pigmented as the others. Not a fan of their palette.
But gosh the mascara sold me off, especially after reading your review! Gotta try them soon.

Oh Dear Bumblebees

Hena Tayeb said...

some great products.. thanks for sharing

Beauty Unearthly said...

This is such an interesting topic, thanks for sharing these products :)

Coco said...

I already love Maybelline mascara, I would love to try the new shadows palette! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

Lena L said...

I'd definitely give the mascara a try! I do like Maybelline mascaras and I am glad to see this particular one has a conventional brush (not those plastic teeth) with interesting curves. I have my reservation on their pressed powder formulations, though. With good primer they last, but the colors tend to lose integrity. But then, I haven't purchased them in a while. Maybe they are much better now. :)

Unknown said...

Would like to try the mascara
Happy NEW year

Mywishstyle Nicky

Ivana Split said...

You want me want to try that mascara asap! You're right this mascara has been on ads everywhere, but good to know that it actually lives up to the hype:). Btw a part of the review about it seems doubled (at least that is what I see).

The palette is gorgeous, the shades are so well selected, I love how they offered a lot of neutrals- it's what gets used most of the time anyway.

Good to know that the eyeliner doesn't smudge which is no.1 thing for me... Smooth application is also a plus. In addition, it looks like a very lovely deep black to me.

I can't recall any interesting experiences with Maybelline products right now... I'm sure I tried some...I think I used to love a blusher of their (perhaps it was even the first I tried?) but I don't really have that a good of a memory when it comes to these things. Have a lovely day!

ALLIE NYC said...

Yeah same here, I don't do too much drug store makeup either for the same reasons. Especially mascara it dries out quick. I am SUPER picky about mascara. This one sounds good, as long as it does not clump that is a major pet peeve of mine. And I did eye those 24K shadows the other day.

Allie of

Kelsey&Kenecha said...

Never tried any of these but they sound lovely. :)


Midnight Cowgirl said...

I need to try that mascara!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Rowena, that is so good to hear about the mascara. I've tried many from them and other drugstore brands only to be disappointed. HaHaHa I need to try that trick of letting wet mascaras dry down, because I love DRY MASCARAS. They're so much better. Their eyeshadow palettes can definitely be hit or miss. Metallics usually perform a lot better. The eyeliner sounds great also.

Blackswan said...

I haven't used Maybelline in a long while.......... maybe I should pick up again after reading your post. xoxo

LianaLaurie said...

Wonderful selection! I love the palette, it's on my wish list :)

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Hi Rowena,
This palette is very cute. I love its colors.
Maggie Dallospedale

Marcela Gmd said...

I love Maybelline products!!!! Nice post!!!
Have a good week!!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Beauty Editer said...

This is so beautiful!

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Gabrielle said...

What a gorgeous delivery from Maybelline - and YES so cool about Manny! The 24K Nudes Palette comprises some gorgeous neutral shades and I love how you've shown them both with and without primer; very useful. Fabulous review!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

homestilo said...

foundation and eyeliner are my everyday go-tos. But I have to say, those ink pen eyeliners intimate the heck out of me. Did it take you long to master once you made the switch?

Unknown said...

Nice products and review!!
I think Maybelline products are Always very good!
Most of the time I use the mascaras.

Pilar said...

I'm looking forward to trying some of these products! I already have the 24k Nudes Palette. I agree some of the shades lack pigmentation, but I can see a slight improvement with the formula!

oomph. said...

i use their gel liner and absolutely love it. manny? wow!!