Great Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Three Wines Of France by Irving Penn

When you’re struggling to find a good gift for someone, a bottle of wine is a classic backup option. It’s a safe gift that no one is going to complain about it, but it’s not exactly all that creative. Even if the person is a wine lover, they aren’t going to be bowled over by another bottle. There are far more exciting and interesting gifts that you can give them instead. Here are some of the best gifts that you can get for a wine lover.

A New Wine Rack
If they’re a wine lover, they need somewhere to store all of the bottles that they buy and maybe even collect. Chances are, they already have a wine rack. But it's probably a boring old one that serves its purpose and nothing else. But there are plenty of unusual and interesting wine racks out there that you could get them instead. Not only do they act as a great place for them to store their wine, they’re great ornamental pieces for the house as well.

Pairing Wine And Food Book
One of the things that wine lovers enjoy best is pairing their favourite wines with their favourite meals. But if you’re not an expert, you might not know what you’re doing. Luckily, there are some great books out there on how to pair different foods with different wines and there are some great recipes in there to try out as well. This is a great gift idea for foodies as well as wine lovers which will help them enjoy their favourite wines even more.

A Wine Flavouring Barrel
Most people know that wine ages well in the bottle and some of the best wines are also some of the oldest. But a lot of people don’t realize you can flavour and age your own wine in special barrels. You can do the same with whisky, bourbon or tequila as well which makes these flavouring barrels one of the best gifts for men 2018. They can experiment with all sorts of different flavours in their wine and create unique bottles themselves. It’s also a great way to turn cheap wine into something a lot nicer.

A Wine Thermometer

People that are serious about their wine will tell you that it should be drunk at a specific temperature (cold for white and room temperature for red). It actually has a big impact on the flavour so it’s important that you make sure the temperature is just right before drinking. Most people are satisfied with wine that is roughly the right temperature but wine aficionados will want to be more precise. That’s why a wine thermometer makes such a great gift. These handy little gadgets fit easily around the neck of a wine bottle and give an accurate reading so they can drink it at exactly the right temperature.

Just buying another bottle of wine can be a pretty lazy and uninspired gift idea. They’ll be a lot more impressed and satisfied with one of these great wine lovers gifts that they can use all of the time instead.

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  1. Oooooo...I never knew about the wine flavouring barrel! That's brilliant!:)

  2. A food and wine pairing book sounds like a wonderful idea for foodies!

  3. With the holidays coming up, these will make great gifts! I've heard wine lovers are serious about the temperature of their wine! That thermometer would be perfect!

  4. I love these gift ideas! They are all definitely more creative than just giving a bottle of wine!

  5. Wine thermometer sounds cool! xoxo

  6. My father has a vineyard, so he already has a fair amount of all these things. I try to gift him something unrelated most of the time, as I don´t want him to get too absorbed.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  7. Hey, I'm back, and I must say that a wine flavoring barrel sounds pretty darn awesome. I really love that you can use it for whiskey, too.

  8. Great tips for a wine drinker! Thank you! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice week and a lovely weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. I used to really enjoy wine but not so much. Much as I did, I still sucked at pairing. Never knew I could age mine, great info Rowena!

  10. Great tips and a very helpful post! x

  11. Great wine gift ideas...I totally forgot about a wine book I was translating, so this is a great reminder to finish that one. I don't drink wine at all, but I do like to read about wine, and I find it fascinating that there is so much history and culture connected with wine.


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