Living Better With Less

Living Better With Less, Live better with less, Living with less, Minimalism, Better living

While I wouldn't exactly call myself a minimalist, it is the type of lifestyle that I lean towards the most. As someone who really enjoys a clean and clutter-free home, I just don't need or want a lot of stuff. I embrace quality over quantity and intentionally choose to own less. It's not for everyone but I  honestly do believe that less is more and these are the reasons I personally live better with less.

1. More Money
Not wasting money on unnecessary things means we save more. We live comfortably without any debt and financial considerations don't really play a significant role in our decision making. We don't have to think twice about eating out or buying organic food. Ever since paying off our mortgage, we've been concentrating on building our retirement savings. I know that's still far off in the future but it gives us some peace of mind that we're on a good path in that regard.

2. A Cleaner and More Organized Home
Less stuff means it's easier for everything to have its place and less potential for clutter.

3. Less To Do
Less stuff means less to have to put away, clean or organize. I don't particularly enjoy household chores so this is liberating and a small victory in itself.

4. More Free Time
Time is a valuable commodity. Owning fewer things means less time spent shopping and cleaning and more time for personal projects and activities I enjoy.

5. I Own Better Things
Buying less means you can/should buy better. I'm better served by high quality things that will enhance my life and make it easier rather than settling for things that don't work well or have to be constantly replaced.

6. Easier Decisions
Having less things means less choices and quicker and easier decisions.

7. Less Stress
Disorganization and clutter give me stress and anxiety so having less things to keep track of or deal with means less stress. Owning quality things that work well and last also reduces stress.

8. Less Waste
Having less means that everything has a purpose and will actually be put into use and that's really satisfying.

9. No FOMO 
I don't want/need to mindlessly consume or acquire things just for the sake of having them or to show off. I know that happiness and self worth don't come from material possessions so I'm not concerned with what other people have that I don't. I also don't care to or want to compare because I have better things to do with my time.

10. A Better Appreciation For the Things I Own
I have enough and I don't need more than that. I'm in a better place because instead of thinking about what I don't have, I can really appreciate and be grateful for what I do.

Now how do I reconcile this type of lifestyle as a beauty blogger?  First of all I have no interest in or a need to accumulate an excessive multitude of anything. Okay except maybe sheet masks but I use one almost daily. I have one face so I don't need 80 blushes/lipsticks/whatever. And I have very focused goals where my skincare is concerned so I don't want to rotate a million products on my face. That just decreases efficacy and worse it might wreck my skin. What I do have is a tightly edited collection of skincare products that I use at any one time when I'm not on a testing routine and an even more minimal collection of makeup that all fits on one organizer. Sure I'm curious about new products but I don't have a need to go out and buy them all.

As far as PR samples, I've never been one to say yes to anything and everything just because it's free and my guidelines have become even more stringent in the past year. The products, brands and experiences have to make sense and align with my standards, values and goals. I'm not going to talk about trying to curate a classic and sustainable wardrobe and then turn around and accept cheap fashions from some China based website. I also won't work with brands that have no value to me.  I was pitched Robin McGraw Revelation. If you don't know, Robin McGraw is the wife of Dr. Phil. I happen to think that Dr. Phil is a jerk and terrible at what he does. I also wouldn't consider her aspirational in any way.  I said no because I don't want the negative association with them. Making choices based on what matters to me comes down to trying to stay true to my priorities as well as myself and this lines up with my vision of how I want to live my life.

Living with less goes hand in hand with a more intentional life. There is something very powerful about removing what I don’t need to focus on what I do want and for that my life is so much better.

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Lilli said...

Morning Rowena! Oh, you are so right! I embraced this mantra too a couple of years ago and have to say I really feel better and fine. I try to control what I buy and only if I really need it. Having less truly make u feel more :) Happy weekend dear! xo

Doctor Anne said...

While not being a Minimalist myself, it is the Lifestyle that best suits me, and I agree with you in everything you said. More Money, more time, less clutter and less chores are so liberating.

Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

Jackie Harrison said...

I love this.... because since I purchase my new Farmhouse two years ago this is exactly what I been doing minimizing my life by living with less and I really do enjoy it. So I find this post helpful and informative. Have a great weekend.

Dressed With Soul said...

Every single argument is convincing and I think with such a lifestyle you can definitely save time and money - and it leads in sum to a better life! Thanks for sharing this important post.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

R's Rue said...


Emmylou said...

What a lovely post to end the week, chingu:) As someone who really believes in the KonMari method, I wholeheartedly agree with living with less. Mind you...I slide back now and then, esp. with small stuff like books and such, but I do try:) There is something so freeing with accumulating less. I find a lot of people around me are always about having the next best thing, and I'm like, well, if what you have works, why the need to acquire more? Sometimes, FOMO is really the worst coz people are always comparing themselves to what others have:(

Mica said...

This was such a good read Rowena! I'm definitley trying to buy less and be more considerate with the things I do buy - I like it being easier to put thigns away if everything has it's place! I've been trying to declutter and organise a little more in the lead up to Christmas, as the boys always get so many lovely gifts! I've been making some space and putting toys away in storage or selling or donating them.

Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! Busy day for me today, but hopefully will get to relax tomorrow! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Midnight Cowgirl said...

This is something I've been thinking about, too. I don't just want to have stuff. I want what I have to serve a purpose. So, the de-cluttering has begun...

Pilar said...

I was hoping that you were going to do a minimalist post soon Rowena! I love this concept. I keep my home tidy and it's so true not having a lot of clutter keeps your home more neat!

little luxury list said...

I'm definitely aiming to be clutter-free which is a constant battle! I'm slowly getting better but my kids also accumulate so much stuff! It certainly is nice to declutter and have things that really matter.

Ivana Split said...

You're so right. I honestly feel better the less I shop. I have an analytical mind so for me shopping often means overthinking, and less overthinking- the better. In other words, I only buy the things I need. This method leaves us with more free time and better finances.
A clutter free home is such a great advantage. My wardbrobe isn't a minimalist one, I don't get rid of clothes often, but my home is done in a minimalist style and I like it that way.

Jenny said...

I love this post and reasonate with all the points you've made! I'm definitely trying to be more conscious of my spendings and focusing on quality over quantity, while gradually getting rid of things I no longer use but have been holding on for sentimental value. I really should be more conscious of the brands I work with though, I have more products than I can possibly finish and I hate the idea of being wasteful.

Jenny // Geeky Posh

Corinne said...

I love the idea of living with less! The only problem is I struggle to put it into place and really struggle to get rid of things!

Corinne x

Paola Lauretano said...

Such a great mantra! I love this post!
Kisses, Paola.


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

These are great points! i agree time is the most valuable asset and it could be transferred to some other. Having a time to spare and spend is a blessing.

Beauty Unearthly said...

Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day! xx

ALLIE NYC said...

It's funny I hear a lot about this and so much of it is true. But on the other side there are there those people who grow up without much and I find that in some ways it leaves a sense of a lack of abundance especially if there was insecurity. At least that is what I have observed with my myself and my sister and my friends who grew up with out a lot of financial security. And with my sister and some of my friends it seems they like to buy and own things to make up for I guess this sense of a lack of abundance.

Allie of

Hena Tayeb said...

Good points and great tips.. I agree. 1, 2 and 9 are some I wholeheartedly believe in... the others we are slowly embracing.