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Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram

January 4, 2017

A few highlights of the past month as seen on Instagram which serves as my unofficial food diary and love letter to NYC. I also post quick reviews here and there. The last month of the last year was a busy one and as much as I was looking forward to the year ending, I also didn't want to see it end for a number of reasons but now that 2017, we get a fresh slate of sorts which is always good. For more, click on over to Instagram and do follow if you like what you see...  A few IRL friends recently told me that they've been stalking my feed for food recs and they've actually been dining at the places that I've talked about. That like totally made my day!

  • NYC has no shortage of beautiful Christmas trees during the holidays but one of my favorites is the tree at One Beacon Court which looks even more majestic when fully illuminated at night.
  • Loving this range of Eva NYC hair products which are now available at Old Navy.
  • We finally got around to dining at Sushi of Gari in Tribeca and their Tuna of Gari is TDF! We want to go back and try the omakase next time.
  • Thanks to Allure for sending one of their beauty boxes for the holidays. The Tatcha Indigo Silk Body Butter is amazing!
  • When I'm uptown in December, I always make sure to stop by the Time Warner Center to take in the Holiday Under the Stars light show.
  • Saturday Skin is a new Korean beauty discovery. I showed incredible restraint during their sale and just ordered this Time Freeze Essence to get to know the brand. The packaging is fabulous!
  • This Pizza À La Truffe Noire was one of the things I tried at a fantastic lunch hosted by Bagatelle NYC and yes it did taste as good as it looks.
  • These bath and body treats from Aveda are great because they're as comforting as they're invigorating.
  • New York always seems to at it's most magical just when the sun rises or sets.
36 comments on "Through My Lens : Recently On Instagram"
  1. Happy New Year dear Rowena, may it be filled with love and happiness! Im in love with the Xmas tree, NYC must be so magical during holiday season, my dream is to be there and seeing the famous Nutcracker:)) Hugs! xo

  2. Black truffle pizza... now THAT sounds good!

  3. These are wonderful, I always enjoy these posts!! I want to try this pizza, looks amazing!!! Love Christmas lights. Magical!! I hope you have a fun day doll xx

  4. If I ever go back to NYC again, I'll definitely stalk your Instagram. The other day when I saw your Instagram picture on hotpot, I can't help it but to look for a hotpot place myself to satisfy the craving =D
    Have a Happy New Year, love =)

  5. You go to amazing places to eat thanks for sharing and keeping us updated

  6. Oh, the pizza! I am craving one since the beginning of the week, and this one looks delicious.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. that tree tho!
    Keep in touch

  8. I'm not surprised people have been taking up your dining recommendations, Rowena! The glimpse of the pizza shown here looks delicious and the multi-coloured star lights looks so special :)

  9. Black truffle pizza......that made my mouth watering......Beautiful photos, Rowena.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!!!

  10. I always loved reading your restaurant reviews...and I do like your food pics! I always look forward to seeing them, both here and on your Instagram. So cool that your pics actually inspired people to dine at the same place. Sharing is caring, as the saying goes. It is so cool that we can share the things we enjoy so easily....that is certainly one of the ups of social media- often we focus on the negative, but there are many positive things to explore on social platforms.

  11. Beautiful images Rowena! That pizza looks so delicious and that tree is beautiful!

  12. The holidays must be such an awesome time in NYC:) Someday, I would really love to see the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre. And seriously, your recs are always daebak am not surprised that your friends go to the places you like! And thanks for the heads about Saturday Skin.:D

    And finally did see a few of the KBS Awards snippets. Dayum! These actors and actresses are always so humble on their speeches. I've PBG's one a few times and it always brings a tear to my eye. He's just so sincere and sweet. And SJK and SHK are just too too beautiful. I didn't know it was Kim Soo-Hyun who handed the award to SJK! Squeee! And I love that part when they re-enacted the drunk scene from DOTS, and when that little girl kept picking SJK over every guy. Hahaha....I would too:D
    So now, after TWTWB, I think I'll be watching It's OK That's Love coz it has JIS and Gong Hyo Jin:D I still have three more from the list you gave me that I'm looking forward to seeing though. What are you watching now?

  13. Excellent post (as always)! Happy New Year! Wish you all the best! xx

  14. Happy New Year! I'm loving all these beautiful photos! The black truffle pizza looks amazing, and I love the gorgeous NYC shot!

  15. The Christmas displays & trees are gorgeous in NY! I can't wait to go one day Rowena. Your posts always make me want to go. I just purchased some Tatcha skin care treats. I can't wait to try. I've heard really good things. That pizza looks delicious. I've heard the pizzas in NY and Chicago are the best.

  16. Looks like you had a lovely holiday season. I don't know why I wasn't following you on instagram - so glad to have found it :] If I ever end up in NYC I will have to check out some of your recommendations!

  17. Happy New Year Rowena! You are so lucky to live in NYC (must have told you a million times before). Hopefully one day I can be there for the holiday season too.


  18. Visiting NY is my lifetime dream and it's great looking at the big Apple through your lens. I'd love to try that body butter! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  19. Happy New Year!! Oooo, lovely Instagram posts. I want to eat that pizza!! Yummy! I've been wanting to try that EVA hair line for awhile now. Looks lovely.

    Margarita Bloom | Modern Vintage Beauty & Fashion
    BLOG: Cherry Lips Blonde Curls
    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom
    BLOGLOVIN Margarita Bloom

  20. great post as usual :)

  21. I am a big fan of Sushi of Gari. Being a upper west sider, I go to the location on Columbus avenue most often, but the Midtown location is my favorite (you get a slightly better value on the Gari special, I don't know why..?). I've tried the much-hyped Sugar Fish, but Gari still is my favorite spot. Glad to hear you enjoyed it there as well! :)

  22. Oooo thanks for the heads up on Bagatella that sounds GOOD! And Saturday Skin looks good too, what cool name.

    Allie of

  23. Love that last picture of NY. Sunsets, sunrises and Christmas time is magical in NYC

  24. Yum, truffle pizza! For some reason, truffle oil is everywhere, but i'm not mad about it!
    I miss NYC in the holiday season - it's always so lovely!

  25. Beautiful pictures! This series is a good way to keep track of what you did every month, and it looks like you had lots of fun in NYC :)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  26. The food looks good - I can see why your friends follow your recommendations! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful start to the year and the first week of 2017 is going well!

    Away From The Blue Blog | 5 Year Blogaversary Giveaway

  27. Yummy pizza. Hope you had a great holiday.

  28. These are gorgeous pictures.. im having pizza craving now :P

    My first New Year post is up New Year in Burgundy

    Come & join my Giveaway Win $60GC Santa on Fictitious Fashion

  29. The holiday under the stars shot caught my attention, babe! Happy 2017! xoxo

  30. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Loving seeing things through your eyes! <3 -

  31. beautiful pics
    Happy new year

    new post

  32. Amazing Pictures; Happy new year Rowena.

  33. Secretly jealous of you being in NYC, but very much at Christmas time. It's a goal of mine to see it in its holiday splendor!


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