4 Things Real Adults Do

Being an adult is something we all aspire to be from a young age. Whether we were that little girl that wanted a fairytale wedding or to climb the career ladder, the thought of growing up was incredible. Obviously, it was overrated when it finally happened because life can be tough. The good news is we got through the other side to become fully fledged grown ups. Okay, it might not feel like it but then we are doing the things that bona fide adults do and that’s an excellent sign. Here are four of them which we can all check off the list now that we’re mature.

Settling Down
I’m a married woman who has a crush on her husband, and that’s as weird as it is grown-up. No, not the fact I’m attracted to my significant other but the idea that I’ve settled down and not playing the single market. I know some women feel like Britain at lots of stages in their love life, yet one guy comes out of the fog and transforms a girl’s fortunes. And, he doesn’t have to put a ring on it straight away. Any woman who’s living in the same apartment/house with a joint bank account is on the right path. Do I hear wedding bells in the distance?!

Reciprocating With Parents
Mom and dad spend their lives making sure the kids have everything they need. As a grown up, I’m starting to understand the sacrifice and what they did for the sake of their children. That’s a good sign, but so is the fact that adults return the favor. Sadly, some people have to think about their palliative care and hospital treatments, while others need to offer them a place to stay. Whichever end of the spectrum it is, the fact we put their needs first is something 99% of children wouldn’t do.

Career Progression
In the beginning, a job is a job; it’s something to pay the bills, as well as a couple of drinks at the weekend. Somewhere along the way, the I-don’t-care-attitude disappears and we take on a mature approach. Suddenly, getting a promotion and securing extra responsibility in the office is a major deal. Not only that, but we look at other avenues to get by. I’m sure most of you have checked the job listings for better opportunities when things haven’t gone as planned with a job. This isn’t a lack of loyalty; it’s putting your priorities first.

Eating Healthy
Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen out of choice but necessity. As the body ages, it becomes less effective at burning off wine and fast food. Back in the day, most of us could eat McDonald’s without a care in the world. Now, it’s as if it takes an extra year off of life! Eating kale and cutting down on red meat is a sign we are taking care of our blood pressure and cholesterol with long term health in mind

Chances are we all do these things now, and that is something to be proud of.

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Mica said...

Even though I'm a mum, sometimes I don't feel very much like an adult, haha! good to see this list and know I'm on the right track ;)

Hope that you had a great weekend :) We had a quiet and relaxing one here.

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Beauty Unearthly said...

Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day!

Pilar said...

Great post Rowena!Being an adult can be hard, but also rewarding! Wishing you a wonderful week!

KiwiCat said...

This is so true! I realized I do all of these things. A year ago, I was still acting like a teen but then I turned 25 and things just changed. I didn't even realize how much they had. I've even finally started to settle down without knowing it. Before, I dated around and would go out drinking a lot. Now, I'm dating an older guy who is in the military and I find myself doing more domestic things like cooking for him and helping him with yardwork. lol I love it though.

Ivana Split said...

As an adult I can relate to all of this. Settling down is a part of growing up for most people...and we can only appreciate our parent's sacrifices once we get older.